Monday, March 03, 2008

Global Cooling - Brrrrrr!

If this continues, everyone will be remembering fondly those days when warming was predicted.  As noted in the past posting on this subject, this cooling could be only a one-year event, after which the warming will continue, very much linked to the current La Nina Pacific Ocean cooling. But it is nice to see Ma Nature remind us mere mortals who really is in charge of things.  The evidence on the present cooling is so strong that even the NYT has reported it -- but not without some trepidation.  One gets the impression, they really WANT global warming to reappear, if only to salvage the reputations of all the scientists, politicians and journalists who lined up to throw mud at anyone who dared to raise an open question. How Dare We raise questions, especially since all the new Green Laws are ready to go in a few years, forcing us all under toxic fluorescent lights and such.  Notice the term "Little Ice Age" does not appear in this bit, which is that Inconvenient Truth about climate several hundred years ago, a rather bleak period in history out of which we have been thankfully warming since well before the era of industrial CO2.  Time will tell.  J.D.


Skeptics on Human Climate Impact Seize on Cold Spell
Published: March 2, 2008

The world has seen some extraordinary winter conditions in both hemispheres over the past year: snow in Johannesburg last June and in Baghdad in January, Arctic sea ice returning with a vengeance after a record retreat last summer, paralyzing blizzards in China, and a sharp drop in the globe's average temperature.

It is no wonder that some scientists, opinion writers, political operatives and other people who challenge warnings about dangerous human-caused global warming have jumped on this as a teachable moment.

"Earth's 'Fever' Breaks: Global COOLING Currently Under Way," read a blog post and news release on Wednesday from Marc Morano, the communications director for the Republican minority on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.
So what is happening?

According to a host of climate experts, including some who question the extent and risks of global warming, it is mostly good old-fashioned weather, along with a cold kick from the tropical Pacific Ocean, which is in its La Niña phase for a few more months, a year after it was in the opposite warm El Niño pattern.

If anything else is afoot - like some cooling related to sunspot cycles or slow shifts in ocean and atmospheric patterns that can influence temperatures - an array of scientists who have staked out differing positions on the overall threat from global warming agree that there is no way to pinpoint whether such a new force is at work.

Many scientists also say that the cool spell in no way undermines the enormous body of evidence pointing to a warming world with disrupted weather patterns, less ice and rising seas should heat-trapping greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels and forests continue to accumulate in the air.

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