Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fascinating Links: AIDS Criticism, Big-Bang-Creationism Criticism

Entire universes spontaneously created out of nothing, and
death-dealing invisible viruses created out of nothing. Take your
pick. Both get a sound thrashing on these sites, with many addtional

* Joan Shenton's fantastic Meditel productions critical of the HIV
theory of AIDS, which were shown on BBC Channel 4 and won many awards
-- but were as quickly forgotten and even banished from further
showings -- are now being posted to internet as free downloadable
streaming videos. See here for more info, including a reprint of the
Introduction to her book on the subject:
See here for similar materials by others, such as Celia Farber:

* A new organization is devoted to criticism of the "standard
cosmology" of Big Bang Creationism, and Einstein's relativity theory,
and will host a conference on this subject later this summer, or in
The group has an online newsletter, worthwhile to get:

For future reference, if you misplace them, we will add these to the
OBRL-Links page:

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