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Letter to a Friend Lured Into the "911 Truth Movement"

Dear A.

I have your round-letter defending the 911 "truth movement"... once again, I recommend these websites which debunk virtually all of their central claims and premises:

These websites show -- for one example -- WTC7 had giant cracks in its structure, having been smashed on the rear-side lower floors by the collapse of the twin towers.  It was burning strongly, with fuel tanks afire, and was a doomed structure.  Those facts and photos, like so much else, are denied and censored by the 911 liars in all discussions on that building -- as if the reason it collapsed was due to planned demolition -- but photos of that building damage, and a whole lot more, are available on the two comprehensive websites above.

I've also another list of debunking articles on the right-hand side of our main links page, about half-way down, here:

One of those weblinks (see the Der Spiegel article) details how the liar Thierry Meyssan who wrote the book "The Big Lie", manipulated a quote from one of the Pentagon-crash eye-witnesses.  From Der Spiegel:  "Another example is the use of statements made by TV journalist Mike Walter, who witnessed the attack on the US Department of Defense as he was driving to work. Meyssan used Walter's statement to support his theory that the Pentagon was destroyed with missiles or remotely guided aircraft. Walter is still furious about this manipulation. He saw the aircraft fly toward the building and accelerate in a "soft curve." Then, says Walter, "it went into a dive and hit a light pole. Shortly after that, it slammed into the Pentagon. The wings collapsed, I heard the explosion, and then I saw the fireball. The guy who was flying it knew what he was doing. It behaved like a cruise missile." Meyssan only quoted the last sentence.  And that's just one example of many.  The weblinks I reference also show plenty of aircraft debris, such as wheel rims, window panels, and so forth, resting amid the wreckage of the Pentagon and WTC.  Another article linked there exposes a leader of the "Truther" (Liar) movement in Islamofascist causes. And so on.

Because I run the OBRL-News email posting service, which sends out material critical of government and mainstream medicine regarding the suppression of Wilhlem Reich's work, and on other scientific controversies where unorthodox professionals were basically kicked in the teeth for making discoveries which went against very popular modern science theories (ie, relativity, the big-bang creationism, dna-supremacy in biology, etc.), people often send me unsolicited things to publish.  Sometimes if they are good, I do.  Mostly they are unverified claims and I don't recirculate them.  However, right after the terror attacks of 911, I was getting maybe five or ten emails on that afternoon and evening+, from people who wanted me to repost their stuff.  They claimed they "knew it was an inside job", giving spectacular details on the collapsing structures, information on how the Jewish landlord Larry Silverstein, and Mossad, Bush, the CIA, etc. were all "in on the deal",.  The carried long statements denouncing Bush and protective denials that "no Muslim terrorist could have pulled this off", recounting the usual hard-left propaganda about "Muslim persecution by Israelis and Americans" (factually, Muslims are the biggest persecutors of others on the planet!) claiming a "cruise missile" hit the Pentagon, etc., etc.  All within hours, those "internet experts" had "figured things out" (fabricated a giant lie) while sitting at home in front of their computers, even while smoke poured from the ground, and the dead were being counted.  It was an obscene spectacle, like dancing on the rubble heap and corpses, exceeded only by the even worse spectacle of the attacks themselves, and the spectacle of Muslims world-wide dancing happily in the streets, passing out candy to children, waving their flags and beeping horns like they had just won the World Cup.  The conspiracy mongers haven't missed a drum-beat since, except to correct and fine-tune their own gigantic Big Lie over the years.

In particular, the accusations against Silverstein, in the face of the facts about what I say above, and in connection with other things like the original fantastic claims about "4000 Jews Stayed Home" on 911, revealed a bald-faced Jew-hatred which has become widespread and abundant among the hard-left populist and neo-Nazi fabricators, who push such outrageous lies.  Today we know how some of these lies were originally published in Muslim newspapers in the Middle East on 911, and were translated and then recycled by hard-left European and North American underground media.  They were then repeated on Western email sites and e-groups, and incorporated into the "conspiracy".  So it is no accident that the leaders of the 911 "truth" (lie) movement are on the record as supporting Islamo-fascist causes, and often being fanatically anti-Jew and anti-Israel -- the canard of "anti-Zionism" is nearly always a cover for simple Jew-hatred, coupled with Islamic propaganda and revisionist history.

The entire 911 "truther" movement is itself a conspiracy, against the USA and Western democratic governments, and against Jews world-wide, by various political extremists, in efforts to sap our will to defend ourselves against their push-to-power, against the authentic conspiring Islamofascist terror enemy who launched 911 and the whole string of terror attacks both before and afterwards. We have groups of political extremists in the West who are angry their political agendas never attracted more than a few votes on election days, and so they are always putting forth resentment-filled garbage about those who do win elections -- going fantastically beyond authentic complaints about political problems and authentic crooked politicians, which more often than not gets exposed in the media, and results in those politicians being thrown out of power, and sometimes being sent to prison.  That never happens in their own greatly-admired Islamic or Communist totalitarian states.  If, as is so often claimed that Bush, Haliburton or ExxonMobile can plot and tell lies, luring a sleepy-headed American population into war, then why not also consider a similar capacity to lie and swindle by the leaders of this "truth movement" and their Islamic-Communist friends?  Their backgrounds show a miserable history of fantastic claims and extremist agendas, where lying about history and current events is commonplace -- and mostly it is covering up the gigantic numbers of murder-victims who were killed by those same Islamic-Communist political systems. The "truthers" sell millions of books in multiple world languages, and often are invited for international lectures in totalitarian Islamic nations like Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iran, sharing the podium with such notables as David Duke (of the KKK) and other racists of neo-Nazi organizations, or alternatively with the Communist Party hacks of ANSWER, International Action Center and such.  I've already posted a ton of such documentation to OBRL-News, which you could dig out from the Archive at Yahoo Groups if interested.

Are we to now believe, that thousands of ordinary people working within our democratically-elected government, in the military, and in the corporate infrastructure are automatically treasonous plotters and liars, guilty of mass-murder of their own fellow citizens, neighbors and even family members?  But the 911 truth squads, no matter how bloody-handed are their bedfellows, no matter how many other terror attacks occurred and for which Islamic fanatics openly made the claims of doing them, being filmed yelling "Allahu Akbar" at the moments of detonations or throat-cuttings or burnings-alive, they are to be viewed automatically as honest people with pure motivations?  Are Osama Bin Ladin, Ramsi Binalshibh and Khalid Shiek Muhammed -- who publicly and openly boasted in news-interviews and on videotapes of their roles in planning and carrying out the 911 attacks, well before the latter two were captured in Pakistan -- are they all "in on the conspiracy", "working with Bush, Mossad and the CIA" as well?   Or must we embrace the fantastic claims, that every single videotape and news article reporting their words were "fabricated by the CIA" and such?  Certainly, you cannot be so naive... or are you?!

OK, I've said enough.

In the future, please remove my email from round-letters on this topic. I don't wish to be identified in any manner with the 9-11 "Truth" (Lie) movement, even as a passive recipient of emails, and have no time or further interest to debate it, other than to make you and others aware of the debunking materials.  I know the "truther" viewpoint because I studied it from top to bottom, and already had very robust debates with others who mostly simply ignored the evidence which exposed the lies they had embraced.  The entire structure of their argument is based upon fabrications and flawed claims, outright lies, and lies-of-omission.  One also quickly runs into the "will to disbelieve" among the truthers.  Even if they aren't raising the typical Jew-hatred stuff (directly or cloaked), they are afflicted with something the conservatives jokingly (but with accuracy) call the "Bush Derangement Syndrome" -- the emotional need to throw bricks at father-figures, and to believe every brick so thrown is rational and justified, and that every brick-creator and brick-thrower is a noble warrior and honest person "speaking truth to power", etc. If the claims of the anti-Bush and one-way peace movement were anything factual, by now they all would have been put into prison, their websites and books vanished from the public spaces, and the elections cancelled with a new dictatorship.  Of course, nothing of the sort has happened.

For those who have legitimate grievances with government power-abuses on other issues -- and I certainly do in my own sphere of scientific work, notably in the scandal of Reich's death and the very real burning of his books by the American government in the 1950s (something which the hard-left engineered) -- the 911 "truth" movement has only muddied the waters, distracting a lot of otherwise decent people into unproductive stone-throwing at illusions, while other very real dangers are being ignored.

Best personal wishes,

James DeMeo

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Greensprings Center
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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