Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Response from Ecuador about the Oriana Fallaci Petition
(Spanish and English)

Response from Ecuador about the Oriana Fallaci Petition:

Mi nombre es Jose Ariza y vivo en Ecuador Sudamerica, y quiero expresar mi total respaldo a Oriana Fallaci ante los intentos de acallar y amedrentar su muy inteligente y consecuente expresion.

Gracias por su valentia, gracias por su sacrificio en nombre de la verdad vital profunda .

Aqui en America Latina tambien vemos los movimientos sinuosos de los muslim para ir tomando terreno y familiarizandose con las culturas locales , especificamente en Quito hace algunos meses la policia desmantelo una banda de ellos con armas y documentos falsos y que con la fachada de restaurante habian vivido mas de un año por aqui.

Seria interesante crear un sitio, blog donde mucha gente en español se enterara sobre este asunto (totalmente desconocido por aqui) y se pudiera expresar el apoyo a Oriana.

Yo recibo su comunicacion o emails en Ingles y los traduzco, ojala se pudieran enviar en Español, sino se puede no importa, deseo seguir recibiendolos, son una fuente de informacion valiosisima para mi, no pertenezco a ninguna organizacion, ni movimiento y su contacto me reconforta en medio de tanta plaga.


Babblefish Translation (pretty bad, but the sentiment is clear)

My name is Jose alive Ariza and in Ecuador Sudamerica, and I want to express my total endorsement to Oriana Fallaci before the attempts to silence and to intimidate very intelligent his and consequent expression. Thanks for his valentia, thanks for its sacrifice in name of deep the vital truth. Aqui in Latin America also we see the winding movements of muslim to be taking land and becoming familiar with the local cultures, especificamente in Quito for some months the policia I have been dismantling a band of them with false arms and documents and that with the restaurant facade they habian lived but on a year by aqui. Serious interesting to create a site, blog where much people in Spanish found out on this subject (totally not known by aqui) and the support to Oriana could be expressed. I receive his communication or emails in Ingles and I translate them, ojala were possible to be sent in Spanish, but she can does not matter, desire to follow recibiendolos, are a source of intelligence valiosisima for my, I do not belong to no organizacion, nor movement and its contact comforts to me in the middle of as much plague.


Dear Jose,

Thanks for your letter, which I post to my own OBRL-News Blog along with a very bad computer translation, for others to read. It is truly a dangerous situation, around the world, but unfortunately the pro-Muslim propaganda machinery, which is today also the radical-left propaganda machinery, is completely distorting the facts of the situation. It is a good idea to make your own news blog, to make the facts available to your local populations. For South America, for example, I would recommend the following:


These are both moderate-conservative sites, given the preponderance of many formerly genuine liberal news organizations having gone over so completely to the Stalinist Left and Islamo-fascists. They have many links to Spanish-language websites providing similar information. For example, how many in Brazil know that the Google.com company which allows the Chinese government to censor all news reports and weblink connections also provides the same censorship mechanisms for much of Latin America -- namely, in the censorship of anything which challenges the radical-left news sources.

For example, the situation of the "Midia Sem Mascara" (Media Without Mask) website Google censorship:

The Internet Bloggers are the modern-day version of the sidewalk petition-distributors, who informed the public about essential things the local newspapers refused to run.

Kind regards,

James DeMeo

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