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"Saharasia Today" links 28-31 August 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 28-31 August 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"


Articles of Interest:

For a daily Update on Muslim Murders of Infidels and the Impure, around the world, in numbers and incidents far to numerous to be listed here, see the "Religion of Peace" website:
They count 5711 separate terrorist attacks by Muslims upon infidels since 9-11, with 37 jihad attacks and 133 dead, with 401 persons critically injured, just for the period of August 19-26 of this year.  An expression of Saharasian social violence, the most extreme on the planet.  Some of their top stories of the week:
Wife Locked Up 3 Years, Made to Drink Urine for Opposing Hubby's Plan to Take 2nd Wife...
UK: Suspicions Deepen Over Motives of 'Mutiny' Pair...
Sudan Rejects Peacekeepers - Darfur Death Toll at 200,000...
Swiss Man on Trial for Killing Wife over Headscarf Refusal...
Anglican Dhimwit Compares 7/7 Bombers to Jesus...
Netherlands: Islamist Death Threats Kill Political Campaign...
Baptists Bludgeoned in Uzbekistan...
Islamists Make Quick Work of a 14-Year-Old Boy...
Sudanese Islamists Promise to Fight Darfur Peacekeepers
Pakistan Divided Over Rape Law Reform...
12-Year-Old Girl Abducted from Scotland...
UK: 'Emancipated' Daughters Sent to Pakistan for Forced Marriages

The Pipeline of Hatred

Anti-Buddhist Jihad in Thailand - 22 bombs exploded by angry Muslims.

Co-Author of Muslim-Terror Apologist Esposito Wants to be a "Suicide Bomber"
while Prof. Esposito takes $20 million in Saudi money...

NYT Blocks British Access to Article on British Muslim Terrorism
claim to be following British law, but seems more to white-wash Muslim behavior

Left-Wing Wish Come True (sort of) as George Bush is assassinated, Tony Blair put in prison, in new films.  Another expression of the "Bush Derangement Syndrome"
Malkin covers the broad field of "Bush Assassination Chic"

Muslim Society of Boston WILL Have its Gigantic Mega-Mosque... OR ELSE!  Legal Jihad.

The Media War Against Israel

Hizbullah: "We're arming for second round against Israel"
Of course, in the Muslim world "ceasefire" (Hudna) means "Reload"!,7340,L-3297797,00.html

Talibanization of Somalia.  This is one place where sex-economic factors are so bleak that virtually no human progress has been possible over hundreds of years.  NGOs try to make changes, and if they are lucky, they can escape with their lives.  Nearly everyone is chronically stoned on Qat or hashish, carrys guns with an attitude, seeks Islamic martyrdom, and the Mullahs and warlords are chronically setting their followers upon each other.
Now, Malaysia seems next on the list for a full-fledged Muslim-fanatic takeover...

Saudi clerics want to restrict women praying at Mecca

Angry Muslim Recently Returned from Arranged Marriage in Afghanistan deliberately runs down 14 people with SUV in San Francisco. 1 Dead, 7 critical condition, driver appeared to aim for those walking near the SF Jewish Community Center.  Says "I am a terrorist and don't care".  After arrest, the driver sat "contentedly" (witness' word) in police car.  SF Police emphatic: "not an act of terrorism". Right.

Swiss charge Pakistani over 'honor killing' of wife
bludgeoned her to death with a hammer because she refused to wear a headscarf...

Angry Muslims Nearly Blow Up 10 Atlantic Jetliners, try to kill 3000 Civilians
One would consider this plot never existed, the way the world press ignores it.
"Those silly English-speakers are just over-reacting once again.",1,2197564.column?ctrack=1&cset=true

More on UN's Direct Assistance to Hezbollah's Terror-War Against Jews
And the UN turning a blind eye, once again, as Hezbollah re-arms...

Israel criticized for use of cluster-bombs against Hezbollah terrorists and rocket-launchers in Lebanon
But Hezbollah gets a free pass for use of schrapnel in those same rockets aimed at Israel civilians

Is Multiculturalism Dead in the UK?

Prager: Just a Reminder of Who We Are and Why We Are Fighting  There is no "moral equivalence".

The Talibanization of American Obstetrics -- showing that parts of the West also continue to live in the Dark Ages, and that American OB-GYNs, not to be outdone by the bearded Mullahs, also "know how to treat women"!  Well, it is not quite so bad as a bullet in the head at the local football stadium, which is what the Talibans did for fun on Saturday nights, but clearly another good reason to support midwifery and home birth.

More on that claimed Israeli Airstrike of a Reuters TV Van... Muslims claim a rusty hole in the roof was from an Israeli missile...  Funny how that "missile" did not incinerate the interior or cause the van to blow up as one might expect.  The "wounded" also appeared quite fake, as detailed here:
Israel was accused only some days earier of rocketing an ICRC ambulance, in yet another example of creative photography and photoshopping:

Western Classics to Undergo Islamic Conversions: "Give me some bread for the sake of Allah" - says Geppetto's son Pinocchio, as the writings of Hugo, Dumas, Porter, Shakespeare and others undergo Islamic conversions of their central characters. Will Minnie Mouse and Betty Boop soon be forced to wear a burka?

Communism, the other "Religion of Peace" also Strikes Again:
And in this case, the Mass-Murdering Philippine New People's Army, is allied with the equally bloody Islamic Moro Liberation Front,2933,211526,00.html

Chavez' Jew-hatred Creates Fears in Venezuela -- reminding us that Leftism is only one step away from Nazism, or Islamism.
Not content to give hugs to the Iranian Thug-in-Chief, Chavez now embraces Assad
And here's one about an authentic Waffen-SS guy who later became a major spokesperson for the European Left.

More Euro-Leftist-NGO Support for Muslim Jew-killers -- in this case, even when a young Italian man innocently walking in Jerusalem is murdered by an enraged Muslim fanatic out to "Kill his Jew", the leftist father and left-wing newspapers all "understand" and blames Israel.

SHELBY STEELE: Life and Death, Western guilt blinds us to the nature of Islamic extremism.  Excellent article.

Rare Self-Criticism from a Hamas Official in Gaza -- but he does not go to the core issue, the Hamas commitment to wipe Israel off the map, their unwillingness to live in peace, their chronic attacking of Israeli civilians, the Jew-hatred and so on.

Religion of Peace Strikes Tourist Sites in Turkey: 22 injured.
Apparently 22 injured wasn't good enough, so they tried again the next day, killing 3 and wounding 29. What's amazing is, that Western people still think they are safe vacationing in any Muslim nation.  The CNN article below shows a Western woman wearing a modest bathing suit which would immediately brand her as a promiscuous prostitute/whore in the eyes of Muslims.  Only a few years ago, news reports indicated a slow disappearance of Turkish female workers from the service/tourist industry of Turkey, indicating the fundamentalists were having an influence to prevent Turkish women from having personal contacts with Western tourists, even through holding innocent jobs in the tourist industry. "We don't want our Muslim women getting any ideas!" Turkey appears to be on a downward spiral towards a greater fundamentalist take-over.

Turkish boys commit 'honour' crime -- actually, the youngest boy is told to claim responsibility for the murders committed by older males, the family knowing the courts will give the boy a light sentence.

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

Iranian Execution of 16-year old Iranian Girl, Atefah Sahaaleh, for "crimes against chastity".  Another brutal crane-hoist hanging by the world's most fanatic woman-hating, sex-hating reactionaries, soon to have atomic bombs.  Docu from BBC2.

Gunpoint Conversions to Islam of Fox News Reporters -- probably the only way out alive for them, but now forever branded as "apostates" for saying they did not mean it.  Something of the Stockholm Syndrome apparent in the videos of their release, as the reporters embrace and hug the thugs who previously held guns to their heads, and were getting ready to do a Nick Berg on them.  Probably, the same Palestinian thugs who claimed to have "organized their release" were also involved in their capture.

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