Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bloody Communist Gods
North Korea publicly executes 15 starving refugees fleeing to China in desperate search for food

I've gathered a lot of information over the years laying bare the horrible abuses against life and love within the Islamic world, in efforts to warn they are far more dangerous in totality than anything found in the West.  But the Communist nations are just as bad, if not worse!   Rather than demand everyone genuflect to the bloodthirsty Allah, the Communist delusion declares their own bloodthirsty Glorious Leaders as Gods, to whom people must genuflect as if they were Allah.  Genuflecting is an old Saharasian trait, where delusional bloody psychotics think themselves to be up in the clouds, and everyone else low down in the dirt.  The worst of them continue to be found within or at the border regions surrounding Saharasia, often mixing their communism with Islamism, and old Nazism (which is socialist at root), totalitarianisms which were all borne and bred in the antisex, antilife mileu of Saharasian warrior-cult armored ideology.  Anything which is anti-love and anti-life, they can rationally mix into their existing culture, no matter what the superficial intellectual components -- they can even call themselves "people's republics" as the people are machine-gunned while searching for food.  And just like the situation with submission-demanding Islam, we have plenty of people in the West who are in rapture to the Communist Church, quite willing to sell their families and neighbors into slavery if given the opportunity -- all "for the people", of course.  Creeping Sharia Law and Creeping Socialism/Communism are diseases afflicting nearly every Western nation, to the detriment of their peoples lives and freedom.  The North Koreans seem to epitomize the "pure culture" of the Communist Church today, having gone even further than Mao (if that can be imagined).   They are to communism what Saudi Arabia and the Talibans are to Islam.  The old Saharasian War-Lord mentality is alive and well, stealing everything into the hands of a powerful few, and viewing anyone not a member of their central dominating Military Caste as expendable garbage.   J.D.

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