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Large-Scale Structure of Galactic Alignments Suggests a Universal Organizing Principle

Over the years, I have strongly recommended the original papers of Dayton Miller, who detected the ether and ether-drift, as well as the experimental confirmations, using novel methods, by Australian Prof. Reginald Cahill and the Ukranian scientist Yuri Galaev, who obtained very similar results using different optical methods.  This is in additional to Albert Michelson (of Michelson-Morley fame) making his own independent confirmation of Miller's work atop Mt. Wilson, with Pease & Pearson back in the 1930s, and the Belgian scientist deWitte who found a similar anisotropy in radio-wave signals passing down a long wire.   The axis of drift lines up among all those independent experiments, along with other research areas not related to optics, such as Giorgio Piccardi's chemical tests, Wilhelm Reich's determinations as given in "Cosmic Superimposition", and even Rita Bernabei's work on "dark matter wind" -- they all showed and argued for cosmic energy out in space, which interacted with the movements of the planets, often identifying a correlated axis of alignment in cosmic space around which their experimental results preferentially organized.  The cites for these research findings are given in my papers here:

Obviously, I prefer the findings of the late Dr. Reich in "Cosmic Superimposition", as he seems to have given this phenomenon its most accurate descriptions, inventing new devices to both accumulate and stimulate streaming motions of this energy in the atmosphere. Only his ideas, it seems clear, explain both the cosmic-astronomical-optical effects, as well as the biological-chemical effects. Clearly a lot more experimental work is needed to solidify these connections, but it is great to see more of the physicists actually confirming the existence of this same cosmic energy, in the theoretical context of the old cosmic ether of space.

More recently, an additional new alignment has been found in the orientations of spiral galaxies.  The classical astronomers call it the "Axis of Horror" because it apparently gives them nightmares, demanding as it does some very large-scale unifying field principle of quite a powerful nature, well beyond anything possible from standard big-bang creationism.  See: "Evidence for a Preferred Handedness of Spiral Galaxies, by Michael Longo of the Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
(Thanks to Thomas Goody in Romania for bringing this to my attention.)

Borge Nodelund and John Ralston also previously noted an axial anisotropy in galactic light, as summarized here:

As to the "Axis of Horror",  I consider it more of an "Axis of Heavenly Delights".  We may view these correlated phenomenon as an expression of the flow of cosmic orgone energy as per Reich's cosmic superimposition theory.  Reich's 20th Century orgone has properties very similar to the 19th Century cosmic ether of space, as detailed by Albert Michelson and Dayton Miller, both of whom made solid experimental detections of it (the widely misreported small result of the original 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment notwithstanding).    In all cases, it appears as a helicoidal motion of planetary-stellar and galactic motions, superimposing cosmic spirals, something which was argued by Reich, Piccardi, Miller, Bernabei and others.  The challenge for modern physics is to start paying attention to this large body of cross-disciplinary evidence, and to end their attitudes of censorship and ridicule, and give some tolerance and acceptance of those scientists who have made experimental detecitons of the ether and ether-drift or ether-wind itself, or the orgone energy.  Clearly this cosmic energy phenomenon is directly linked with gravitation in ways we do not yet understand, and it also has biological and atmospheric influences.  Reich spoke to this issue most solidly, that this ether-orgone phenomenon moving in pulsatory waves or streams out in space, moves along and carries the stars and planets on its substance, and therefore constitutes the "prime mover" upon which all heavenly bodies are being carried forward through the heavens in their spiral motions. The "ether" of space is both luminiferous and ponderable, able to give substance a bit of a "push" due to its own very tiny and slight mass -- so naturally there are correlated spiral motions of cosmic energy in space, and of the matter "floating" along within that sea of energy (Reich).  The "axial" aspect, or more correctly the helicoidal motional aspect, or the superimposing aspect, is a cross-disciplinary phenomenon.  It is very unlikely to be some random thing, nor some kind of systematic or random error which affects scientists working totally independent of each other over a period of nearly 100 years, on different continents, and in studies on parameters as diverse as optics, vacuum studies, plant growth and crystal growth phenomenon, or radiation counts deep inside mountains.

"Horrors" indeed, for those with "empty space" in their minds.

James DeMeo

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