Saturday, January 03, 2009

Skeptics Discover Orgonite, More Ammo to Ridicule Reich.

Possibly some have seen this item in the Daily Telegraph, UK:

Alternative health capital turns its 'negative energy' on pioneering wi-fi system

It has triggered copy-cat articles also:,2933,475206,00.html

For several years, I have warned that the fantastic distortions of Reich's work known as "orgonite", "orgone generators", "holy hand grenades", "chembusters", "chemtrails" and the like, would work to destroy orgonomy, their irresponsible claims gathering more attention and creating a negative reaction, and overwhelming decades of careful scientific work documenting the reality of Reich's science.

The mainstream press has always pretty much been filled with hatred for Reich, or at least, to be apologetic towards whatever the FDA and pharmacy industry wants, so they rarely given the same attention to the burning of his books or his death in prison, that they give to creating a fanciful and distorted image of "the orgones" -- the orgone energy -- which factually is no more metaphysical or "beyond reality" than is the dark-matter of contemporary astrophysics.  In fact, an argument can be made that they are one and the same thing.   In any case, this all works to publicly discredit both the citizen's groups working against low-level EMF exposures, and orgonomy.

The Telegraph item is now being repeated and copied by various "skeptic" groups world-wide.  Such as here:

My name is also included in some of the smears, as usual, now in the context of my public stand with critics of the HIV theory, and for being critical of the CO2 theory of global warming.  Listen to the hyenas cackle.

The first-impulse of "science journalists" -- who increasingly parrot the party-line of the most rigid mainstream science and the professional "skeptics" --  is to attack, ridicule and smear anything that offends orthodoxy.   One is reminded of the line from King Lear, that "there is no innocence to their buffonery, they are the King's jesters".

Another trend to be aware of:  The large internet search engines are increasingly giving first preference to websites like Wikipedia, which specialize in falsehoods, and to the internet orgonite vendors.  At one time, internet searches on the terms "orgone energy" or "Wilhelm Reich" brought up a list of authentic websites devoted to Reich and orgonomy.  Today, not.  Beware.

We still have a good "Resources" listing at OBRL:

If you wonder what you can personally do about this, the answer is, don't be silent in the face of it.  Give voice to your objections on-line and in letters, when possible.  Be loud and even obnoxious.  Systematic public lying destroys social decency, as well as personal lives.  And don't subscribe to newspapers or other outlets where such poison is the norm, and especially if they treat corrective letters-to-the-editor with contempt. Ie, New York Times is one of the worst in this respect, and thankfully a lot of people have become aware of how they lie about quite a lot of things.  That daily fish-wrap is now at the edge of bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, smell the roses and unplug.  Here's a touch of heart:

James DeMeo, PhD

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