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Three Documentaries on Radical Islam and the Global Jihad

Three Documentaries on Radical Islam and the Global Jihad

Below are access links to three new documentaries on radical Islam
and the global jihad. I highly recommend all three, for
self-education. A bit of description is provided. J.D.

1. Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West
When ordering be sure to request the 1-hour version.
This item contains video footage of Mullahs and Imams preaching in
the mosques and at political rallys in different Muslim lands,
showing fire-breathing hate-speech about killing Jews and Americans,
spreading Islam all around the world, and so on. It shows major
Muslim leaders, such as Iran's Ahmadinejad and Yasser Arafat making
peaceful talk to the Western news cameras, and then making their own
fire-breathing "kill the Jews", "Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!" speeches in
Arabic to their followers. Massive crowds screeching "death to
America", "death to Israel", with religious- ecstasy expressions on
the face, jubilant, also giving the "Sieg Heil" salute en-masse.
Little Children being taught "martyrdom", old men sitting and
preaching to little children about the evil nature of Jews and
Americans, and the joyful bliss of being a suicide bomber. And the
little children then screeching hate against Jews and Americans, with
great anger on their faces, saying they cannot wait until they, too,
can kill. All of this comes from mainstream TV station broadcasts in
the Muslim world. There is an interview with a former Palestinian
terrorist who quit and fled, recovering his senses and who now gives
warning to the threat to the West. A former member of the Hitler
Youth makes comparisons between what he was brainwashed with, and how
the modern child-rearing methods of the Muslim world are WORSE, if
that can be imagined. TV programs of the Muslim world, showing Jews
cutting the throats of Muslim and Christian children, to use their
blood to make Passover bread, or of scheming Jews plotting world
domination, are common themes, as are anti-American cartoons and
such, showing Western leaders eating Muslim babies, in a manner
reminiscent of old Nazi propaganda. The connections between the
Mufti of Jerusalem to Adolf Hiter are explored, and how Hitlerism
invaded the Muslim world in the last Century, persisting into the
modern times. It ends showing massive crowds of Arabs and Muslims
giving the "Sieg Heil" salute to their leaders. The analogy between
Hitler's rise to power in Europe, and the rise of Islamo-fascism in
the modern world is appropriate, and documented by the words and
images from Arab and Iranian television. They are not ashamed about
it, but proud in fact. We are reminded that the current global
jihad is not merely a war against Jews, Americans and Europeans, but
targets also ordinary non-fanatic Muslims in far greater numbers, as
with the tens of thousands of ordinary people being killed in
Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Iran and elsewhere. The DVD gives interviews
with top scholars on Islamic history and terrorism. The website also
gives suggestions on what individuals can do, and a "timeline of
terror" information link.

2. Islam: What the West Needs to Know
This item is a more scholarly presentation by authorities on Islamic
history and the Koran, which asks the question, to what extent is
Islamic fascism rooted within mainstream Islam, versus only being a
"tiny minority of extremists". They show, by quotations from the
Koran and Hadiths, and various Islamic scholars, that violence
against the "unbeliever" is an integral part of Islamic history,
culture, and jurisprudence, approved at the highest levels and by
Koranic authority. They detail the blood-soaked and rapacious
personal history of Muhammed, considered the "ideal man" by Muslims
world-wide. His transformation from religious figure to militant
war-lord is detailed, along with elucidation of the principle of
Koranic abrogation: where the early Koranic versus of peaceful
coexistence written at the time when he was powerless in Mecca, are
replaced by more violence-demanding Koranic versus demanding to
subjugate and kill the infidel written after his transformation into
war-lord general. Also covered is the Koranic principle of
deliberate deception of the infidel, of Taqqiya, to never reveal the
true intentions, but only to "speak peace" when living among the
infidel, basically so they will lower their guard and allow the
Muslim to more effectively attack and conquer. So the early Koranic
versus of "peace" are constantly told to the infidel and Western
media, while behind the curtain, among Muslims, the later violent
Koranic versus -- which have factually replaced and abrogated the
earlier peaceful versus -- are emphasized. The issue of why so many
ordinary Muslims around the world remain quiet in the face of global
terrorism, or actually celebrate the mass-killings of infidels world
wide, is also addressed. Islam as a state-institution, a way of life
demanding full subjugation of the individual in every aspect of life
is discussed: religious, personal, family, sexual, political, social,
economic. The suggestion is, Islam is not a "religion" in the
typical Western sense. It is a mass psychological political-social
movement with goals of world conquest, and should be treated more
like Communism or Nazism in this regard.

3. Exposed: The Extremist Agenda
This item was mentioned in a prior OBRL-News posting. A major
documentary organized by Glen Beck on the CNN network, caught most
people by surprise because CNN has a history of downplaying violent
Islamic crimes, and of blaming the West and Israel for Muslim
hatreds. Narrator and host Glen Beck is a conservative, however, and
he basically covers some of the same material in the above two
documentaries. However, much new material is also presented, making
it worthwhile to get. We subsequently discovered this can be
purchased in DVD format, for those who don't have a fast internet
connection. First go to this website:
Then click on the "Buy Video Tape" link on the lower left side. DVDs
are also sold. Follow the instructions. The program is: Glen Beck:
Exposed: The Extremist Agenda
Special on Islam and terrorism, 11-15-2006

All three of these documentaries are very worthwhile, and for anyone
who wishes to know what's going on in the world, all three are
necessary. They provide original TV footage taken from Muslim TV
stations, with photos from journalists and so the discussions and
conclusions offered flow directly from observed empirical fact. What
is stunning is, that Western media outlets have ignored this large
body of evidence for so long, virtually forbidding reporters from
presenting the material on their channels. Why is this? Anyone who
wishes to continue saying "Islam is a peaceful religion" must address
the information given in the above three items, as representative
examples, if they are to be taken seriously. But in fact, such
advocates of the "peaceful Islam" hypothesis, or the "Islam as victim
of Western aggression" hypothesis, have basically taken the ostrich
position, head in the sand, ignoring all the above material, or
inappropriately attacking anyone who dares to point it out, to "kill
the messenger".

As before, ignore this material at your peril. We stand in relation
to the Islamic world today, as our parents and grand-parents did
against the horrors of Nazism, Stalinism and the God-Emperor-ism of
Japan in the last century. And like those fascisms of the last
century, one finds the dynamics of sexual repression, child-abuse and
patriarchal totalitarianism at work within Islam today on a gigantic
level -- feeding and fanning the flames of hatred and violence, with
a propaganda against the West which is on par with Goebbles Nazism,
or the Communists. As documented in my book "Saharasia", such
patriarchal sex-repressive conditions have characterized the region
today dominated by Islam for much longer periods of history than
elsewhere. For that background information, see here:

James DeMeo
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update on OBRL-News and Activities

Update on OBRL-News and Activities

Dear Friends,

The item posted below may be our last specific "OBRL Blog" posting.  From now on, to get the OBRL-News items, please visit our various internet sites, or subscribe to OBRL-News or OBRL-Quarterly Newsletters, as organized through Yahoo Groups.  You can access a subscriber link to those Newsletters towards the bottom of our main internet homepage:

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Thanks, and see you at Yahoo.

OBRL Staff


From: James DeMeo <>
Subject: [OBRL-News-Bulletin] Update on OBRL-News and Activities

Update on OBRL-News and Activities

19 November 2006

Dear OBRL-News Subscribers,

As you will have noted, OBRL-News has been quiet
over the last month, and several persons wrote to
ask about it. The reason is, I've simply been
too swamped with other work to make the usual
re-posting of news materials.

Some months back, several persons indicated they
wanted OBRL-News to convert into a discussion
group, where they could respond to some of the
more controversial articles. So I set up a
special "OBRL-News Blog", which allowed for
posting of photos, and had comment sections
openly available to everyone. It took quite a
bit of my time to set that up, and really looked
nice as compared to the rather primitive "text
only" nature of the standard OBRL-News postings,
which continued in parallel manner. However,
nearly nobody took advantage of the Blog comment
section. I don't know the reasons, but am
considering to end the Blog, while keeping the
OBRL-News as it originally was.

If you have interests in the news items, you are
encouraged to go to the OBRL "links" page, and
access them from the selected news sources and
intelligent news blogs from around the world,
which appear on the lower left side of the

Here are the primary ones from which I would
recommend, and which contain regular news
reports on the rise of Islamo-fascism and terror
incidents which rarely are reported:

Surely there will be things at these websites I
do not agree with, particularly the last one
which is run by conservative Christians. But
they have contacts across the Islamic world, and
all will inform you about matters which never,
ever get into the ordinary newspapers.

I wish I could report on the world situation in a
more positive light, but in fact it appears yet
more war is on the horizon, as the forces of
Islamofascism re-organize for "final solution"
genocide against Israel, with the Iranian
dictator sabre-rattling for open war and soon to
have his atomic bombs, while the world mostly
sleeps -- or worse, joins in with the horrid
Muslim propaganda machine, to proclaim the West
is guilty of creating war, merely for daring to
fight back against the likes of Bin Ladin, his
Iraqi facilitators, or the various Jihad
brigades. Their propaganda is fantastic and
quite successful in gaining supporters even among
their victims. Even among the so-called
"conservative war-hawks" there is a sleepy
reluctance to acknowledge the nature of the
threat, that it comes from Islam itself, not from
a splinter-branch, but Islam, only Islam, always
Islam. And so, the worst of the hate-speech
propagandists, who openly call for Jewish and
American extermination in native Arabic and Farsi
within mosques, are tolerated in our midst. As
if Goebbels and the Nazi Party or SS headquarters
would never be bombed during WW-II, because
somehow they might classify Nazism as "a

I will nevertheless resume some kinds of posting,
of major important items, as time permits. For
one example, here is a MUST SEE videotape on the
problem. It is a large download, and this one
actually, amazingly, got onto the liberal CNN.
Even if you have only a slow 56k dial-up modem, I
encourage you to get it, let your computer run
during an off-hour. Ignore it at your peril.

* Additional Film-DVD Recommendation
As a balance against some of the more depressing
Saharasia-related items being posted out, here's
a very uplifting and soul-warming film which also
is highly recommended:
"Christmas In the Clouds", a romantic comedy,
among Indian peoples at the Sky Mountain Resort
on an unnamed reservation in the West.
This one also is very unlikely to appear at your
local cinema, given the absence of the usual
psychopathological Hollywood themes. You can
get it from Amazon, using the link below, but
possibly at other outlets as well:


So what about the research work activity at OBRL?

* Last month I was invited to give lectures and
seminars in three different cities in Germany --
Munster, Munich and Berlin -- all events went
well, and new contacts were made, with lively
exchanges and discussion on the lecture topics
(which can be reviewed at the OBRL "Lectures"
page). My personal thanks to Stefan Muschenich,
Peter Nasselstein, Klaus Heiman, Manfred Hinz,
and Bernd Senf for their invitations and
organizational efforts. The lecture titles are
given here:

* Last week, I gave an invited lecture on
"Climate and Soils: Their Influence Upon Human
Health and Society", to a special symposium on
Soils and Human Health, at the annual conference
of the Soil Science Society of America, held in
Indianapolis, Indiana. My thanks to Joseph
Heckman and Eric Brevik for their organizational
efforts and kind invitation. Abstracts of all
the presentations are given here:

* Work today at OBRL is focused the continuous
recording of our To-T readings, and pulses from
an orgone-charged GM neutron counter. This work
is described in a short Report posted to the OBRL
website some weeks back, here:

* We have upgraded the observatory with a new
telescope system, now able also to image solar
flares and prominences, as well as a better
tracking system for time-laps photography. The
old Starfinder 16" Equatorial telescope is being
sold, in case anyone is interested. Details are

* Several new publications are underway,
including Dr. Maglione's new book on "Healing
Atmospheres", my own work on "Greening Deserts",
and hopefully also "Pulse of the Planet #6".

* For 2007, there are several forthcoming new
conferences devoted to Wilhelm Reich's orgonomy,
including the Conference in Rangeley, Maine as
sponsored by the Wilhelm Reich Museum, and
another in Manchester, UK, which will include as
a part a weekend devoted to "New Research in
Orgonomy". Other conferences devoted to Reich
will occur in Valencia, Spain, and OBRL will also
host an Independent Study seminar devoted to
Orgonomic Science. More information on all
these events will be posted to the OBRL website
in the near future. For those interested to keep
abreast of new findings, and for students in
particular, these are "must attend" offerings.

* Next year, it appears we also will be called
back out into the field, to undertake
desert-greening and drought-abatement work,
against what is a multi-year phase of dramatic
expansion of the large Saharasian Desert Belt,
which is triggering droughts and heat-waves all
around its periphery, and amplifying El NiƱo
conditions in the Pacific. Projects may develop
in East Africa, Australia and/or the Northern
Mediterranean, by invitation and support from
local individuals and/or government authorities.
More details will be posted on these efforts as
time goes. You can review the desperate nature
of the current situations from these news
reports, which have prompted our actions to

* I would also encourage everyone to get the
"Google Earth" program, and take a look at the
region around the Aswan Dam in Southern Egypt.
There, you will see to the Northwest of Lake
Nasser, several giant lakes which were created
from exceptional overflow waters from the Nile
River, which were the product of our 5-year
Desert-Greening project in Eritrea, higher up in
the Nile River drainage basin. See the OBRL
Press Release for background on that important
I've also posted a copy of this satellite image, from
GoogleEarth as seen from 100 miles altitude, to this
Note the lakes together are much larger than the
entire Grand Canyon complex, and would swallow
up Manhattan Island in NY many times over. Keep
in mind, these lakes did not exist prior to the start
of our cloudbusting project in Eritrea, and no similar
lakes had existed in the open Sahara Desert since
many thousands of years previously. It was, and
remains to be, an amazing testament to Wilhelm
Reich's discoveries, and to the hard work and efforts
of the entire OROP Eritrea team.

* In the meanwhile, we are still seeking donations
towards support of these and other projects. If
you are in a position to assist these efforts
with a badly-needed infusion of cash, please do
so by mailing a check, or go online today using
your credit card via the OBRL donations page.
Please also consider making a bequest to OBRL in
your will, to help carry forward with our work
into the future. Thanks again for your support.

Kind regards,

James DeMeo

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Greensprings Center
Natural Energy Works
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA
e-mail: demeo(at)

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