Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Working, Working...

Several subscribers to OBRL-News have asked why there have not been
any postings in the last months. The reason is simply, free time is
scarce at the moment, and this is typically the case over the Summer
months. For example, over just the last several months I organized a
weekend seminar at OBRL, and right now am in the middle of a series
of interesting experiments on orgone-charged water spectroscopy, and
an in-depth replication of Wilhelm Reich's electroscopical discharge
rate experiments, using automated equipment. Additional good
corroborations are being made of Reich's old findings, with many new
findings as well. Earlier this year, I published several major
papers (see prior OBRL-News discussions for details) and these have
stimulated much positive interest, and new scientific correspondence.
See here for the paper listings:

Also I am preparing for a presentation at a mainstream science
conference, where orgone energy research will be openly discussed.
We have also recently completed the basic construction of a new
solar-heat/greenhouse system onto the south side of the OBRL
laboratory structure, to reduce the wintertime fuel costs, a task
that is nearly completed. All this, in addition to our usual tasks
of running the bookstore, preparing new publications, and gathering
dead wood from the property for our Winter wood stove fuel. And so on.

Sometime before the end of the year, a new OBRL Newsletter will be
developed to update all of our recent work activities with some
detail and photos. In the meantime, review the OBRL-Links page, to
get a sense of the kind of resources we typically consult, and where
the materials for those postings are typically found:

Thanks for your interest and support.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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