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Breakthrough into Consciousness of Forbidden Ideas...

This is no news to those in the NO-CIRC movement, but nice to see
some of it break through into the ordinary media from time to time...
(for example, see ) Circumcising cultures tend
to deny and deny and deny, based upon sequestration of forbidden ugly
feelings about sexuality. Not only in Saharasian regions, but having
crept outwards over generations... J.D.


Does Circumcision Remove The Most Sensitive Parts Of The Penis?

Science Daily - The most common medical procedure in the US is infant
male circumcision. The long-term-health impact of neo-natal
circumcision has received little study while the consequences of
circumcision on sexual function in the adult male have received even
less attention.
A recent study by M. Sorrels and colleagues from the National
Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Center and Michigan
State University mapped the fine-touch pressure thresholds of the
adult male penis in circumcised and uncircumcised men and compared
the two populations. The study is published in the April 2007 issue
of BJU Int.
Adult male volunteers were evaluated with a 19 point Semmes-Weinstein
monofilament touch-test to map fine-touch pressure thresholds of the
penis. Circumcised and uncircumcised men were compared using mixed
models for repeated data, controlling for age, type of underwear
worn, time since test ejaculation, ethnicity, country of birth, and
level of education.
Analysis of results showed the glans of the uncircumcised men had
significantly lower thresholds than that of circumcised men (P =
0.040). There were also significant differences in pressure
thresholds by location on the penis (p < 0.0001). The most sensitive
location on the circumcised penis was the circumcision scar on the
ventral surface. It was remarkable that five locations on the
uncircumcised penis that are routinely removed at circumcision had
lower pressure thresholds that the ventral scar of the circumcised
This study suggests that the transitional region from the external to
the internal prepuce is the most sensitive region of the
uncircumcised penis and more sensitive than the most sensitive region
of the circumcised penis. It appears that circumcision ablates the
most sensitive parts of the penis.
Note: This story has been adapted from a news release issued by UroToday.

Another UN Report Warns on Desertification

The central issue behind global warming and climate disruption, world-wide.  The report is a thin soup, avoiding perhaps more issues than it raises, but it is a reminder of the "elephant in the living room" which is otherwise ignored.

Thanks to Chip Wilkins for the alert on this BBC item.


Tens of millions of people could be driven from their homes by encroaching deserts, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia, a report says.
The study by the United Nations University suggests climate change is making desertification "the greatest environmental challenge of our times".
If action is not taken, the report warns that some 50 million people could be displaced within the next 10 years.
The study was produced by more than 200 experts from 25 countries.

See map of projected human impact on deserts

This report does not pull any punches, says BBC environment reporter Matt McGrath.
One third of the Earth's population - home to about two billion people - are potential victims of its creeping effect, it says.

"Desertification has emerged as an environmental crisis of global proportions, currently affecting an estimated 100 to 200 million people, and threatening the lives and livelihoods of a much larger number," the study said.
The overexploitation of land and unsustainable irrigation practices are making matters worse, while climate change is also a major factor degrading the soil, it says.

Re-thinking Policies to Cope with Desertification(1.75MB)

People displaced by desertification put new strains on natural resources and on other societies nearby and threaten international instability, the study adds.
"There is a chain reaction. It leads to social turmoil," said Zafaar Adeel, the study's lead author and head of the UN University's International Network on Water, Environment and Health.
The largest area affected was probably sub-Saharan Africa, where people are moving to northern Africa or to Europe, while the second area is the former Soviet republics in central Asia, he added.

Way forward

The UN report suggests that new farming practices, such as encouraging forests in dryland areas, were simple measures that could remove more carbon from the atmosphere and also prevent the spread of deserts.
"It says to dryland dwellers we need to provide alternative livelihoods - not the traditional cropping based on irrigation, cattle farming, etcetera - but rather introduce more innovative livelihoods which don't put pressure on the natural resources," Mr Adeel said.
"Things like ecotourism or using solar energy to create other activities."
Some countries like China have embarked on tree-planting programmes to stem the advance of deserts.
But according to the author, in some cases the trees being planted needed large amounts of water, putting even more pressure on scarce resources.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Validation of Reich's and DeMeo's Findings

One of Wilhelm Reich's early experiments on the bions involved both
heating of materials to glowing incandescence, after which they were
immersed into sterilized nutrient broth materials, or alternatively
boiling and freezing solutions of sterile minerals. In both cases,
life-like and even living organisms developed. We see a similar
process within super-heated waters near to deep-sea hydrothermal
vents, and in natural hot-springs. The following report indicates a
similar process at work regarding frozen "bion water" as contained
within glacial ice and iceburgs.


New publications are now validating DeMeo's "Desert-Drought-Warming"
views, as follows:

* Desert dust cuts mountain snow, may spur warming

* Living in a Dusty World: Airborne Dust as a Key Factor for Alpine Lakes

* Desert dust, mountain snow tied to warming

Of course the thinking behind all these new discoveries is rather
mechanistic, and there's not yet any appreciation of the larger
Saharasian Desert Belt, nor the semi-permanent but shifting
Saharasian Dust-Dor Cloud, which blows here and there out from
Saharasia to create all these droughts and heat-waves everyone is
observing and suffering under.


The following report is problematic. Violence in sub-Saharan Africa
has always been characterized by hot-dry and drought-desert
conditions. But to say that this one facet of the global jihad
genocide against hated infidels is climate-driven in the modern
context is politically-correct rubbish. The article also makes a
false equivalency between those engaged in jihad-attacks and
massacres (the Islamic Janjaweed militias under direct supervision
and orders from Khartoum, which supplies them with weaponry and
air-support as well) and those who are the victims of the attacks
(darker-skin black Africans of Christian, Animist and less-extremist
Islamic backgrounds). By blaming everything on "drought" and
ignoring the social institutions and religious hatreds, it lays the
groundwork by which UN and other international agencies might be
drawn into the region as "helping fight against desertification" even
as the genocides continue. Remember, the jihad hatred continues even
after Islamists move out of the desert regions.

My Saharasia findings indicated, the generation of social violence
from drought-desertification where it lasts over generations. It is
not a one-time deal where people go berzerk killing each other when
food supply diminishes and famine develops. The Islamic Jihadis
committing the massacres are not starving people, but are quite
well-fed. And the boss-men in Khartoum are often overfed, bloated
fat-men lording over harems of kidnapped sex-slaves. Claiming the
catastrope in Darfur is "the fault of climate" is simplistic, and

Again, for background on all these findings, read Reich's original
publications, and also my "Saharasia".

James DeMeo

Another World Gone Mad - 24 June 07...

Saharasia Unmasked, Spreading and Growing World-wide... mostly not in your MSM.  The reports from abroad last week were staggering in their quantity and implications, and what is gathered below is hardly 10% of what has come across my desk.

Below are several source articles for the above cartoon, showing photos of the black-mask armed forces of Abbas, Fatah and the Al Aqsas Martyr's Brigade -- can you tell the difference between them and the black-masked head-shooting Hamas guys?  Slow-Jihad versus Fast-Jihad.

While the USA will fund "Team-Fatah", Saudi Arabia will fund "Team Hamas".  Our wonderful allies, the Saudis.  Giving us oil at quadruple the non-cartel price, so long as well give them a few thousand of our citizens to kill every year or so.,7340,L-3414614,00.html

And "Team Hamas" is ready to intercept whatever new weaponry the USA sends to Fatah.  Kind of like funding the SA to fight against the SS.  No matter who wins, everyone else loses.  Great move George.

Our terrorists are better than your terrorists

Fatah Isn't the Answer

Fatah's Torture Chambers... apparently real mutilating torture and executions by the followers of Arafat and now Abbas (Munich massacre architect and Holocaust denier), directed against their own fellow Palestinians, is not so newsworthy as Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo where no such things occurred.,1518,489898,00.html

Hamas gloating over $400(!) million in captured US-provided weapons. But George will give more.  Good money after bad, down the terror rat-hole ...

Savages.  Palestinian Official Praises Female Suicide Bombers, sometimes pregnant, who make "Jews - the brothers of apes and pigs - taste the bitterness of death"

Abu Mazen/Abu Abbas (Leader of the PA, Holocaust denier, and architect of the Munich Olympics massacre of Jewish athletes) will use Western donor money to continue teaching Palestinian kids the Glory of Suicide Bombing, and the importance of killing Jews and Americans.  But relax, everyone has a big smile!  And the EU and UN approves!  Doesn't that make you feel better?

So naturally, Israel's clueless Olmert will also give a half-BILLION to the Abbas Retirement and Jihad Jew-Killer Education Fund.  Ever wonder why the terrorism seem to go on endlessly?

Hamas Barbarians Executed Prisoners in Street "as their wives and children watched."
Shooting unarmed civilians, including pro-Pali Peaceniks and UN workers, throwing others off the roofs of high-rise buildings:  Do you suppose the UN and Hague will hold hearings on this, pass resolutions, demand arrests, etc.?  Unlikely.
Naturally, the BBC Blames "The Jews".

Meanwhile -- Totally Incredible -- Jimmy Carter expresses his admiration for Hamas, during a "human rights" conference in Ireland, blaming America and Israel for Hamas' brutal jihad sadism and murdering.  It is our fault, didn't you know.  Just like when Hitler invaded Poland.  A clue-less idiot in denial over how his own appeasement policies led to Iran's conversion into a terror-state.;_ylt=AkjIoQjHLaS8rO9WQ3UQ_FMUewgF

Carter gets a big thank-you from Iran's thug-o-crats.  Yes, Jimmy, thanks for helping to bring the Ayatollah Khomeini to power.  A "spiritual revolution" is exactly what the world needed.

But Carter is not alone in his admiration for Hamas and Islamic spirituality... New York Times and Washington Post permit jihadi-murder-buddies of Hamas to write editorials...   One can only wish those two newspapers total loss of subscribers and bankruptcy.

Allah Wants More Blood!  Taliban Islamo-Savages instruct 12-year old boy on how to cut the throat and saw off the head of a bound hostage, while other little children are instructed to hold the man's legs.

Taliban Islamo-Barbarians use 6-year old boy as suicide bomber (but he is saved by one of his intended targets).  The Left-Wing Jihad-sympathizing Guardian tries to divert attention, however, by claiming moral equivalence between civilians accidentally killed in a fire-fight during an open war, as opposed to those who deliberately kill civilans and prisoners, and strap bombs onto children.  In this case, the dead civilians were used as "human shields" by the Talibans, and all such deaths fall to their responsibility.,,2109574,00.html

Meanwhile, thousands of Moderate Muslims have taken to the streets, voicing their outrage at such things, and are throwing Saudi-funded Wahhabi fanatics out of their Mosques, saying "American people, we are with you in this struggle against the fanatics":
... Ooops, I must have dozed off.  That was quite a dream!

Syria continues arming with offensive weaponry -- missiles, jets from Russia, etc.  There will be another big one.

James Woolsey has good ideas to share

Hirsi Ali speaks as well,filter.all/pub_detail.asp

And the new female President-Elect of India, Pratabha Patil, tells women in India to "throw away the veil" ... of course, this means MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED!!

Is "Old Europe" Re-discovering its Voice and Enlightenment Values?

Probably not.  Spanish gov't tries to out-do everyone in the Muslim foot-kissing contest.

ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA:  Sharia Law instituted in San Diego Public School -- for Students at least.  Muslim prayers, religious preferences catered to, permitted, while all other religious expression is forbidden...
Muslim Foot-Kissing in Minnesota: Islamic footbaths also to go into Minnesota public community college, at taxpayer expense.  ACLU has no problem with this, as only Christians and Jews apparently are a threat to "church-state separation". (Silly me, the US Constitution says nothing about "Mosque-State Separation".) Already, the appeasement brigades want to construct special "Muslim Prayer Rooms" in the public schools.

Foot-Kissing in Michigan... what's up with all you Northern Midwesterners?  Dearbornistan Girls Forced Under Hijab-Burkas.  Will Michiganers now legalize female genital mutilation and child-betrothal arranged-marriages?   Maybe give Muslims an exemption from the pedophile laws?

Terrorists fund schools in USA

From 400 to 500 Islamic Centers in USA Openly Preaching Hatred, Violence, Terrorism
New Organization "Mapping Sharia Law in the USA"
But "" still carries the best information

Bush Admin. Appoints Pro-Sharia Fanatic with Terror Connections as "Moderate" for U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.  WTH are they smoking in the White House!

Meanwhile, in the West... cleaning our own dirty house of the Pedo filth.
30+ kidnapped and sex-abused children rescued...

German TV Documentary on Muslim Alliances with the Nazis with English subtitles... Germans, learn your history, and you will puke that you ever supported the Palestinian cause.

A relic of female sexual slavery...

Two interesting Spanish anti-Red-Fascism/IslamoFascism websites:
O Idiota Latino Americano
Swimming Against the Red Tide

More support for Saharasia:  Italian Patrism Came from Turkey
One of many influences which led to the demise of the early Roman Republic.,1,6315863.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Hispanic Americans Sell Out to Racist "La Raza" Fascists... for Money.
Latin Nazis:  "Por la Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" --  "For the race, everything. Outside of the race, nothing."  Gringos Aus!

UN Human Rights Council Lifts Cuba to Heaven, Casts Israel Into Hell, Again.
UN may also appoint Gaddafi's Libya to head "anti-racism" committee, where Jews can be more easily demonized.

"Honor" Murders of women in UK on the Increase ... but this lengthy article does not mention which religious/ethnic group is predominant in the dirty deed -- can you guess?  Must be the Eskimos!
Suicide Bomber Teams Sent to USA, Europe.  Item from ABC News, a liberal news outlet which usually pushes the "religion of peace" baloney.  Of course, in the USA since 9-11 and before, we've already had numerous suicide-shooter-bomber incidents, shootings in shopping malls, the DC snipers, LA airport shootings, the shootings at the Seattle Jewish Center, with many, many dead Americans... The open Jihad-war against America was declared years ago, notably by OBL even before 9-11, but the MSM continually calls those incidents "random acts" and often tries to conceal the Islamic-Muslim-Jihad nature of the crimes.

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage is Offended!  ...  Again!  Salman Rushdie Knighted by Queen Elizabeth.  MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED!  Who could have imagined!
Jihad Watch has posted some great photos and reports from around the world, as the progressive "Kill Rushdie" social-reform movement increases steam-pressure inside Muslim heads.
See items for 22 June 07.
also here

BBC Admits to "Leftist Groupthink Bias".'trendy+left-wing+bias'/

Not just the BBC...  Here's a great video on Anti-Americanism in Europe.  Revealing.
Also see:

But the BBC Apologizes! ...sort of ...  Not for its left-wing bias, but for daring to accidentally call Jerusalem "the capital of Israel"!  MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED!!  (Again)  A profuse Muslim-foot-kissing BBC apology follows.

Australians Sailors More Alert, avoided Iranian capture which caught the British sleeping.

American journalist overwhelmingly support Democrats.. by 90% in recent polls.  They also should have asked, if the same journalists supported Hamas or Fatah (or both).

"Vicious Sheep" Peacenik Vegan Devours Hamburger-Eaters.  High testosterone levels banned.

And didn't we know it all along, that the Evil West is also really to blame for the genocide in Darfur.
(Note on Above: My Saharasia findings in no way support any such rubbish, which elevates climate-change rhetoric above the role of Islamic racist Jihad-hatred of black Africans.)

The ghost of the Euthanasia Hospital walks free within Saharasia.

Robert Spencer "Blogs the Koran"

Muslims in Egypt try to ban kissing

Muslims in India try to ban "cuddling"

Anti-American Hatred Fuels Real Fires on Southern Border

New "Jerk-umentary" on Islam's "72 Virgins".  Crass sex-deprived frat-boy American low-culture meets Osama Bin Ladin.  The frat-boys are idiots, but a better lot than the followers of Angry Little Mo-ham.  (Still waiting for the Monty Python version)

Google + Microsoft + Chinese Red Army = Totalitarianism Perpetuated.  Thanks guys.  Great job.
They will help create the world's largest censorship system for the Chinese head-shooters... but then complain about "censorship" of their "google ads".   Deadly super-rich hypocrites.

Something the USA could/should copy from Britain.  Wish they'd do the same with the Islamic veil.

Black Hooligan Youth-Thug Racism during "Juneteenth" celebrations.  If Abraham Lincoln himself dared to walk in this crowd, they'd smash in his face in for being white.

A Good Week for Terrorists, Bad Week for the Good Guys

An interesting exchange between Tony Snow of the White House, and Les Kinsolving of World Net Daily, one of the only internet-based news journals allowed into the Press Room.  Snow ducks a question which would require him to denounce homosexual activist groups in the USA who support pedophilia.  Nope, can't upset the "gays".  He then ducks another question which would require him to denounce American Muslim groups and spokespersons who support the death-fatwa against Sir Salaman Rushdie.  Nope, can't upset the Muslims.  It shows how the internet journalists push for answers on hot issues which both the Pols and the MSM avoid/evade.

Putin, formerly with the KGB, is clearly a Gulag-Denier.  Sorry, the blood won't wash off.,23599,21953938-38200,00.html?from=public_rss
Gulgag-Deniers in Hollywood also.  Be sure to put a smiley-face on the headstones.

Part of the "why" of this continued series on OBRL.  The American "Rock n'Roll" generation was predominantly live-and-let-live peaceful, but never peace-nik (which is not the same thing -- just ask any gentle silver-back gorilla).  Here's an old 60's Rocker-turned-Radio-Talk-Host.  It seems much of the world want everyone to forget 9-11.  Most Americans will never, especially when the same Saharasian social forces remain so well-organized and enthusiastic to do it again, and again.

Perhaps the watered-down insipid quality of such "snooze" reporting by the MSM is the reason for these:
They still don't get it, the issue is not computer-internet versus print newspapers, but the systematic MSM censoring out of essentials and misportraying world events via a generalized Left-wing pro-terrorist bias, which ordinary people are in a total revolt against.  Case in point: How much of the above made it into your media this week?  It should be headline front-page stuff.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Global Warming, Global Cooling, Global Drought...

While much remains a mystery, droughts more clearly develop from
Saharasian desert-spreading, which in turn drives global warming via
heat-waves in certain regions (while cooling others).

Once more, the Saharasian Desert Belt is overlain by the Saharasian
Dust-Dor Cloud, which shifts and spreads drying influences far and

One can anticipate that as this desert atmosphere spreads, there will
be heat waves in one location, and cool-downs in higher-latitude
regions (from shallow-angle aerosol-reflected sunlight). So it is
not surprising to see so many late-season snows and very cold
conditions, at the same time the global warming hysterics are hosting
international conferences deciding how much money will be taken from
your pocketbooks, to pay for their jetting around the planet, acting

Meanwhile, reasonable science leads to this kind of prediction, which
we hope is wrong as it would truly be catastropic: We should prepare
now for dangerous global cooling.

This would be the consequence of the heat-driven buildup of the most
important greenhouse gas nobody talks about -- water vapor -- which
makes clouds and rain, thereby cooling and adding to snowpack and

Anyone who has read a bit on the "Little Ice Age" will automatically
prefer global warming. See books on this subject in our on-line

Solar activity and cosmic ray abundance (energetics of the near-earth
space) are involved, most definitely, and that is where the whole
climate system interfaces with the orgone energy continuum, a cosmic
substrate through which all these variables act and push.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

More World Gone Mad 16Jun07... Saharasia Expanding... Mostly not on the MSM.

Social Temperature in a World Gone Mad.   Saharasia Expanding, Barbarism on the Rise.  Revealing a global emotional conspiracy against life, love, human freedom and happiness, in favor of the most ruthless throat-cutters and totalitarians, by media, politics and too many ordinary people of the world.


Remembering the 100+ Million Victims of Communist Atrocity. Nobody decent tolerates neo-Nazis spreading their lies and filth into the public for "intellectual discourse", but advocates of communism and Marxism get away with avoiding mention of, much less emphasizing, what their intellectual cousins did with those ideologies.  Does anyone actually believe the "anti-globalist, anti-capitalist" mob in the street would behave differently if they ever got power?  By understanding this, one sees easily why they make alliances with the Islamofascists.

Tiananmen Square Protests, China 1989.  Students and authentic workers pushing for a bit of self-determination, gather around their self-built "Goddess of Democracy" statue and confront a portrait of the world's greatest mass-murderer, Mao Ze Dong.  Within days, these authentic peaceful protestors would be machine-gunned and crushed by Red Army tanks, and their very existence nearly obliterated from public and historical records.

Life in the Worker's Paradise

And for those curious to know what Marx and his early followers really believed about the common man and woman, about slavery, war, despotism, violence, murder, etc., here is where you can get the dirty facts which the modern Marx-followers rarely mention (or which they deny, or often don't even know about).  It is exceedingly unlikely that Reich, or most of the honest reform-minded fighters against European Kingly feudalism and later Black Fascism had any idea what the Red Facist leaders were saying "behind the curtain". Most of them, in fact, got out of the business of political Marxism early-on. Reich wised up quickly, after seeing for himself in the USSR what a bloody mess socialism "in practice" had really become.  Red Fascists, he called them, for good reason.

Nicaragua's Ortega Shows His Real Sentiments: Kissing Muslim foot, and honoring the worst woman-strangler, pedophile and mass-murderer of Iran's recent history.

A "when Hell freezes over" alert: German Cardinal wants to hold Mass in Saudi Arabia,1518,487671,00.html

A Must-See Docu-Video on "What Really Happened in the Middle East?"

Who could have guessed?  Political Islam Correlates with Support for Terrorism.  The more "Islamic" one becomes, the more support is given to terror-murdering of non-Muslims.
YouTube continues to censor/remove anti-Jihad videos, while allowing antisemitic Jew-hatred pro-terror videos.

11-yr old UK girl forced to marry old man... rescued.  250 similar cases every year.  No, these were not Mormons, nor Baptists either.

It appears the Big Mo frequented Arabian porno bath houses.

Iran threatens the West with the oil weapon.  The technological manufacturing nations of the West ought to develop their own cartel, for every kind of product and service going to the members of OPEC.  A 500% surcharge for everything from light bulbs, to cars, to razor blades (oops, they would not need those), to telephones, TV sets, computers, etc.  OTEC - Organization of Technology Exporting Countries. I suspect we can do a lot easier without their oil, than they can do without our peaches, air conditioner parts, automobile parts, light bulbs, computers and everything else imported into hot dusty Saharasia.

The prior Mufti of Australia was canned for calling unveiled women "walking meat" who deserved to be raped.  The new Mufti is a reformer, however, and wants to show everyone how different he is, that "Muslims are peaceful" and can be trusted to become good Australian citizens -- so his first public speech defends the prior "walking meat" Mufti, and denies OBL was involved in 9-11. Wonderful news for the "truthers" and multi-culti Aussies, but they might wish to consider whom they are in bed with.,22049,21891258-5006009,00.html,20867,21890102-2702,00.html
A reporter tries to speak to the Mufti.

Death Penalty Saves Many Potential-Victim Lives, say new studies.  Interesting reversal of prior studies.

Interesting facts and perspectives on black American voting habits -- descendants of slaves voting more for the descendants of their former slave-masters than for the descendants of their liberators.

Western Millionaire Computer Nerds Work with Chinese Communists to Crush Dissent.  Any bets on how many of those guys are also "truthers"?

Mullahs want to kill Iranian actress secretly videotaped en flagrante dilecto.

Pali Death Cult Eats Its Own Children Alive
with help from captured US military equipment - great move, Condie and George, $60 mil of US Taxpayer money poured down the terror rat-hole.
Barbarian Savages. Throat-cutters and head-shooters, carrying "religious books"
A Prelude to More Bloody Times Ahead...
But Condie and George say money will flow again soon, if only the Holocaust-denier Abbas-terrorists can get control over the Holocaust-celebrator Hamas-terrorists...,2933,283275,00.html
Meanwhile, the fanatics of the American Left-Wing are Happy About Hamas' "Victory"
OK all you Politically-Left Women... Put on your Burkas!  Have you been clitoridectomized yet?  Quick, tear up your voter registration card and driver's license!  (I still remember the ANSWER "Peace"-niks shouting in San Francisco "Red, Green, Blue White.... We Support Hamas' Fight!  Red, White, Green, Blue... We Support Hezbollah Too!"  Yes, the liberal-left today supports such hiddeous things as "The Party of God!" Hooded gunmen burning schools and shooting bound captives, hoisting their Korans and AKs in the air... Is the hatred for "capitalism" so great, that even this will be supported?  Apparently so.)

So naturally, many ordinary decent Palestinians flee to the one place where the rule of law prevails, and where they know they are safe from robbers, rapers and head-shooters... To Israel!

Syrians also assassinate with impunity.  Funded by the Iranian Nazi-Mullahs, the world yawns.  Exactly as when Hitler was killing enemies in Europe, marching into Czechoslovakia.

On a more humorous note, a Pali mob swarmed over the now-wrecked home of the dead Yassir Arafat, stealing everything that wasn't nailed down, including his sham "Nobel Prize" medal, and the wardrobe of his living-in-Paris Billionaire widow Suha Arafat.  A small justice, but twenty years late, given how Yassir and Suha robbed the Palestinian people of Billions in dollars, euros and dinars given by the USA, EU, UN and Arab League for building up the infrastructure, but which was diverted into anti-Jew terrorism and Swiss bank accounts.

America's "Terrorist Representative" in Congress, Kieth Ellison (D-Minn) showed his true self by giving a lecture to the Minnesota chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), right AFTER they had been named as a "co-conspirator" in providing funds to Hamas through the now defunct "Holy Land Foundation".  An open call has gone out for his resignation.
Only a short time earlier, he gave another speech to the Muslim-American Society, at the same time that group was internet posting materials "discussing waging war against non-Muslims and the murdering of Jews."
Meanwhile, California chapters of CAIR support the "Truthers", as well as Hamas.  Very much like the 1930s German-American Bund, which flew Nazi flags and did the Sieg Heil.

Islamic Enlightenment Alert: 13 Schools Burnt, one Bombed on same day in Thailand.  Overall 200 schools burned and 77 teachers killed since 2004. Parents & Radicals protest "pure Muslim youth" sitting in same rooms with sub-human cockroach infidel Buddhists.

New Book: "Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him."  Sorry, you guys on the Left, this guy head-shoots children and was an awful savage, Castro's prison executioner, who loved his job.  And by the way was never a "doctor".

Maternal-Infant Bonding and Pre-Natal Care Redefined.  Pali Death Cult Pregnant Mom and Niece Plan "Family Affair" Dual Suicide Jew-Killing Homicide bombings. Planned to sneak into Israel through free hospital visit program.

Mob of Peaceful Spiritual Meditators, Beats, Strips, Tries to Burn Alive the "less enlightened"

Robert Fisk, spiritual cousin of Lord Haw Haw, a UK "journalist" with the left-wing Independent who has repeatedly invented things for various anti-American and anti-Israel screeds, to support his Islamofascist friends. His stories have been widely circulated by the uncritical international media and spread "halfway around the world before the truth could even get its trousers on" (Churchill).  Here's a short accounting:
People forget the history, how Hitlerism and Stalinism were spread by the lies of fascist-sympathizing journalists, without whom their message to demonize Jews, America and the UK likely could not have succeeded.  The catastrophic Black Fascism and Red Fascism of the 20th Century were the consequences.  And it is happening again.

Saudi "Perfumed Barbarian" Billionaire abuses the British court system to have an American-published book "banned in Britain", because it reveals facts about his and other Saudi Royals financing Global Terror

Mugabism in Africa, Crowned Cannibals.

Behold Islamic Justice!  Won't even get 1/100th the MSM coverage of Abu-Ghraib.

And more Muslim terror-suicide bombers in the Philippines, Afghanistan and Thailand, all on the same day... the Saharasian-borderland geography, defined today and over 1000 years by the existence of the Muslim religion, continues to be the most cogent and solid predictor of this sort of thing.

Also posted to the OBRL Blog:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Global Warming News...

Melting of Kilamanjaro Glaciers not due to Greenhouse Warming...

Also, India adamant, it will not cut its greenhouse-gas production...

Coal use in China and India soaring - both exempt from Kyoto...

Global warming winners? Canada, Russia, U.S. Rust Belt might see benefit

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Letter to New Scientist

Regarding their published article "Rainfall Records Could Warn of War".

Basically this was a confirmation of a part of my Saharasia findings as made in the early 1980s.

But unlikely they will print the letter, so following is the full text.


Dear Editors,

Thank you for publishing the article "Rainfall records could warn of war" by Jim Giles, in your issue #2606 of 2 June 2007, but in fact this is not any "new" finding.  In the early 1980s, I produced what was then (and probably still is) the most comprehensive global cross-cultural and geographically-explicit analysis of human social violence and war, with an examination of prevailing climate conditions for the 1170 different societies evaluated in my study. World maps were made of various social factors, and contrasted to known climate types.  I used a collection of variables as established by the anthropologists and psychologists, on violence towards children and women, measures of social hierarchy demanding violence for their enforcement such as slavery and castes and low-status for women, the presence of violent sexual mutilations directed at children and women, arranged marriage and male-dominance considerations, the existence of violence-advocating High Gods, and similar factors which usually are "overlooked" by those interested mainly in guns, bombs and tanks, but which reasoned opinion suggests are the foundations upon which the latter and more obvious forms of social violence and warfare spring forth. 

What was most unusual in the findings was, that the most extremely violent "armored patristic" cultures identified in my study were nearly all found within the world's harshest desert climates. The few others could be explained by migrations out of the desert regions into moister climates, where violence tended to persist over generations due to the persisting of "desert" social institutions, formed within the original desert-homelands of those societies, and carried with them as they migrated or invaded and conquered the wetter desert-border regions.  A review of archaeological evidence for warfare, on a time-line, also confirmed that the earliest evidence for social violence and warfare is found in those regions where human societies suffered during long epochs where lush forests and grasslands either slowly or dramatically converted, by agency of major climate change, into harsh deserts. 

The most notable example of this was the creation of the large "Saharasian" desert belt (my term for the Sahara + Middle East + Central Asian deserts) starting around or shortly before c.4000 BCE.  This vast climate change, the largest to occur since the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, dramatically affected developing human societies across the Fertile Crescent and elsewhere.  Before Saharasia existed, violence on Planet Earth was relatively isolated and non-existent.  After Saharasia formed, violence became a dominant feature across that large territory, gradually spreading by outward-directed mass-migrations and invasions into other parts of the Old World, and farther on from there.  But the geographical analysis demonstrates violence starting firstly and most dramatically within the desiccating Saharasian desert belt.* 

I'm very pleased to learn about the findings of Marc Levy, Dan Esty and the IBC, but clearly it would not be correct to say that these issues failed to be appreciated or seriously studied significantly heretofore.  It appears, in fact, that my earlier work has still not been superceded in its scope or implications. My work on Saharasia has been around and published in summary articles over 20 years, including in a major book.* Noteworthy also is, through the late 1980s when I still held my academic appointments, I repeatedly tried to bring my findings to the attention of government policy-makers, suggesting to them the social variables identified in my work which correlated so well with drought and desertification had a strong predictive value, allowing us to identify those nations and regions likely to "go violent" with their weapons, against either their own people, or other nations. My recommendations were treated with smug politeness, but never taken seriously.  Of course, 9-11 happened since then, and while terribly un-PC given how we are not supposed to be critical of other cultures (whatever happened to "National Character Studies" as developed during WW-II?!), most everyone accepts that peoples from the Saharasian Desert Belt are the major principles engaged in global terrorism, and Empire-building through violent means.


James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Ashland, Oregon, USA
(formerly on the faculty of geography, Illinois State University, University of Miami)

* James DeMeo: "Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Social Violence and War, in the Deserts of the Old World", Natural Energy, 1998.  For details, citations and purchasing weblinks, see:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

More Saharasia Support: Rainfall Records Could Warn of War

Of course, my findings on Saharasia go back to the early 1980s, with publication of various summary articles since then, and the larger book "Saharasia" in 1998.

Nice to see some confirmation in the mainstream, nevertheless.
James DeMeo

Tip-of-the-hat to Jai Daemion for alerting us to this item.



Rainfall records could warn of war
Jim Giles
EVERY month, the International Crisis Group makes predictions it hopes won't come true. The non-profit organisation, which has its base in Brussels, Belgium, monitors regions where conflict is brewing. By tracking precursors of armed struggle, such as political instability, it raises awareness about looming wars in the hope of stopping conflicts before they begin. And as of this month, it will start talking about whether to include another variable in its analyses: climate change.
The discussions come after a wave of interest in the link between climate change and conflict. Last month, a group of retired US admirals and generals said global warming would act as a "threat multiplier", with events such as droughts toppling unstable governments and unleashing conflict. The UN Security Council has devoted time to the matter, and media reports have described the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, as the first "climate change war", due to the decades of droughts that preceded the conflict.
Marc Levy at Columbia University in New York, who is working with the ICG, is one of the few researchers who have been able to support these speculations with data. In a forthcoming paper, he and colleagues combine databases on civil wars and water availability to show that when rainfall is significantly below normal, the risk of a low-level conflict escalating to a full-scale civil war approximately doubles in the following year.
Parts of Nepal that witnessed fighting during the 2002 Maoist insurgency, for example, had suffered worse droughts in preceding years than regions that were conflict-free. Although Levy is not sure why the link should exist in this case, studies of other conflicts suggest explanations. Drought can cause food shortages, generating anger against governments, for example. "Semi-retired" armed groups may return to conflict in these situtations.
Levy wants to see if a model based on the link between rainfall and climate can help aid agencies. For each of the 70 or so locations on the ICG's watch list, he will use rainfall measurements and forecasts to calculate the impact the weather is having on conflict risk. That analysis is likely to flag up the Ivory Coast among others, he says. A 2003 peace accord ended years of violence in the country, but many armed groups have not surrendered their weapons. Ongoing drought in the north might soon destabilise the country and trigger a return to violence, Levy says.
Including rainfall would be a fairly basic addition to the analyses that the group performs, but it could be the start of a major change in thinking. If the rainfall data helps, information on floods and severe storms could be added, for example. "We're starting to see a real focus on this," says Dan Esty of Yale University. "Suddenly people are making the link."
Not everyone is as confident of the link as Levy, however. Over a decade ago, the CIA set up the Political Instability Task Force to produce models that can flag up vulnerable governments. It relies on variables such as infant mortality, which measures the strength of a country's health system. Although events such as droughts cause tension, the models showed it is other factors that determine whether tension becomes conflict.
"Research has not succeeded in establishing robust, systematic connections between climate and conflict," says Halvard Buhaug of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Norway. With the connection still under debate, it may be too early to talk about climate change wars. "So far, climate change has not been powerful enough to be the main driver of conflict," says Jack Goldstone at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. "Drought was a contributory factor in Darfur, not the main cause."

Yet many researchers say that this uncertainty should not stop Levy from working with aid groups. They say droughts and floods add to the pressure on governments and need to be monitored. A simple link may not exist, says Esty, but climate change will exacerbate issues known to be linked to conflict.
From issue 2606 of New Scientist magazine, 30 May 2007, page 12

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More World Gone Mad 7Jun07... Saharasia Expanding... Mostly not on the MSM.

Social Temperature in a World Gone Mad. Saharasia Expanding,
Barbarism on the Rise. Revealing a global emotional conspiracy
against life, love, human freedom and happiness, in favor of the most
ruthless throat-cutters and totalitarians, by media, politics and too
many ordinary people of the world.


Debate: Christopher Hitchins (author of "God Is Not Great") Versus
an Islam-Apologizing Leftist "On Religion". Hitchins carries the
spirit of the original strongly anti-fascist,
anti-religious-authority secular American Liberalism, which today has
been watered-down by "spiritualized multi-culturalism", and co-opted
by Red Fascist pro-Muslim-Mullah fanatics, both of whom find more
agreeable things to say about Islamic head-choppers than about their
own dramatically freer and vastly more tolerant societies.

The Three Ex-Terrorists Speech at UC Irvine

The Communist Origins of Amnesty (for Terrorists and Dictators)
International. This explains quite a lot, and is no surprise. Why
they are more hate-filled against the USA and Israel, for example,
than against the blood-drenched Red Chinese, North Koreans, African
Mubagists, and Islamists.

Some Suggestions to Prevent Resurgent Russian Stalinism

The "Evil" Border Fence... no, not in Israel, not between the USA and
Mexico, but....

Prince Bandar, buddy of Prez. W. Bush, fingered taking bribes from UK
Arms Merchants. The surprising thing is that anyone is surprised.
Bandar is also a polygamist, an enslaver-raper of women, a celebrator
of Saudi Islamic Imperialism who somehow has misrepresented himself
to the West as a "progressive" of some ilk. It is stunning that any
American politician should shake hands with such a perfumed
barbarian, but such is the consequence of jihad-wealth and petroleum

If you thought Christian creationism was bad (at least some of them
embrace parts of evolutionary principles, but simply reject
problematical natural selection) then you'll really have a wake-up
upon reviewing Islamic creationism. A quantum leap in mystical
fascism. But what can you expect from a culture where Hitler's "Mein
Kampf" and "Protocols of Zion" are top-rated best-sellers.
Interesting to see these supporters-of-child-bombers and
head-choppers claim Darwinism "values conflict". But I'm confused...
I thought they believed Jews were descended from monkeys and pigs...
obviously Islam has figured a way to short-circuit the usual
evolution. Finger of God, and all of that. Maybe they will do the
world a favor, and also reject Western chemistry and atomic science,
so we will only have to dodge their stones and arrows, instead of
nuclear-tipped rockets.

Syrian Islamic Provocations and War-Murder in Lebanon: Background
Syria now openly threatens to attack Israel, in keeping with the
Iranian public statements to "wipe Israel off the map".
Syrian troops deployed on border, appear ready to strike.
Not happy with their proxy forces being defeated, "The Syrian regime
has promised to turn Lebanon into hell" (just like they did with
their own nation).

Another History Lesson: The Muslim Wars Against Israel

60% of UK Muslims Deny Muslims Did the 7/7 Bombings. And if you say
Muslims did it, we will behead you!

Up to 20,000 USA Muslims Practicing Polygamy? (See the 1% figure)
This puff-piece tries to white-wash what is factually the product of
arranged marriages, coercive female sexual slavery and severe
repression of women's basic rights to education and
Fundi Christian Polygamists and Secular Homosexuals, Unite! (Against
Male-Female Love-Bonds)

International Solidarity Movement, which tries to recruit ignorant
liberal Western college students to act as human-shields in shooting
zones between Palestinian militants bent on Jew-killing, and Israeli
defence forces, is now linked to al-Qaeda. No surprise here. Their
goal always was to get those liberal Western kids killed in
deliberately provoked cross-fires, and use their deaths for
propaganda value. Their plans now are to incite violent
confrontations on the USA southern border, by uniting with
radical-racist "reconquista" Hispanic groups.

Kosovo and Bosnia: In the Grips of Intolerant Islam.
Soon to become "The Greater Islamic State of Albania"?

Victor David Hanson on "Global Migration Woes".

Internet media a "Monkey Jungle"? Probably, but the MSM are Monkeys
Wearing Powdered Wigs.

New African Mau-Mau Cult: Beheadings, Female Genital Mutilation,
Genuflecting Prayers to Mt. Kenya. Not all savages are noble.

CAIR, other "Moderate" Islamic Societies, named as co-conspirators in
FBI arrests for funding of Hamas Terrorism. Does this mean, MSNBC
and CNN won't invite CAIR officials to speak on behalf of the terror
factions anymore?

Islamic Party-Time: Drinking Muhammed's Urine a "Sacred Act" -- No
Kidding -- and so is adult breastfeeding. Alcohol may be forbidden,
but there are alternatives...
Less we forget, it was the Ayatollah Khomeini who set down guidelines
on how best to sodomize goats, donkeys and infants. So much for the
claim of "pure Muslim morality".

Pop Quiz: How are these two stories, appearing on the same day, related?

Was al-Qaeda behind the Anthrax attacks in Washington DC?

Open Questions and Alarming Background on Recent JFK Airport Bomb Plot

American Truth Forum: The Threat of Radical Islam is Real

Hollywood To Make Puff Film Glamorizing Mass-Murderer Mao Ze-Dong,
killer of millions.

Genocide Talk-Time: Countdown to Israel's destruction has begun,
says Ahmadinejad.,7340,L-3407915,00.html

Jihadis in Thailand Continue Beheading Buddhists, threaten more
beheadings if Buddhists dare to resist beheadings.

Swiss get it right... Ban on Islamic Minarets (Spy Towers). A symbol
of Islamic dominance... Not necessary for worship.

"La Raza", meaning "The Race" (as in "The Superior Race") extorts
Your Tax Dollars from Compliant Congress. Pay up, or else....

Gaza Pali Death Cult Lover-Boys, not content with bombing internet
cafes, sez they will Cut Women's Throats "from vein to vein", if they
don't stop acting sexy.

They already do this with every captive... "No Prisoners" in Islam,
except for money-ransom. Warning.

Recent NYC terror plot would have blown up JFK Airport's jet fuel
storage tanks, pipelines, and terminals. "Greater destruction than
9-11" plotted.

Prostitution and Sexual Slavery Legal in Islam, via "temporary marriage".;_ylt=Akxc2sHoI11jVOyGp6bTAPhvaA8F

The Islamic Boy Scouts Earn Jihad Merit Badges: 12-Year Old Boy
Praised for Learning to Saw Off the Heads of Screaming Tied-Up
Humans! (complete with obligatory shouts of "allahu akbar" from his
teachers) Anyone willing to hold their breath until "Moderate
Muslims" denounce this?

Can America Trust the BBC? Far too brief to do the subject justice,
but it summarizes the basic theme, of chronic anti-American,
anti-Jew/Israel, anti-freedom rhetoric in favor of left-wing ideology
and Islamo-fascist apologism.

Here's a prime example of BBC Lying to Help the Pali Death Cult

And more along the same line: British Left-Wing Journalists Defend
Chavez Shutting Down the Democratic Opposition Press. These are the
followers of Lord Haw Haw, not Winston Churchill, just as today's
Left in the USA has no resemblance whatsoever to Roosevelt, but more
resembles the German-Americand Bund of that period (the American Nazi

British Islamic Studies Departments Breeding Radical Jihadists. Surprised?

Peace, Love, and Molotovs... "Progressives" Rioting and Smashing
Things for Peace (of the grave) and Jew-Hatred (oops, I meant
Over 400 Cops Injured by flying stones, bricks, molotovs, etc. as the
"love brigades" bear their fangs.

Kids in Amherst learn "Muslim Ways", but no word about when FGM and
Jew-killing will be introduced, or democratic voting abolished.

Muslim Congressman, Kieth Ellison, a Partner to Terrorists

Historical Reminder #498: Multiple Pali Death Cult Partys on 9-11.
They celebrate our deaths, even as they demand jidza
(tribute-payment) from us infidel dhimmis. And we weren't even
invited to the party!
Originally on Yahoo News, but after Yahoo got death-threats, the pics
were removed... but not before other infidels saved them for

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Interesting Critique of the Einstein Mythos

Challenging Relativistic Infallibility

With thanks to Sepp Hasslberger of Germany:

At 12:33 PM +0000 06/06/2007, wrote:
((((( Sepp Hasslberger Update: Einstein: Warped Minds, Bent Truths )))))


Einstein's centenary has brought festivities, but also
criticism. Cracks are appearing in what seemed to be Einstein's
firmly cemented reputation as the most celebrated scientist of
the 20th century. Nasa asks whether Einstein was wrong about
space travel and aging, articles critical of Einstein such as
this one on the Brojon website are appearing here and there,
reduced-speed-of-light experiments brought new questions.
Evidence that Einstein may have been wrong is growing according
to Joseph Rybczyk, and David de Hilster is producing a film
challenging the Einstein myth. Now Norwegian researcher Bjorn
Overbye joins the fray with an ironic three-part article
discussing experiments that supposedly support Einstein's
views. When closely examining the evidence, says Overbye, we
see that that the proofs...


For books on this subject, debunking Einstein's relativity theory, as
well as the New Creationism theory of modern physics (the "Big Bang")
see the offerings at the OBRL on-line bookstore:

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Still Waiting for Global Warming Consensus...

Go to the original item for the Excellent documentary weblinks.

They call this a consensus?

Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post
Published: Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Only an insignificant fraction of scientists deny the global warming crisis. The time for debate is over. The science is settled."

So said Al Gore ... in 1992. Amazingly, he made his claims despite much evidence of their falsity. A Gallup poll at the time reported that 53% of scientists actively involved in global climate research did not believe global warming had occurred; 30% weren't sure; and only 17% believed global warming had begun. Even a Greenpeace poll showed 47% of climatologists didn't think a runaway greenhouse effect was imminent; only 36% thought it possible and a mere 13% thought it probable.

Today, Al Gore is making the same claims of a scientific consensus, as do the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and hundreds of government agencies and environmental groups around the world. But the claims of a scientific consensus remain unsubstantiated. They have only become louder and more frequent.
More than six months ago, I began writing this series, The Deniers. When I began, I accepted the prevailing view that scientists overwhelmingly believe that climate change threatens the planet. I doubted only claims that the dissenters were either kooks on the margins of science or sell-outs in the pockets of the oil companies.
National Post's Deniers series:
Scientists who challenge the climate change debate
The series
Statistics needed -- The Deniers Part I
Warming is real -- and has benefits -- The Deniers Part II
The hurricane expert who stood up to UN junk science -- The Deniers Part III
Polar scientists on thin ice -- The Deniers Part IV
The original denier: into the cold -- The Deniers Part V
The sun moves climate change -- The Deniers Part VI
Will the sun cool us? -- The Deniers Part VII
The limits of predictability -- The Deniers Part VIII
Look to Mars for the truth on global warming -- The Deniers Part IX
Limited role for C02 -- the Deniers Part X
End the chill -- The Deniers Part XI
Clouded research -- The Deniers Part XII
Allegre's second thoughts -- The Deniers XIII
The heat's in the sun -- The Deniers XIV
Unsettled Science -- The Deniers XV
Bitten by the IPCC -- The Deniers XVI
Little ice age is still within us -- The Deniers XVII
Fighting climate 'fluff' -- The Deniers XVIII
Science, not politics -- The Deniers XIX
More on the environment

My series set out to profile the dissenters -- those who deny that the science is settled on climate change -- and to have their views heard. To demonstrate that dissent is credible, I chose high-ranking scientists at the world's premier scientific establishments. I considered stopping after writing six profiles, thinking I had made my point, but continued the series due to feedback from readers. I next planned to stop writing after 10 profiles, then 12, but the feedback increased. Now, after profiling more than 20 deniers, I do not know when I will stop -- the list of distinguished scientists who question the IPCC grows daily, as does the number of emails I receive, many from scientists who express gratitude for my series.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped believing that a scientific consensus exists on climate change. Certainly there is no consensus at the very top echelons of scientists -- the ranks from which I have been drawing my subjects -- and certainly there is no consensus among astrophysicists and other solar scientists, several of whom I have profiled. If anything, the majority view among these subsets of the scientific community may run in the opposite direction. Not only do most of my interviewees either discount or disparage the conventional wisdom as represented by the IPCC, many say their peers generally consider it to have little or no credibility. In one case, a top scientist told me that, to his knowledge, no respected scientist in his field accepts the IPCC position.

What of the one claim that we hear over and over again, that 2,000 or 2,500 of the world's top scientists endorse the IPCC position? I asked the IPCC for their names, to gauge their views. "The 2,500 or so scientists you are referring to are reviewers from countries all over the world," the IPCC Secretariat responded. "The list with their names and contacts will be attached to future IPCC publications, which will hopefully be on-line in the second half of 2007."

An IPCC reviewer does not assess the IPCC's comprehensive findings. He might only review one small part of one study that later becomes one small input to the published IPCC report. Far from endorsing the IPCC reports, some reviewers, offended at what they considered a sham review process, have demanded that the IPCC remove their names from the list of reviewers. One even threatened legal action when the IPCC refused.

A great many scientists, without doubt, are four-square in their support of the IPCC. A great many others are not. A petition organized by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine between 1999 and 2001 claimed some 17,800 scientists in opposition to the Kyoto Protocol. A more recent indicator comes from the U.S.-based National Registry of Environmental Professionals, an accrediting organization whose 12,000 environmental practitioners have standing with U.S. government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. In a November, 2006, survey of its members, it found that only 59% think human activities are largely responsible for the warming that has occurred, and only 39% make their priority the curbing of carbon emissions. And 71% believe the increase in hurricanes is likely natural, not easily attributed to human activities.

Such diversity of views is also present in the wider scientific community, as seen in the World Federation of Scientists, an organization formed during the Cold War to encourage dialogue among scientists to prevent nuclear catastrophe. The federation, which encompasses many of the world's most eminent scientists and today represents more than 10,000 scientists, now focuses on 15 "planetary emergencies," among them water, soil, food, medicine and biotechnology, and climatic changes. Within climatic changes, there are eight priorities, one being "Possible human influences on climate and on atmospheric composition and chemistry (e.g. increased greenhouse gases and tropospheric ozone)."

Man-made global warming deserves study, the World Federation of Scientists believes, but so do other serious climatic concerns. So do 14 other planetary emergencies. That seems about right. - Lawrence Solomon is executive director of Urban Renaissance Institute and Consumer Policy Institute, divisions of Energy Probe Research Foundation. Email:

Saturday, June 02, 2007

World Gone Mad... Saharasia Expanding... Mostly not on the MSM.

Social Temperature in a World Gone Mad. Revealing a global
emotional conspiracy against life, love, human freedom and happiness,
in favor of the most ruthless throat-cutters and totalitarians by
media, politics and too many ordinary people of the world.


But let's start with something inspirational...

Another inspirational item, for Americans at least...

And another inspirational bit (of a different sort)

Here's a self-defined Muslim I can agree with, though his fellows
will accurately point out that he is not faithful to Muhammad's
violent teachings: How to End 'Islamophobia'

Another "Moderate Muslim Spokesperson" exposed as a lying fanatic
terror-supporting jihadist, by researcher Steve Emerson. See the item
below on the Pugh Research Poll for more on this.

Pali Death Cult Kindergarden Kids on TV: "Want To Die/Kill For Allah"
- Video. If this is not stopped, then we shall have perpetual

Communists, now having got power in Venezuela via the persona of El
Comandante Hugo Chavez, and who have been slowly wiping out democracy
and freedoms of all sorts, recently shut down opposition newspapers
and TV stations, and yesterday sent tanks and riot cops against
pro-democracy protestors, with roving gangs of red-hat "Chaveztista"
thugs brandishing guns like Hezbollah in Lebanon. They always had
the goal to take power 'by the gun' and to abolish democracy and
freedom. Now that we see it happening more overtly, the left-liberal
supporters of Chavez are either silent, or delighted. How soon until
the mega-prisons, executions of "counter-revolutionaries",
"capitalist pigs", and the mass-graves?

Another Leftist "hero" exposed as a throat-cutting totalitarian thug,
and his followers as corrupted liars or typical "useful idiots".
Alert: Guys like this win all the popularity-contests among the
world's leftists, which is partly why they are also attracted to the
Islamic cut-throats for allies.

YouTube continues to allow violent pro-terror jihad-recruitment
Muslim videos on their website. But when MEMRI or Honest Reporting,
or Palestinian Watch makes English-language translations of those
same videos, showing the hate-speech and open calls for murdering
Jews and other infidels, YouTube will quickly delete those items. So
Jihad-propaganda and hate speech is acceptable if in Arabic, but
"completely unacceptable" if in English where ordinary infidels can
see what vile hatred and violence YouTube is allowing to be promoted.
Or as Muhammed Atta said "Sit down and be quiet, and everything will
be OK!"

Egyptian Woman Defending the Joys of Female Genital Mutilation

Given the above, why should be be surprised to learn, from recent
opinion polls, that there is considerable support for suicide bombers
and al-Qaeda among American Muslims? An estimated 300,000 American
Muslims in fact consider suicide bombing to be an acceptable thing,
with over 100,000 openly supporting Al Qaeda -- and those figures do
not include the high percentages which refused to answer the
questions. (Of course the Pew Research group which produced the
report, is a liberal outfit, and has done its very best, along with
the MSM, to spin the results so as to misportray American Muslims as
overwhelmingly "mainstream American".)

And here is what the phoney "Moderate Muslims" won't talk about, what
the "pro-Palestinian" types systematically evade, and why nobody
should view them as anything but ignoramuses or disinformation agents
for an on-going genocidal Global Jihad. :,4670,DarfurapossMisery,00.html

News Flash: Nazi Party receives cash grants from Queen of England to
pay for upgrading of Third Reich's U-Boat Fleet... (oops, I meant,
the Bush USA Homeland Security Dept. has given big money cash to
Saudi-Funded American Mosques...)

Is Israel an "Apartheid State" as claimed by Jimmy Carter, the Pali
Death-Cult and the Rabid-Dog Left? Hardly.

Open War between Mexican Drug and Smuggling Cartels, and Mexican
Police, now spilling over the "open border" into the USA. "War is
coming to Tucson".

Pick your poison. Some are slightly less toxic than others, or kill
slowly instead of quickly.,4670,IndiaBuddhistConversions,00.html

Bloodthirsty Bastards of Islam - the stoning of two women by
fanatically happy Muslim men screaching "Allahua Akbar!" Already
said my .02 on this, but here it is again if you missed it. Warning.

Radical Jews and Christians Target Girl's Schools for Bombings...
OOOPS, I mean to say Radical "MUSLIMS"....

Islamo-permissive Bush Policy in Iraq allows Extinction of Iraqi
Assyrian Community.

Women's Hell in the Islamic World - Typical Gang-Rape Horror Story from Sudan

US Government's "Winning Muslim Hearts and Minds" TV station,
Al-Hurra, caught broadcasting pro-terror, jihad messages. Like the
BBC giving the microphone to Goebbels at the height of WW-II, the
ignoramuses running Al-Hurra could not speak Arabic, or possibly all
who spoke Arabic were in on the fix. Your tax dollars at work.

Amnesty (for Terrorists and Dictators) International, right down
there with the UN Human Rights (for Terrorists and Dictators)
Commission, and Human Rights (for Terrorists and Dictators) Watch, is
working hard to make the world safe for genocide and totalitarianism.,23599,21788781-1702,00.html

Here's a great expose of Amnesty (for Terrorists and Dictators)
International as produced by the director of "NGO Monitor."

Islam taking firm root in the UK while Brits keep politely asking
them to consider changing course -- but Muslim Polygamists Demand,
and Get Special Permissions no Infidels would ever.

Love-Marriage a Death Sentence in Islam

Systematic and severe torture in Iraq by al-Qaeda, documented in a
special al-Qaeda "torture manual" showing illiterate jihadis how to
do it right. Cutting off body parts, roasting flesh, gouging out
eyes, electric shocks, breaking bones... all the kinds of torture
done by the religion-of-peace fanatics. Warning.

But MSM basically ignores the story -- by contrast they wrote nearly
6000 articles about Abu Ghraib prison scandal, which was exceedingly
mild by comparison this this Islamic Hell-Horror

EU Rules, Pure Holy Muslims Are Not Required to Shake Hands With
Filthy Infidels (and if you touch our Koran, we will behead you!)

More Al-Jazeera Jihad-Propaganda Videos Now On YouTube. Just when
you could not get enough Jew-hatred, scenes of Americans and other
infidels being blown up by suicide bombers, or the Top-10 Sermons on
wife-beating and pedophilia by your favorite Saudi imam, or even the
latest speech by Osama Bin Ladin, here comes YouTube to the rescue.

Saharasia Expansion Warning: Fashionable Western Female Genital
Mutilation. This does not appear to be some kind of
deformity-correcting procedure, but purely for the whim of fashion --
Beyond words...

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Ref.]

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