Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9-11 Madness in Europe

Recent stunning events in Brussels...

A peaceful protest commemorating 911 and against the "Islamization of Europe" was firstly forbidden, then later forcibly broken up by policemen wielding truncheons, throwing all sorts of people down on the ground with fully unnecessary force, all on the orders of the left-wing Mayor of Brussels.   Many EU and Flemish politicians were in the beaten-arrested groups, so this will probably cause quite a stir in the coming weeks.  The EU permits every kind of aggressive hate-speech by Islamic fanatics, tries to make open criticism of Muslim behavior a crime ("Islamophobia"), basically ignores what Muslims do on their nightly riots burning infidel cars and driving non-Muslims and European police and law out of their Sharia Law neighborhoods, while smashing down those who dare to protest against the Islamization madness.  Contrast the treatment of these peaceful demonstrators, which included many government officials of conservative parties, with the "hands off" treatment of enraged and screaming Muslims carrying signs with every kind of vile and murder-threatening slogan.

Typically the mainstream news is calling the protest organizers "right-wingers", as if to fabricate a false identification with Nazi types.  Totally untrue from all I can gather. If there is any vile "brownshirt" type of identification to be made, it is to the Islamic and Leftist groups.   The blogs seem to have the best information, as identified below.  A sad day indeed.  Is this the opening shot of the long-anticipated repression of those who dare to disagree with the EU directives for forcible integration of Europe with the Islamic world, as described in detail in Bat Yeors book "Eurabia"?   J.D.

From The Brussels Journal

9-11 Protesters Beatdown & Arrested in Brussels- Former Muslims Protest In the Hague

Police arrest leaders of protest against Islamization of Europe

Arrests in Brussels


Also this item just in:

ZDF - one of Germany's largest state-sponsored public media networks - came out with an article promoting a documentary on September 11 conspiracy theories - just in time for the sixth anniversary of the terror attacks.

The article also features a poll. Results indicate that 65% - or nearly two-thirds - of ZDF participants blame either George W. Bush (25%), US authorities (25%) or the "arms lobby" (15%) for 9/11. By comparison, only 27% selected Osama Bin Laden as the culprit and 9% said they didn't know.

Deep down - far more Germans than anyone is willing to openly admit are convinced that American leaders destroyed their own buildings and thousands of their fellow citizens in a grand plot to invade the Middle East for oil.

This can only be described as one of those moments - with state-sponsored media offering a public stage for these outrageous conspiracy theories - that one feels sincerely ashamed to be a German citizen...

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