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Our Wonderful United Nations At Work

Speeches Welcomed (lying, inciting violence, revisionist history, vile attacks, by representatives of the bloodiest totalitarian nations on Earth) and Threatened with Banishment (passionate truth-telling by Hillel Neuer of "UN-Watch") by the leadership of the UN "Human Rights" Council.

A stunning exercise in the Banality of Evil.  Hitler and Eichman had to plot behind closed doors.  Not so in the United Nations Human Genocide-Applauding (oops, I mean "Rights") Council.


"Never has there been a more wretched hive of villany and scum."
- Obewan Kenobe, Star Wars, Episode IV.

"It's amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites"
- Thomas Sowell

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Left-Wing Historical Revisionism - Old Poison In New Bottles

The example noted below comes from Australia, but is certainly not isolated there.  Some years back when living in the San Francisco region, I was invited to a "Tax Seminar", which was a cover for antisemitic political propaganda.  It caught me by surprise, my naivete at the time being quite large.  "Jews working with the Nazis" so the story went, and from there to the international conspiracies, the bankers, etc., etc.  Just enough fact to bait the hook, but only a few (myself included) walked out of that "seminar".  Subsequent years of self-education revealed the source of that and many other Old Lies, championed not only by modern Hitler-apologizers, or outright goose-steppers of the right-wing lunatic fringe, but dead-center among the looney-left "alternatives" crowd, those who parrot hatred against America but who never set foot into a communist or Islamic nation.  As a small note, the "Noontide Press" reported below also published Noam Chomsky's books, part of the evidence of his combined Communist-Nazi sympathies.  Details on that remain in my article "Masters of Deception", which in spite of being hotly attacked and objected about many times, has not required even one correction over the years.  Noontide Press and The Spotlight, antisemitic publications of the old Nazi-right, are today resurrected as Islamic-Left, in the new publication American Free Press, which spouts similar revisionist poison, all of which predictably is against the Western democracies, and in favor of every leftist and Islamist dictator-butcher around the world.  They are also heavily invested in 9-11 conspiracy theory.  Birds of a feather...  J.D.


From: "HonestReporting" <>
Subject: ABC: Giving Airtime to Extremists
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 09:30:00 -0500

The mainstream media generally refrains from giving a platform to far-right extremists with fascist or neo-Nazi backgrounds. Yet, no such stigma appears to be attached to the promotion of extreme far-left ideologues, despite the fact that Marxism and communism have also historically been responsible for mass murder and the stifling of individual freedoms.

While left-wing anti-Zionism has seeped into the mainstream, there are still radical and appalling charges that do not even belong on the fringes of accepted debate. One of these is the false accusation that Zionists actively collaborated with the Nazis.
So why does Australia's ABC Radio ask on the transcript page of its "Religion Report":
Which Israeli Prime Minister in his youth was a member of an organisation that offered to collaborate with the Nazis at the height of World War II, because of their shared racial ideology of blood and soil? This question is answered by American civil rights activist and Anti-Zionist Lenni Brenner, the author of "Zionism in the age of the dictators".
The charge of Zionist collaboration with the Nazis is a form of Holocaust revisionism that is barely deserving of a response. (The history of the Holocaust has been exhaustively researched and is covered by a large number of reputable online sources.) A regular accusation employed by Soviet propagandists in the 1970s, this falsehood was trumpeted by Marxist Lenni Brenner's book in 1983 as a means to delegitimize Israel as a fascist and Nazi state. Classical Holocaust deniers claim that the mass extermination of the Jews never took place or seek to minimize the numbers of the dead. Left-wing revisionists such as Brenner do not deny that mass murder took place but seek to blame Zionist Jews for the actions of the Nazis.
Michael Ezra points outs that:
The neo-Nazi right was delighted with Brenner's book. An article that Brenner originally wrote for the London magazine Middle East International was subsequently reprinted by the American neo-Nazi publication Spotlight. The Australian far right also approved. Eric Butler, Director of League of Rights, wrote a long letter quoting Brenner's work.

It would appear that in 1986 the neo-Nazi publishing house Noontide Press reprinted Brenner's book. Noontide Press specializes in hate literature. Amongst other books Noontide published include The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry by Arthur Butz and Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood. Noontide also publishes The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Henry Ford's The International Jew, both of which claim that Jews are plotting to take over the world.
Abusing the memory of 6 million murdered Jews is a malicious method to attack Israel and has most recently been employed by Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Why has ABC indulged an extremist like Lenni Brenner?
Click here - - to send your considered comments to ABC and please send us copies of your e-mails and any responses to

The ideological background behind left-wing anti-Zionism and Holocaust revisionism is a complicated one but here are a few sources for further reading:
Paul Bogdanor - Information on the role of radical leftists in promoting hatred of Jews and denial of the Holocaust.
Michael Ezra, The Abuse of Holocaust Memory: The Far Right, the Far Left and the Middle East
Our recent critique of Saree Makdisi's op-ed in the LA Times, which questioned the recognition of Israel, prompted many of you to write letters to the paper. The LA Times has now given op-ed space to Judea Pearl of the Daniel Pearl Foundation, who addresses Makdisi's arguments:
Never in the history of nations has a society defined itself on the ruins of a neighboring democracy and never has such society sought sovereignty and international legitimacy while admitting its intent. Makdisi, for example, is not a bit embarrassed to argue for a Palestinian state on Israel's tomb while quoting from Orwell on language and morality.
The unique demand to recognize Israel's "right", not merely its "existence," reflects the general understanding among students of history that the core of the conflict and its resulting sufferings lies not in resource or border disputes, but in a deep ideological resistance by Palestinian Arabs to accommodate any form of a Jewish homeland in any part of Palestine since the end of World War I, accompanied by a persistent denial of any historical connection between the Jewish people and their national birthplace.


Sharia Law in Germany -- Well On The Way!

An excellent 8-part article in Der Spiegel. Seems at least some
Germans are waking up to the dangers of multi-cultural tolerance,
towards those who are fully intolerant, and plan to eventually "take
over". Americans, Brits, Europeans, Canadians... especially women!
Read and learn. This is happening in your territory as well. J.D.

*Part 1: Paving the Way for a Muslim Parallel Society,1518,474629,00.html
A recent ruling in Germany by a judge who cited the Koran underscores
the dilemma the country faces in reconciling Western values with a
growing immigrant population. A disturbing number of rulings are
helping to create a parallel Muslim world in Germany that is
welcoming to Islamic fundamentalists. ...

*Part 2: Does Germany already Have Sharia Law?,1518,474629-2,00.html
Ursula Spuler-Stegemann, an Islam expert from the central German
university town of Marburg, has a similar take on the matter. "Do we
already have Sharia here?" she asks, adding that the Frankfurt case
shows that "things are getting out of hand here." ...

*Part 3: Violating the Principles of Equal Treatment,1518,474629-3,00.html
For far too long, Germany's muslim immigrants were not asked to put
much effort into integrating. For decades, German judges essentially
paved the way for Islamic fundamentalists to form a parallel society.
They raised little opposition to the strategy employed by Islamic
groups to demand their supposed religious freedom in court until they
got it. But the judges must have known, argues Johannes Kandel, that
"giving preferential treatment to groups violates the principle of
equal treatment in a secular legal system. ...

*Part 4: Giving the Muezzin Free Reign,1518,474629-4,00.html
Muslims can also often count on the support of German courts when it
comes to building mosques. As far back as 1992, the Federal
Administrative Court ruled that neighbors must "fundamentally accept"
being woken before sunup. ...

*Part 5: The Camel Fatwa and other Letters from Absurdistan,1518,474629-5,00.html
This was an attitude that still prevailed in the minds of German
judges one year after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks. At the time,
the higher administrative court in the state of North
Rhine-Westphalia ruled that a female Muslim student in the 10th grade
should be permitted not to take part in a school trip. The family had
argued that Islam prohibits allowing girls to go on such trips
without being accompanied by a male family member. The family also
insisted that the girl was constantly worried about losing her
headscarf. The judges found that such fears were "comparable with the
situation of a partially mentally impaired person who, because of her
disability, can only travel with a companion." This assessment was
devastating because it accepted the rules of a camel drivers' society
in the modern age -- literally, because a few years earlier, an
Islamic legal opinion dubbed the "camel fatwa" had been added to the
professional literature. ...

*Part 6: "Integration Has Failed Here",1518,474629-6,00.html
Experiences in urban German schools show just how much integration
has suffered as a result of the decisions of timorous judges in past
years. At the Carlo Mierendorff School in Preungesheim, a Frankfurt
neighborhood, about one-third of students in the upper grades are
permitted to not attend class trips for religious reasons, says
Alexander Zabler, the school's principal. To prevent their daughters
from traveling with schoolmates, many Muslim parents have either
called the girls in sick or simply ordered them not to show up.
Zabler tried many approaches, including talking to the parents,
visiting them at home, offering special meals for Muslims during
travel -- but all to no avail. Finally he turned to the government
and asked the local school board for help -- also to no avail. He has
since resigned. ...

*Part 7: Forced Marriages and Servility,1518,474629-7,00.html
Of course, in many families there is no escaping the closeness
justified by Muslim traditions and rules. Women are brought up to
serve and obey. Boys are alternately spoiled and beaten, as custom
requires. According to a study conducted by the Lower Saxony
Criminology Research Institute, physical abuse of boys is more than
twice as common in Turkish families than German families. And "girls
from conservative families say that their fathers and brothers have
the right to hit them," reports Judith Gerling-Tamer, an educator at
the Elisi Evi Support Center for women and girls in Berlin's heavily
Muslim Kreuzberg district. ...

*Part 8: Europe at a Crossroads,1518,474629-8,00.html
Berlin attorney Seyran Ates says: "We are at a crossroads, everywhere
in Europe. Do we allow structures that lead straight into a parallel
society, or do we demand assimilation into the democratic
constitutional state?" ...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Seminar on Reich, NYC, 28 April. Mark Your Calendar

Courtesy Announcement



April 28th, 2007
For 19 years The Institute for the Study of the Work of Wilhelm Reich has been offering a series of two-hour seminars each spring and fall covering selected topics in orgonomy and the work of Wilhelm Reich. In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Reich, the Institute is sponsoring this one-day seminar that will give participants an opportunity to learn about the development of Reich's work and its current application in the fields of medicine, psychology, psychiatry, sociology and child development. The seminar is open to the general public and the interested professional. No prior background in orgonomy or the work of Wilhelm Reich is required.
The Struggle to Preserve and Advance the Work of Wilhelm Reich. Presenter: Kevin Hinchey,
The Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust & The Wilhelm Reich Museum.
The Development of Orgone Therapy - an Historical account. Presenter: Harry Lewis, M.A., M.S.W., ED.D. Orgone Therapist & Co-Director (with Daniel Schiff) of The Institute for the Study of The Work of Wilhelm Reich.
Key Concepts in the Contemporary practice of Orgone Therapy. Presenter: Daniel Schiff, Ph.D. Psychologist and Orgone Therapist & Co-Director (with Harry Lewis) of The Institute for the Study of The Work of Wilhelm Reich.
Wilhelm Reich's Scientific Discoveries: An Overview. Presenters: Harry Lewis, Ed.D. and Daniel Schiff, Ph.D.
The Work of Wilhelm Reich in the 21st Century. Presenter: Hugh Brenner. Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse and
Orgone Therapist with the Institute for Orgonomic Science.
The Concept of Work-Democracy in the Writings of Wilhelm Reich - An Overview.
Presenter: Philip Bennet, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education, Fairfield University.
Date: Saturday, April 28, 2007 Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30PM, with 11/4 hour lunch break.
Location: Village Community School, 272 W 10th Street (Between Greenwich and Washington Streets), New York, NY. 10014.
Fee: paid prior to 4/28: general public: $70; students and those requesting a scholarship: $50.
paid at the door: general public: $80; students and those requesting a scholarship: $60.
To Register: Call Dr. Harry Lewis at (212) 675-6592, or e-mail him at Space is limited
Make out checks to Harry Lewis, Ed.D. Send check along with your contact information to: Dr. Harry Lewis, 115 Charles Street, New York, N.Y. 10014.
Updated Information may be found on The Institute for the Study of the
Work of Wilhelm Reich website:

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The Truth About Islam

The following post was sent by Acharya S, better known for her critical writings about Christian fanaticism.  She also pulls no punches about Islam.  For those who cannot yet appreciate such strong sentiments, following her short essay I give a list of topical articles as currently posted to "thereligionofpeace" website, which systematically tracks Islamic butchery and fanaticism around the world (materials which rarely get into the "politically corrected" mainstream news), as well as documenting the suicidal appeasement mentality within the West. By their count, there have already been over 7800 individual Islamic terror attacks carried out around the world since 9-11-2001, a mix of both "slow-jihad" and "fast-jihad" terrorism directed against infidels and fellow Muslims lacking sufficient fanaticism.  The website also shows pitiful photos, of for example the Australian woman claimed to have been smuggling pot given 20 years in an Indonesian dungeon while "good Muslims" who beheaded three Christian schoolgirls got far less, and probably will be pardoned soon enough, as were the jihadis who committted the Bali massacre.  This same website also shows photos of two boys caught in a homosexual act, now being hung by the neck in Iran, along with a typical street scene from rural Turkey... of a man leading his wife down the street with a chain around her neck, much as others might walk their dog.  Other heart-breaking images which nobody in the mainstream media dares to show you.  My recommendation:  Read Acharya's article, and her weblinks, which give a lot of excellent information.  Her larger blog is a good one to visit, assuming you wish to be critically educated about what's happening in the world.  Then, if you have the stomach for it, or need convincing, review the actual articles listed below as taken from "thereligionofpeace" website, along with the pics.   A strong dose of the awful truth, as we collectively slouch towards World War IV.   J.D.


From: Acharya S
24 March 2007
Subject: The Truth About Islam

We hear so much folderol these days about Islam being a "peaceful
religion."  The fact is that Islam is anti-human and anti-woman - the
most anti-human and anti-woman ideology on the face of the earth today.
 We need merely repeat a number of quotes from the Koran itself in
order to prove these points.  Anyone who claims the opposite is either
ignorant or willfully dishonest - and there are far too many people
making such erroneous or deceptive assertions.

Let's start with the idiocy that Islam is "peaceful."  In the first
place, the record speaks for itself:  Horrendous barbarism and atrocity
repeatedly carried out in the name of Islam, wherever it can be found
worldwide over a period of many centuries.  Let us examine one of the
worst examples of modern history: The horrors perpetrated in
Bangladesh.  No civilized human being could possibly participate in
such atrocities.

3 million deaths and 200,000 rapes - these are the fruits of a
"peaceful religion?!"

Fast forward to the millions of foaming-at-the-mouth ranters killing
and threatening people worldwide over some cartoons - cartoons that
accurately lampooned this hideous ideology.  These are the fruits of a
"peaceful religion?"

The list of atrocities done in the name of Islam is VERY LONG and
includes the ongoing torture of women.  Let's proceed with the fallacy
that Islam is "peaceful."  Here is a quote from the Koran that puts to
rest that lie once and for all:

"Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal
rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate." Q 9:73

I repeat, anyone asserting otherwise is simply ignorant or a purveyor
of falsehood, to say the least.

The treatment of women within Islam is absolutely ABYSMAL - and is
contrived to be so, through the manmade set of "laws" found in the
Koran, a book with the psychotic qualities of the Bible but none of the
"entertaining" stories.  It is as if the writers of the Koran set out
to chronicle the most atrocious concept of God ever developed.  Here is
what the Koran says about women:

"Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to
the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good
women are obedient." Q 4:34

Please read the other quotes at:

This article ranks no. 1 in the world when "quotes from the koran" is
googled, along with a number of other keyphrases.

In my opinion, the spread of this fanatically violent and misogynistic
ideology is a great threat that we all need to take very seriously.  It
does not bode well for the civilized world that the purveyors of
barbarism are freely trampling over the term "truth."


Sharia Law practically means: stoning of women for "honor" offences including for the "crime" of having been raped; beheadings for apostasy or blasphemy, hand/foot amputations for "lesser" offences; public hanging of homosexuals and outspoken women; incessant war against infidels and especially Jews; black slavery; female sexual slavery; FGM [female genital mutiliation]; no democracy; no human rights; everyone down on their knees; Mullahs as Gods; non-Muslims as dhimmis or outright slaves; no music except for drums and vocal wailing (ask "Cat Stevens"); no dancing; public floggings for "sexual crimes" such as flirting or speaking with an unrelated person of the opposite sex; all women under the veil; prison rape-brothels run by the Mullahs; and so forth. Oil blackmail by Islamic despots who have been made fat and rich from the oil trade, soon to be followed by nuclear blackmail.  It is perhaps the most cruel and violent system of human life and social organization which has so far been invented, and it came to the world from those populations once only living in the desert "dead heart of Arabia", but now lording over gigantic sums of oil-wealth, and spreading their vile doctrines all around the world.
-- James DeMeo
10 Feb 2006
[OBRL-News-Bulletin] Ordinary Muslims Overwhelmingly Support Sharia Law


as posted 25 March 2007
Go to the website for links to the following articles

Australia's Muslims Endorse Rape Sheikh, Terror Supporter...
Iran to Try Brits on 'Espionage'...
Egypt Pressured on Police Rape and Torture of Blogger...
Osama Lauded by Top Sunni Cleric in Lebanon...
US Congress Tries to Protect Flying Public from CAIR...
Islam Expert: Dutch Must Either Fight or Die...
Quebecois Uprising: Threat of Voter Masks Nixes Veils at Polls
Bangladeshi Woman Tortured, Murdered for Refusing Marriage
Former CAIR Director Goes to Bat for Treasonous Sailor...
Canadian Moderates Threatened with 'Slaughter'...
Farrakhan Supports Nuclear Iran, Heralds 'Allah's Chastisement'
French Court Tells Muslims to Move On...
Slavery in Mauritania (World Yawns)...
4-Year-Old Daughter of Bomber Vows to Follow in Footsteps...
7,000 French Jews Apply for Asylum in U.S...
Christian Teacher Beaten to Death by Muslim Students...
German Judge Cites Qur'an - Denies Divorce to Abused Wife...
'Rape Sheikh' Critic Needs Police Protection...
Moderates Counter CAIR's Legal Attack on Airline Passengers...
Sudan Vows to Stone Women for Adultery...
14-20 Year Sentences for Beheading 3 Christian Girls...
Man Rips Out Wife's Eyes for Refusing Sex...
Jihadis Advocate 'Anti-War' Propaganda Campaign...
'Freedom Fighters' Use Children in Car Bombing...
Catholic Church Raises Money for Mosque...
Christian Children Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted in Nigeria...
Aging Western Women Seek Arab 'Boy-Toys'...
Christians Forced to Pay 'Jizya' in Iraq...
CAIR Says its Critics are 'Racists'
Kidnapped Reporter Witnessed Decapitation...
Student Extremists Take Over Australian Mosque...
Will Georgia Shooting be CAIR's Next Windmill?...
Open Season on Buddhist Women - Five More Murdered...
Terrorists Target Booksellers...
Allah Answers Cricket Fans' Prayers - Drops Coach...
Australian Girls Sexually Assaulted by Muslim Student...
Poll: Iraqis Say They are Better Off Without Saddam...
Half of Israeli Arabs Back Hezbollah Attacks on Israel...
Wahhabi Cleric Probed for Tax Evasion (Aus.)...
Three Children Killed in Attack on School...
Radicals Enforce Sharia by Bombing Music, Video Shops...
Norway On-Board with Hamas...
Utah Killing Spree Looking a Lot Like Jihad...
India: Muslim Group Wants Female Writer Beheaded...
UK: Bomber Claims Blast Just Meant as a 'Muslim Protest'...
Indonesian Muslims Attack Christians School...
US: Extremists Apply to Be School Bus Drivers...
Florida Bus Driver Canned for Muslim Joke...
Intimidation: 'Flying Imams' Go After Passengers with Suit...
UK: Sharia Law for Bike Thieves?
British School Turns Pigs into Puppies to Spare Muslims...
More Islam in Obama's Past...
Two Men, One Woman Shot and Stoned to Death for Adultery...
Muslims Pressure University to Cancel Anti-Semitism Lecture...
Woman Takes Sauna in Full Hijab...
Cricket Player 'Blacks Out' Beer Logo on Uniform...
'Sunni' Iraqi Woman's Rape Story Falling Apart...
Mohammed Confesses to 9/11...
Sudan Found Guilty in USS Cole Attack...
ISNA Warns Jews Not to Trust Christians...
Nine Buddhists Massacred by Thai Islamists - Includes Children
US: Muslim Cashiers Refuse to Handle Pork Products...
CAIR Ejects Christian Network from Press Conference...
UK: Honor Killing Victim 'Testifies' in Father's Trial...
Egyptian Blogger Loses Appeal - Father Demands Execution...
'You Christian Pig. You are Dead.'
Australia's Muslims Flex Political Muscle, Want Open Immigration...
UN Accuses Sudan of 'Gross Violations' in Darfur...
Hard-Line Clerics Urge Muslims to Cheat on Taxes...
CAIR Slams Republicans (But Not Hamas)...
Radical Muslims Behead a Migrant Worker in Thailand...
Sharia Creeping into Europe...
Five Buddhists Murdered by Thai Muslims...
Radicals Urge Western Muslims to Press for Sharia...
Iranian Imam Questions Violence, Converts to Christianity...
Lesbian Clambake Getting Islamists Hot and Bothered...
Cleric Blames Drought on 'Lack of Faith in Allah' - Muslims Urged to 'Out-Breed' Aussies...
Converts to Christianity Face Ostracism in France...
California College Students Accused of 'Desecrating Allah'...
France: Hamas Front Group Wins Lawsuit against Jewish Org...
Pakistan's Top Nuclear Scientists in Taliban Custody...
'Praying and Chanting' During Madrid Bomber's Last Moments
Mothers in Court for Aiding Rape of Daughters by Qur'an Teacher...
13-Year-Olds Tie the Knot in Malaysia...
Beheading Demanded for Man who Called Muslims 'Killers'...
Radio Host in Trouble for Calling Islam 'The Religion of Peace'...
Turkey Blocks YouTube...
Sunnis Turn Shia Foot Pilgrimage into a Shooting Gallery...
South Carolina Honor Killing?...
'Desperate Housewives' too Hot for Islamists to Handle...
Glimmer of Hope for Baghdad...
Muslim-Owned 'Hitler' Diner Found in Kosovo...
Islamists Hoping to Re-Conquer Spain?...
Nigerian Muslims Set Fire to Chapel...
Former U.S. Sailor Involved in Terror (Happens to Be Muslim)...
US: A Little Georgia Jihad on the Way?...
Muslims Outraged Over 'Human Rights Abuse' on Soccer Field...
Taliban Leader Caught Fleeing, Dressed Like a Woman...
Religion of Peace Kills Buddhist Worker, Sets Body on Fire...
Have American Muslims Found Loophole for Sharia Courts?...
'Allah Akbar' Rings Out in Australian Courtroom...
Suicidal Sunnis Slaughter 115 Shia Pilgrims in Attack...
UK Imam Defends Murder of British Hostage on Video...
NJ: Med. Student Gives Stripper a Hand...
Hindu Women Raped by Muslim Gang in Pakistan...
Australian Terror Suspect Sought Paradise, Jihad...
US: Muslim Reformers Advocate Universal Human Rights...
Gang-Rape VICTIM Sentenced to 90 Lashes in Saudi...
NC SUV Jihadi Calls Judge a 'Moron'...
70-Year-Old Buddhist Man Shot to Death by Islamic Radicals...
Terrorists Vow to Kill or Capture Prince Harry...
Mideast Scholar: Mutually Assured Destruction an Incentive Rather than Deterrent for Iran...
Religious Extremists Target Internet Cafes with Malice...
Islamists Force 9-Year-Old Boy into a Bonfire...
Arab Media 'Sanitized' in Translation to English...
Rockets Chase Jews from Homes, Islamic Jihad Vows More
'Heretic' Dealt with (Religion of Peace Style)...
Utah Killer Given Islamic Burial...
Islamists Destroy African Church...
CAIR Admits Terror Connections
Thai Radicals Murder Two Teenage Buddhist Girls...
6 Iraqi Sunnis Stand Up for Peace (quickly gunned down)...
Israelis Embark on Humanitarian Mission for Somali Muslims...
12% of Canadian Muslims Believe Terror Justified...
Bali Bombers Say Everyone Has a 'Right to Live'...
'Fill' Copenhagen with Islam...
Clerics OK Divorce by Text Message...
Life Returning to 'Normal' for Egypt's Christians Following Riot
Arab Militias Spreading Genocide to Chad...
Islamic Group Claims Credit for Murdering 3 Prostitutes...
Hard-Liners Chip Away at Indonesian 'Secularlism'...
Hamas Turns Former Jewish Settlement into Terror Camp...
Malaysian TV Show Banned after Comparison to Muhammad Wife
Ahmadinejad: Zionists are 'Incarnation of Satan'...
Italy: Man Keeps Wife Under Lock and Key...
'Islam Itself is the Problem. Islam is a Violent Religion'...
Muslim Communities Shelter Terrorists in Thai South...
Norwegians Threaten to 'Squeal Like Pigs'...
UK Police Grill Students Over Cartoons...
Canada: Concerns Over Cleric's Support for Terror, Islamic State
US: MN Cabbies Stand Firm on Enforcement of Islamic Law...
Radical Muslim Pleads Not to be Returned to Muslim Country...
13-Year-Old Among Jewish Women Gang-Raped by Muslims
Moscow Thwarts Religion of Peace Bomb Attack...
4th Victim Dies in Medina Attack, May Have Been Infidel...
Arabs Describe Destruction of Jewish Holy Sites as 'Joyful'...

... and on it goes...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hirsi Ali infuriates Muslims and discomfits liberals

Free Radical
Ayaan Hirsi Ali infuriates Muslims and discomfits liberals.

Saturday, March 10, 2007 12:01 a.m. EST

NEW YORK--Ayaan Hirsi Ali is untrammeled and unrepentant: "I am supposed to apologize for saying the prophet is a pervert and a tyrant," she declares. "But that is apologizing for the truth."

Statements such as these have brought Ms. Hirsi Ali to world-wide attention. Though she recently left her adopted country, Holland--where her friend and intellectual collaborator Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim extremist in 2004--she is still accompanied by armed guards wherever she travels.

Ms. Hirsi Ali was born in 1969 in Mogadishu--into, as she puts it, "the Islamic civilization, as far as you can call it a civilization." In 1992, at age 22, her family gave her hand to a distant relative; had the marriage ensued, she says, it would have been "an arranged rape." But as she was shipped to the appointment via Europe, she fled, obtaining asylum in Holland. There, "through observation, through experience, through reading," she acquainted herself with a different world. "The culture that I came to and I live in now is not perfect," Ms. Hirsi Ali says. "But this culture, the West, the product of the Enlightenment, is the best humanity has ever achieved."

Unease over Muslim immigration had been rising in the Low Countries for some time. For instance, when the gay right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn--"I am in favor of a cold war with Islam," he said, and believed the borders should be closed to Muslims--was gunned down in 2002, it was widely assumed his killer was an Islamist. There was a strange sense of relief when he turned out to be a mere animal-rights activist. Ms. Hirsi Ali brought integration issues to further attention, exposing domestic abuse and even honor killings in the Dutch-Muslim "dish cities."

In 2003, she won a seat in the parliament as a member of the center-right VVD Party, for People's Party for Freedom and Democracy. The next year, she wrote the script for a short film called "Submission." It investigated passages from the Quran that Ms. Hirsi Ali contends authorize violence against women, and did so by projecting those passages onto naked female bodies. In retrospect, she deeply regrets the outcome: "I don't think the film was worth the human life."

The life in question was that of Van Gogh, a prominent controversialist and the film's director. At the end of 2004, an Islamist named Mohammed Buyeri shot him as he was bicycling to work in downtown Amsterdam, then almost decapitated him with a curved sword. He left a manifesto impaled to the body: "I know for sure that you, Oh Hirsi Ali, will go down," was its incantation. "I know for sure that you, Oh unbelieving fundamentalist, will go down."

The shock was palpable. Holland--which has the second largest per capita population of Muslims in the EU, after France--had always prided itself on its pluralism, in which all groups would be tolerated but not integrated. The killing made clear just how apart its groups were. "Immediately after the murder," Ms. Hirsi Ali says, "we learned Theo's killer had access to education, he had learned the language, he had taken welfare. He made it very clear he knew what democracy meant, he knew what liberalism was, and he consciously rejected it. . . . He said, 'I have an alternative framework. It's Islam. It's the Quran.' "

At his sentencing, Mohammed Buyeri said he would have killed his own brother, had he made "Submission" or otherwise insulted the One True Faith. "And why?" Ms. Hirsi Ali asks. "Because he said his god ordered him to do it. . . . We need to see," she continues, "that this isn't something that's caused by special offense, the right, Jews, poverty. It's religion."

Ms. Hirsi Ali was forced into living underground; a hard-line VVD minister named Rita Verdonk, cracking down on immigration, canceled her citizenship for misstatements made on her asylum application--which Ms. Hirsi Ali had admitted years before and justified as a means to win quicker admission at a time of great personal vulnerability. The resulting controversy led to the collapse of Holland's coalition government. Ms. Hirsi Ali has since decamped for America--in effect a political refugee from Western Europe--to take up a position with the American Enterprise Institute. But the crisis, she says, is "still simmering underneath and it might erupt--somewhere, anywhere."

That partly explains why Ms. Hirsi Ali's new autobiography, "Infidel," is already a best seller. It may also have something to do with the way she scrambles our expectations. In person, she is modest, graceful, enthralling. Intellectually, she is fierce, even predatory: "We know exactly what it is about but we don't have the guts to say it out loud," she says. "We are too weak to take up our role. The West is falling apart. The open society is coming undone."

Many liberals loathe her for disrupting an imagined "diversity" consensus: It is absurd, she argues, to pretend that cultures are all equal, or all equally desirable. But conservatives, and others, might be reasonably unnerved by her dim view of religion. She does not believe that Islam has been "hijacked" by fanatics, but that fanaticism is intrinsic in Islam itself: "Islam, even Islam in its nonviolent form, is dangerous."

The Muslim faith has many variations, but Ms. Hirsi Ali contends that the unities are of greater significance. "Islam has a very consistent doctrine," she says, "and I define Islam as I was taught to define it: submission to the will of Allah. His will is written in the Quran, and in the hadith and Sunna. What we are all taught is that when you want to make a distinction between right and wrong, you follow the prophet. Muhammad is the model guide for every Muslim through time, throughout history."

This supposition justifies, in her view, a withering critique of Islam's most holy human messenger. "You start by scrutinizing the morality of the prophet," and then ask: "Are you prepared to follow the morality of the prophet in a society such as this one?" She draws a connection between Mohammed's taking of child brides and modern sexual oppressions--what she calls "this imprisonment of women." She decries the murder of adulteresses and rape victims, the wearing of the veil, arranged marriages, domestic violence, genital mutilation and other contraventions of "the most basic freedoms."

These sufferings, she maintains, are traceable to theological imperatives. "People say it is a bad strategy," Ms. Hirsi Ali says forcefully. "I think it is the best strategy. . . . Muslims must choose to follow their rational capacities as humans and to follow reason instead of Quranic commands. At that point Islam will be reformed."

This worldview has led certain critics to dismiss Ms. Hirsi Ali as a secular extremist. "I have my ideas and my views," she says, "and I want to argue them. It is our obligation to look at things critically." As to the charges that she is an "Enlightenment fundamentalist," she points out, rightly, that people who live in democratic societies are not supposed to settle their disagreements by killing one another.

And yet contemporary democracies, she says, accommodate the incitement of such behavior: "The multiculturalism theology, like all theologies, is cruel, is wrongheaded, and is unarguable because it is an utter dogmatism. . . . Minorities are exempted from the obligations of the rest of society, so they don't improve. . . . With this theory you limit them, you freeze their culture, you keep them in place."

The most grievous failing of the West is self-congratulatory passivity: We face "an external enemy that to a degree has become an internal enemy, that has infiltrated the system and wants to destroy it." She believes a more drastic reaction is required: "It's easy," she says, "to weigh liberties against the damage that can be done to society and decide to deny liberties. As it should be. A free society should be prepared to recognize the patterns in front of it, and do something about them."

She says the West must begin to think long term about its relationship with Islam--because the Islamists are. Ms. Hirsi Ali notes Muslim birth rates are vastly outstripping those elsewhere (particularly in Western Europe) and believes this is a conscious attempt to extend the faith. Muslims, she says, treat women as "these baby-machines, these son-factories. . . . We need to compete with this," she goes on. "It is a totalitarian method. The Nazis tried it using women as incubators, literally to give birth to soldiers. Islam is now doing it. . . . It is a very effective and very frightening way of dealing with human beings."

All of this is profoundly politically incorrect. But for this remarkable woman, ideas are not abstractions. She forces us back to first principles, and she punctures complacencies. These ought to be seen as virtues, even by those who find some of Ms. Hirsi Ali's ideas disturbing or objectionable. Society, after all, sometimes needs to be roused from its slumbers by agitators who go too far so that others will go far enough.

Mr. Rago is an editorial page writer for The Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hitler Youth and Palestinian-Muslim Youth

A must-see graphic video comparison between the upbringing of
children in both of these death-cult societies, Hitler's Germany and
modern Muslim society, particularly in "Palestine". Japanese youth
were also raised similarly under Hirohito, and like the Hitler youth,
taught bayonet-practice as well as how to throw hand-grenades and
shoot automatic weapons. This is NOT your typical National Rifle
Association skills contests in shooting 22-caliber shells at paper
targets, or the Boy Scouts doing good deeds, earning merit badges and
learning forestry skills. The Hitler Youth and similar foul
institutions adopt all those rational functions, but then add to them
the horrors of militarism and racism, with the explicit goal of
turning out kids who are filled with hatred, and ready to kill the
hated "other", and sacrifice themselves for the Gods of War. While
Nazified Germany certainly had a much more regimented organization of
its youth, the Islamic Pali Death-Cult has indoctrinated its children
in ways Hitler never could, to willfully and happily become
suicide/homicide bombers. (Old Christian Europe never could out-do
the Muslims in the promise of 72 virgins in paradise.) In the case
of Muslim Youth, like Hitler Youth, the kids are also indoctrinated
with a false history of victim-hood and racial superiority, with
other cultures denigrated as sub-human filth, inferiors deserving
only of extermination or subordination to slave status. And as Reich
instructed us, sex-repression and extreme obedience training are a
central part of this indoctrination, along with sexual demonization
of the intended victims. So the Jews "drink the blood of Muslim
children", and are "sexual beasts", just as are the Americans.
Muslims, by contrast, are pure and clean, their blood unsoiled --
just as Germanic blood was "pure", or the "racial lines of the
Japanese remains unblemished" as per Shintoist fanaticism. Different
cultures, but the same mold is being used over and over again. Raise
youth on such ideas, and the social explosion will be inevitable.

Wake up and smell the smoke.

Behead Those Who Insult Global Warming!

Heads must roll.


Here's a video download of the interesting Program from the UK's
Channel 4 on "Global Warming", which stimulated the threats:

And meanwhile, this scientist who was interviewed for Channel 4,
wishing to keep his head on his shoulders, has recanted: "I really
didn't mean all those bad things I said against Global Warming...
please, please forgive me!!"


Well, Gawd, we could have predicted such PC nonsense would take over.
The universities and medical colleges have been purged of professors
who dissented from certain orthodox ideas for decades, and so long as
only a few were being thrown on the fires, and only their books being
burned, nobody raised a fuss about it. If you questioned orthodox
cancer treatments, or the HIV theory of AIDS, or if you advocated
pre-Columbian contact theory, or the non-biogenic origins of
petroleum, or advocated biological transmutations, or
solar-terrestrial effects upon life and weather, or questioned the
Einstein theory of relativity, or the Big-Bang Creationism, or
DNA-Creationism, or suggested life could arise from non-living matter
under the right conditions, even today, or that maybe the universe
does have some kind of "organizing principle" at work. Or heavens
forbid, if you dared openly mention the name "Wilhelm Reich" in
favorable terms, or the dirty word: "Orgone"... Speak about any of
that, over the last 50 years, and you could predict to be attacked on
the pages of "Skeptical Inquirer" with the most vicious character
assassination and distortions, and shortly afterward be dusting off
your resume for a new job, pronto! From personal experience, I know.
One expects political hacks to engage in cloak-and-dagger
"dirty-tricks" and smears, to "get" their opponents, but we don't
anticipate university professors to act this way. Surprise! This is
also typical of university professors and the medical establishment.
They often act quite miserably, and with enthusiasm to "get" their
opponents fired and censored, but being smarter than the average
politician, are much better at covering it up, putting it all under a
nice glossy facade.

In my time as a university student, it was liberal academics who were
under attack more generally by the conservatives, who wanted to toss
out the Libs. By the time I made it to professor, the tide had
turned. Today, the Libs have taken over, and it is the conservatives
who are often banished and forbidden to speak. The more things
change, the more they remain the same. Human character has not been
altered one little bit. Only the favored targets of abuse, and the
favored platforms from which the abuse is hurled, have changed. The
common functioning principle is, that people have lots of anger in
the guts, and lots of abuse to hurl, preferably at anyone who happens
to be a bit livelier and more intellectually honest than themselves.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chesler: Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?

How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam
Is it racist to condemn fanaticism?
Phyllis Chesler

Once I was held captive in Kabul. I was the bride of a charming, seductive and Westernised Afghan Muslim whom I met at an American college. The purdah I experienced was relatively posh but the sequestered all-female life was not my cup of chai - nor was the male hostility to veiled, partly veiled and unveiled women in public.

When we landed in Kabul, an airport official smoothly confiscated my US passport. "Don't worry, it's just a formality," my husband assured me. I never saw that passport again. I later learnt that this was routinely done to foreign wives - perhaps to make it impossible for them to leave. Overnight, my husband became a stranger. The man with whom I had discussed Camus, Dostoevsky, Tennessee Williams and the Italian cinema became a stranger. He treated me the same way his father and elder brother treated their wives: distantly, with a hint of disdain and embarrassment.

In our two years together, my future husband had never once mentioned that his father had three wives and 21 children. Nor did he tell me that I would be expected to live as if I had been reared as an Afghan woman. I was supposed to lead a largely indoor life among women, to go out only with a male escort and to spend my days waiting for my husband to return or visiting female relatives, or having new (and very fashionable) clothes made.

In America, my husband was proud that I was a natural-born rebel and free thinker. In Afghanistan, my criticism of the treatment of women and of the poor rendered him suspect, vulnerable. He mocked my horrified reactions. But I knew what my eyes and ears told me. I saw how poor women in chadaris were forced to sit at the back of the bus and had to keep yielding their place on line in the bazaar to any man.

I saw how polygamous, arranged marriages and child brides led to chronic female suffering and to rivalry between co-wives and half-brothers; how the subordination and sequestration of women led to a profound estrangement between the sexes - one that led to wife-beating, marital rape and to a rampant but hotly denied male "prison"-like homosexuality and pederasty; how frustrated, neglected and uneducated women tormented their daughter-in-laws and female servants; how women were not allowed to pray in mosques or visit male doctors (their husbands described the symptoms in their absence).

Individual Afghans were enchantingly courteous - but the Afghanistan I knew was a bastion of illiteracy, poverty, treachery and preventable diseases. It was also a police state, a feudal monarchy and a theocracy, rank with fear and paranoia. Afghanistan had never been colonised. My relatives said: "Not even the British could occupy us." Thus I was forced to conclude that Afghan barbarism was of their own making and could not be attributed to Western imperialism.

Long before the rise of the Taleban, I learnt not to romanticise Third World countries or to confuse their hideous tyrants with liberators. I also learnt that sexual and religious apartheid in Muslim countries is indigenous and not the result of Western crimes - and that such "colourful tribal customs" are absolutely, not relatively, evil. Long before al-Qaeda beheaded Daniel Pearl in Pakistan and Nicholas Berg in Iraq, I understood that it was dangerous for a Westerner, especially a woman, to live in a Muslim country. In retrospect, I believe my so-called Western feminism was forged in that most beautiful and treacherous of Eastern countries.

Nevertheless, Western intellectual-ideologues, including feminists, have demonised me as a reactionary and racist "Islamophobe" for arguing that Islam, not Israel, is the largest practitioner of both sexual and religious apartheid in the world and that if Westerners do not stand up to this apartheid, morally, economically and militarily, we will not only have the blood of innocents on our hands; we will also be overrun by Sharia in the West. I have been heckled, menaced, never-invited, or disinvited for such heretical ideas - and for denouncing the epidemic of Muslim-on-Muslim violence for which tiny Israel is routinely, unbelievably scapegoated.

However, my views have found favour with the bravest and most enlightened people alive. Leading secular Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents - from Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Syria and exiles from Europe and North America - assembled for the landmark Islamic Summit Conference in Florida and invited me to chair the opening panel on Monday.

According to the chair of the meeting, Ibn Warraq: "What we need now is an age of enlightenment in the Islamic world. Without critical examination of Islam, it will remain dogmatic, fanatical and intolerant and will continue to stifle thought, human rights, individuality, originality and truth." The conference issued a declaration calling for such a new "Enlightenment". The declaration views "Islamophobia" as a false allegation, sees a "noble future for Islam as a personal faith, not a political doctrine" and "demands the release of Islam from its captivity to the ambitions of power-hungry men".

Now is the time for Western intellectuals who claim to be antiracists and committed to human rights to stand with these dissidents. To do so requires that we adopt a universal standard of human rights and abandon our loyalty to multicultural relativism, which justifies, even romanticises, indigenous Islamist barbarism, totalitarian terrorism and the persecution of women, religious minorities, homosexuals and intellectuals. Our abject refusal to judge between civilisation and barbarism, and between enlightened rationalism and theocratic fundamentalism, endangers and condemns the victims of Islamic tyranny.

Ibn Warraq has written a devastating work that will be out by the summer. It is entitled Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's Orientalism. Will Western intellectuals also dare to defend the West?

Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at the City University of New York

An Islamic Enlightenment?

Presently occurring only within a small Aquarium in Florida, but these are the authentic moderate Muslims by which the other pretenders and do-nothing apologists should be compared against.  Personally I agree with Spencer, that while there are many peaceful Muslims, Islam as a belief system is intrinsically violent and cannot be "reformed" in any traditional sense.  Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician has it correct also, that Muslims who want to live in the West should "tear out half the Koran" -- all the later chapters written about Muhammed after he massacred the Jews of Medina and led his followers a violent rampage of massacre, pillage and rape.  Before then, he tried to convert people by reason and argument.  Afterward, "no more Mr. Nice Guy".  Islamic tradition unfortunately points to the later violent chapters as the "authentic Muhammed", having abrogated and replaced the earlier chapters of peace and timidity.  The Muslims must get rid of that last half of their Holy Book (or better yet, chuck the whole thing).

Ideas have power, however, and so an authentic Muslim reformer's movement may be underway, and could reduce the "clash of civilizations", certainly to the extent that women can be liberated, which is the start of a sexual freedom movement by itself.  But this is going to be a multi-generational process of change, requiring that we keep our powder dry in the meanwhile. Nobody reading this will remain alive to see those significant changes, I would predict.



An Islamic Enlightenment

By Phyllis Chesler | March 9, 2007

Is Islam the problem, or can it be part of the solution? Can Islam be reformed from within, or is Muslim violence and hatred due entirely to the teachings and history of the Qur'an? These were some of the major issues raised at the Secular Islam Summit in St Petersburg, Florida, this week.

A landmark event, the summit brought together such brave and eloquent defenders of freedom and conscience as the scholar Ibn Warraq (his nom de guerre); Iranian exile and activist Banafasheh Zand-Bonazzi; Austin Dacy of the Center for Inquiry; as well as many other Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents.

Most were incredible orators, some were entertainers, others were deep and mournful thinkers. They included:

* Egyptian-born Dr. Tawfik Hamid, who was once a "colleague" of Osama bin Laden's second in command, Al-Zawahiri.

* The Gandhi-like Dr. Shahriar Kabir, Bangladesh's leading human rights activist.

* Tashbih Sayeed, Pakistan's foremost opponent of radical Islam, a man of few, but fiery words.

* Dr. Afshin Ellian, an Iranian professor in exile in Holland, a close friend of Aayan Hirsi Ali, and a man of genial wit and wide-ranging knowledge.

* Egyptian-Palestinian-American author, Nonie Darwish, a warm but absolutely uncompromising thinker and speaker.

* Syrian-American psychiatrist, Wafa Sultan, the woman who became instantly famous for her debate on Al-Jazeera TV. A small, trim woman, she is a towering speaker, theatrically thrilling and passionate.

Indeed, there were so many excellent speakers that I cannot do them all justice here. For now, let me focus on only two. The opening speeches were delivered by Ibn Warraq, a consummate intellectual and committed secularist, and Irshad Manji, the best-selling author and a onetime master of the spunky sound bite who is now a bit more moderate and modest in tone.

Ibn Warraq spoke of the dangers that Muslims in the Islamic world face for speaking the truth about Islam, including prison, torture, exile and death. Proving his point was the fact that a number of invitees to the summit from Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia did not attend after receiving one too many death threats or after being told that their families would be targeted if they chose to attend. Most writers have been stopped in their tracks by such Muslim-on-Muslim repression.

Warraq explained that he wants an Islamic "Enlightenment," a la John Stuart Mill, rather than a "Reformation," which he considers mere tinkering. He believes that Western values are universal, although he felt that most human rights initiatives within the West, including the Human Rights Commission in Geneva, are "hopeless" and will not push sovereign Muslim tyrannies toward reform. He mourned the fact that the West continues to "apologize for colonialism and racism" and that Turkey still "refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide."

A running theme of Ibn Warraq's remarks was the unjust treatment of Muslims in Islamic countries. For instance, he insisted that "protecting non-Muslims in Muslim societies" is crucial and can "lead to pluralism and tolerance for Muslims as well." He called for a "legal recourse" within the Islamic world for the widespread denial of freedom of speech. He "demanded the re-writing of anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Jewish text-books, especially in Saudi Arabia and Egypt," adding that he considers such hatred "scandalous." Warraq also implored "women's groups in the West to defend Muslim women" under siege.

In this connection, he assailed the "inconsistency and hypocrisy of the "western multi-culturalists, including feminists" and stated that the "law of the western secular state must override religious law when religious law denies basic human rights." Some European police -- he mentioned Sweden in particular -- still return the victims of family violence to the families that will kill them. In his view, the "rights of women are central to Islamic reform." Warraq summed up his views on reform with the following credo: "No to female genital mutilation; no to forced and polygamous marriage; no to gender separatism."

Irshad Manji spoke next. She began with the wise observation that "courage is not the absence of fear but the recognition that some things are more important than fear." Manji, whose entourage included a young woman in hijab, described herself as a "person of faith but not a dogmatist." Manji found support for her moderation in a quote from the Qur'an, which "tells us to oppose your family" when the truth or true inner struggle is at stake. She pointed out that the "Qur'an says nothing about the proper form of government," which suggests that Islam should remain a private faith, not a political movement or a government.

In Manji's opinion, "this silence is deliberate and gives us room to experiment with a different form of government." Calling for "Muslim pluralism," Manji decried theocratic governments. In this regard, Manji commented that someone "should tell President Bush that he should not have empowered the theocrats in Iraq."

Manji proved an equal opportunity critic. She castigated "missionary atheists" who are so "angry that they resemble religious fundamentalists." At the same time, she criticized those Muslims who are so "submissive to authority that they cannot stand up to (unjust or tyrannical) authority." Agreeing with Ibn Warraq about the universal nature of human rights, she condemned the popular view that we are "not supposed to criticize another culture" if we are not part of it.

Manji shared Warraq's view that "more Muslims have been raped, tortured and murdered by other Muslims than by westerners." Moreover, she suggested that those in the Islamic world who make this argument have not considered its full implications. How can we "criticize the military culture in Guantanamo if we are ourselves are not military personnel? And, how can Muslims criticize American foreign policy if they are not American citizens?"

Finally, she made a point that I have made many times -- and which has gotten me demonized as a "racist" -- namely, that so-called western "anti-racists" are really acting as "racists" when they hold Muslims to lower standards out of some misguided notion of respect.

There was much more on offer at the summit. Other subjects of discussion included the war between Sunni and Shiia Muslims; the nature of jihad; and the Islamic Caliphate. It is worth noting that the tenor of the week was very different from what many have come to expect from conferences on Islam. Nearly every single speaker spoke up for Israel and for Jews, pointing out that both have been terribly abused by the Islamic world, as has the West in general. The conference also presented a declaration in English, Arabic, Bengali and Persian. which may be viewed in English at

One might think that the western media would have flocked to the summit in droves. It's not every day, after all, that Muslim reformers and dissidents gather for a forthright discussion about the troubles of Islam and the Islamic world. Such was not the case. Both the Associated Press and NPR promised to come but did not show.

To be sure, there were some notable exceptions to the media blackout -- CNN's Glenn Beck devoted an entire hour to interviews with conference speakers; Bret Stephens covered it for the Wall Street Journal as did Jay Tolson for U.S. News and World Report and Christina Hoff-Sommers for The Weekly Standard -- but the various papers of record in New York, Washington, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles were, to the best of my knowledge, missing in action.

Curiously, both al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya, not previously known for their support of Islamic reform, covered the conference, which aired live and in Arabic. It is an unhappy irony that these noble dissidents should face ostracism and grave danger in Muslim lands and only to be similarly ignored by the Western intelligentsia and media.

Nonetheless, the summit was a remarkable success. As a participant, I was privileged to stand in solidarity with these dissidents. They are our best hope in the fight to win hearts and minds.

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Additional Must-See Videos: Canadian Muslim Fanatic Take-Over

Additional Must-See Videos:

What the few authentic "moderate Muslims" and ex-Muslims (and all us
infidels) are up against.

Islamic Thugs Bully, Threaten to Murder Small Number of Moderates in
Take-Over of Canadian Mosques. This is why "Moderate Islam" never
gets a chance to develop anywhere. And it is all well-organized by
the mainstream Mullahs and Mosques. In 2 parts.

Watch it quick, as U-Tube has a habit to delete videos which make a
too-factual discussion of Islam. Religion of peace, and all of


And here's another to be aware of, soon to be available as a DVD:

Pierre Rehov: Suicide Killers

There's also a YouTube trailer on it:
Already "flagged" by the "YouTube Community" (of Islamo-friends)

Here's an interview on CNN with filmmaker Rehov
(not yet flagged)

St. Petersburg Declaration: Muslims try to change Islamic killing machine

An optimistic note.  Let's hope something meaningful comes from it.

Muslims try to change Islamic killing machine
'To live in the Middle East and say what we're saying is a death sentence'
Posted: March 6, 2007

By Art Moore

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A group of reformists from Muslim societies who have become accustomed to death threats upped the ante yesterday with a declaration they hope will spark a popular movement across the Islamic world to "fight back" against fundamentalist interpreters of the faith.

Secularists such as Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish and Irshad Manji helped formulate the "St. Petersburg Declaration,"  which seeks to do no less than eliminate traditional understandings and practices of Islam that conflict with universally accepted human rights.
Darwish, who read the statement in Arabic - others presented it in English, Bengali and Farsi - believes the statement will resonate with untold millions.

"You cannot believe the hunger of Muslims to hear what we're saying right now," said Darwish, a native of Egypt and a founder of "At least 50 percent will tell us, you are right, but don't reveal my name. They are so scared to speak out. To live in the Middle East and say what we're saying is a death sentence."

Darwish was among the speakers at the two-day Secular Islam Summit in St. Petersburg, which culminated with the declaration. Warraq, who uses a pseudonym because of death threats that followed his book "Why I am not a Muslim," abandoned Islam and considers himself an agnostic. Manji, author of the bestseller "The Trouble with Islam," sees herself as both a committed Muslim and a free thinker.

In the statement, the signatories identify as "believers, doubters, and unbelievers, brought together by a great struggle, not between the West and Islam, but between the free and the unfree."

Anticipating their critics, the crafters say, "We see no colonialism, racism, or so-called 'Islamaphobia' in submitting Islamic practices to criticism or condemnation when they violate human reason or rights."

Already, they have been criticized by the head of the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ahmed Bedier, who dismissed the framers of the declaration as atheists and agnostics, not true Muslims.

"They don't speak for us," Darwish said in response during a question and answer session at the conference. "CAIR represents the best interests of radical Islam."

CAIR casts itself as a mainstream defender of the civil rights of Muslims, but critics point out the group was formed as a spinoff of the Islamic Association for Palestine, identified by two former FBI counter-terrorism chiefs as a front for Hamas in the U.S.

Robert Spencer, director of
Jihad Watch and author of "The Truth About Muhammad," told WND he "wholeheartedly" applauds the declaration and wishes success for it and its sponsors.
"I do believe, unfortunately, that the prospects for its widespread acceptance among Muslims today are dim," he said.

Nevertheless, Spencer said the statement "gives Muslims who reject the ideology of Islamic supremacism something around which they can rally, and that may allow for larger movements for genuine Islamic reform than we have seen up to now."

Darwish believes the declaration will have a long life, growing "like wildfire" as "signature after signature" is added to it, but she acknowledged if there will be any change, it won't come soon.
"This is the infancy stage of a revolution in the Muslim world. To achieve our goal is going to take generations," said Darwish, whose father, the head of Egyptian military intelligence in Gaza, was assassinated in 1956 when she was 8 years old.

The declaration calls on the governments of the world to:

       *       reject Sharia law, fatwa courts, clerical rule, and state-sanctioned religion in all their forms; oppose all penalties for blasphemy and apostasy, in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights;
        *       eliminate practices, such as female circumcision, honor killing, forced veiling, and forced marriage, that further the oppression of women; protect sexual and gender minorities from persecution and violence;
        *       reform sectarian education that teaches intolerance and bigotry towards non-Muslims;
        *       and foster an open public sphere in which all matters may be discussed without coercion or intimidation.

The declaration calls on "academics and thinkers everywhere to embark on a fearless examination of the origins and sources of Islam, and to promulgate the ideals of free scientific and spiritual inquiry through cross-cultural translation, publishing, and the mass media."

"We say to Muslim believers: there is a noble future for Islam as a personal faith, not a political doctrine; to Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha'is, and all members of non-Muslim faith communities: we stand with you as free and equal citizens; and to nonbelievers: we defend your unqualified liberty to question and dissent."


The St. Petersburg Declaration
March 5, 2007,

Released by the delegates to the Secular Islam Summit, St. Petersburg, Florida on March 5, 2007

We are secular Muslims, and secular persons of Muslim societies. We are believers, doubters, and unbelievers, brought together by a great struggle, not between the West and Islam, but between the free and the unfree.

We affirm the inviolable freedom of the individual conscience. We believe in the equality of all human persons.

We insist upon the separation of religion from state and the observance of universal human rights.

We find traditions of liberty, rationality, and tolerance in the rich histories of pre-Islamic and Islamic societies. These values do not belong to the West or the East; they are the common moral heritage of humankind.

We see no colonialism, racism, or so-called "Islamaphobia" in submitting Islamic practices to criticism or condemnation when they violate human reason or rights.

We call on the governments of the world to

* reject Sharia law, fatwa courts, clerical rule, and state-sanctioned religion in all their forms; oppose all penalties for blasphemy and apostacy, in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights;

* eliminate practices, such as female circumcision, honor killing, forced veiling, and forced marriage, that further the oppression of women; protect sexual and gender minorities from persecution and violence;

* reform sectarian education that teaches intolerance and bigotry towards non-Muslims;

* and foster an open public sphere in which all matters may be discussed without coercion or intimidation.

We demand the release of Islam from its captivity to the totalitarian ambitions of power-hungry men and the rigid strictures of orthodoxy.

We enjoin academics and thinkers everywhere to embark on a fearless examination of the origins and sources of Islam, and to promulgate the ideals of free scientific and spiritual inquiry through cross-cultural translation, publishing, and the mass media.

We say to Muslim believers: there is a noble future for Islam as a personal faith, not a political doctrine;

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

'Global Warming Is Lies' Claims UK Documentary

'Global Warming Is Lies' Claims Documentary
Sunday, 4th March 2007, 11:04
Accepted theories about man causing global warming are "lies" claims a controversial new TV documentary.

'The Great Global Warming Swindle' - backed by eminent scientists - is set to rock the accepted consensus that climate change is being driven by humans.

The programme, to be screened on Channel 4 on Thursday March 8, will see a series of respected scientists attack the "propaganda" that they claim is killing the world's poor.

Even the co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, is shown, claiming African countries should be encouraged to burn more CO2.

Nobody in the documentary defends the greenhouse effect theory, as it claims that climate change is natural, has been occurring for years, and ice falling from glaciers is just the spring break-up and as normal as leaves falling in autumn.

A source at Channel 4 said: "It is essentially a polemic and we are expecting it to cause trouble, but this is the controversial programming that Channel 4 is renowned for."

Controversial director Martin Durkin said: "You can see the problems with the science of global warming, but people just don't believe you - it's taken ten years to get this commissioned.

"I think it will go down in history as the first chapter in a new era of the relationship between scientists and society. Legitimate scientists - people with qualifications - are the bad guys.

"It is a big story that is going to cause controversy.

"It's very rare that a film changes history, but I think this is a turning point and in five years the idea that the greenhouse effect is the main reason behind global warming will be seen as total bollocks.

"Al Gore might have won an Oscar for 'An Inconvenient Truth', but the film is very misleading and he has got the relationship between CO2 and climate change the wrong way round."

One major piece of evidence of CO2 causing global warming are ice core samples from Antarctica, which show that for hundreds of years, global warming has been accompanied by higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

In 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' Al Gore is shown claiming this proves the theory, but palaeontologist Professor Ian Clark claims in the documentary that it actually shows the opposite.

He has evidence showing that warmer spells in the Earth's history actually came an average of 800 years before the rise in CO2 levels.

Prof Clark believes increased levels of CO2 are because the Earth is heating up and not the cause. He says most CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the oceans, which dissolve the gas.

When the temperature increases, more gas is released into the atmosphere and when global temperatures cool, more CO2 is taken in. Because of the immense size of the oceans, he said they take time to catch up with climate trends, and this 'memory effect' is responsible for the lag.

Scientists in the programme also raise another discrepancy with the official line, showing that most of the recent global warming occurred before 1940, when global temperatures then fell for four decades.

It was only in the late 1970s that the current trend of rising temperatures began.

This, claim the sceptics, is a flaw in the CO2 theory, because the post-war economic boom produced more CO2 and should, according to the consensus, have meant a rise in global temperatures.

The programme claims there appears to be a consensus across science that CO2 is responsible for global warming, but Professor Paul Reiter is shown to disagree.

He said the influential United Nations report on Climate change, that claimed humans were responsible, was a sham.

It claimed to be the opinion of 2,500 leading scientists, but Prof Reiter said it included names of scientists who disagreed with the findings and resigned from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and said the report was finalised by government appointees.

The CO2 theory is further undermined by claims that billions of pounds is being provided by governments to fund greenhouse effect research, so thousands of scientists know their job depends on the theory continuing to be seen as fact.

The programme claims efforts to reduce CO2 are killing Africans, who have to burn fires inside their home, causing cancer and lung damage, because their governments are being encouraged to use wind and solar panels that are not capable of supplying the continent with electricity, instead of coal and oil-burning power stations that could.

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore is shown saying: "Environmentalists have romanticised peasant life, but this is anti-human.

"They are saying the world's poorest people should have the world's most expensive form of form of energy - really saying they can't have electricity."

Gary Calder, a former editor of New Scientist, is featured in the programme, and has just released a book claiming that clouds are the real reason behind climate change.

'The Chilling Stars' was written with Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark who published a scientific paper, claiming cosmic rays cause clouds to form, reducing the global temperature. The theory is shown in the programme.

Mr Calder said: "Henrik Svensmark saw that cloudiness varies according to how many atomic particles are coming in from exploded stars - when there are more cosmic rays, there are more clouds.

"However, solar winds bat away many of the cosmic rays and the sun is currently in its most active phase, which would be an explanation for global warming.

"I am a science journalist and in my career I have been told by eminent scientists that black holes do not exist and it is impossible that continents move, but in science the experts are usually wrong.

"For me this is a cracking science story - I don't come from any political position and I'm certainly not funded by the multinationals, although my bank manager would like me to be.

"I talk to scientists and come up with one story, and Al Gore talks to another set of scientists and comes up with a different story.

"So knowing which scientists to talk to is part of the skill. Some, who appear to be disinterested, are themselves getting billions of dollars of research money from the government.

"The few millions of dollars of research money from multinationals can't compare to government funding, so you find the American scientific establishment is all for man-made global warming.

"We have the same situation in Britain The government's chief scientific advisor Sir David King is supposed to be the representative of all that is good in British science, so it is disturbing he and the government are ignoring a raft of evidence against the greenhouse effect being the main driver against climate change."

The programme shows how the global warming research drive began when Margaret Thatcher gave money to scientists to 'prove' burning coal and oil was harmful, as part of her drive for nuclear power.

Philip Stott, professor emeritus of biogeography at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London , who also features in the film warned the issue was too complex to be down to one single factor, whether CO2 or clouds.

He said: "The greenhouse effect theory worried me from the start because you can't say that just one factor can have this effect.

"The system is too complex to say exactly what the effect of cutting back on CO2 production would be, or indeed of continuing to produce CO2.

"It's ridiculous to see politicians arguing over whether they will allow the global temperature to rise by 2C or 3C."

Mr Stott said the film could mark the point where scientists advocating the greenhouse effect theory, began to lose the argument.

He continued: "It is a brave programme at the moment to give excluded voices their say, and maybe it is just the beginning.

"At the moment, there is almost a McCarthyism movement in science where the greenhouse effect is like a puritanical religion and this is dangerous."

In the programme Nigel Calder says: "The greenhouse effect is seen as a religion and if you don't agree, you are a heretic.

He added: "However, I think this programme will help further debate and scientists not directly involved in global warming studies may begin to study what is being said, become more open-minded and more questioning, but this will happen slowly."


Global warming labeled a 'scam'
By Al Webb
Published March 6, 2007

LONDON -- With a packet of claims that are almost certain to defy conventional wisdom, a television documentary to be aired in Britain this week condemns man-made global warming as a myth that has become "the biggest scam of modern times."

    The program titled "The Great Global Warming Scandal" and set for screening by TV Channel 4 on Thursday dismisses claims that high levels of greenhouse gases generated by human activity causes climate change. Instead, the program suggests that the sun itself is the real culprit.

    The documentary, directed by filmmaker Martin Durkin, is at odds with scientific opinion as outlined in a United Nations report in February, which blames mankind for global warming.

    In his program, Mr. Durkin rejects the concept of man-made climate change, calling it "a lie ... the biggest scam of modern times."

    The truth, he says, is that global warming "is a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry, created by fanatically anti-industrial environmentalists, supported by scientists peddling scare stories to chase funding, and propped up by compliant politicians and the media."

    Channel 4 says that the program features "an impressive roll-call of experts," including nine professors, who are experts in climatology, oceanography, meteorology, biogeography and paleoclimatology.

    It also says the experts come from prestigious institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Pasteur Institute in Paris, the Danish National Space Center and universities and other schools in London, Ottawa, Jerusalem, Alabama, Virginia and Winnipeg, Canada.

    "It's very rare that a film changes history," says Martin Durkin, "but I think this is a turning point, and in five years the idea that the greenhouse effect is the main reason behind global warming will be seen as total bunk," he says.

    His program collides sharply with the premise outlined in former Vice President Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," which presents a bleak picture of how a buildup in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide affects the global climate, with potentially disastrous consequences.

    "Al Gore might have won an Oscar," says Mr. Durkin, in a preview of the documentary, "but the film is very misleading, and he has got the relationship between [carbon dioxide] and climate change the wrong way around."

    One of the filmmaker's experts, paleontologist professor Ian Clark of the University of Ottawa, says that global warming could be caused by increased activity on the sun, such as massive eruptions, and that ice-core samples from Antarctica show that, in fact, warmer periods in Earth's history have come about 800 years before rises in carbon dioxide levels.

    Mr. Clark's findings appear to contradict the work of other scientists, who have used similar ice-core samples to illustrate that raised levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have accompanied the various global warming periods.

    "The fact is that [carbon dioxide] has no proven link to global temperatures," says Mr. Durkin. "Solar activity is far more likely to be the culprit."

    Scientists in the Channel 4 documentary cite what they claim is another discrepancy involving conventional research, saying that most of the recent global warming occurred before 1940, after which temperatures around the world fell for four decades.

    Mr. Durkin's skeptical specialists view this as a flaw in the official view, because the worldwide economic boom that followed the end of World War II produced more carbon dioxide, and therefore should have meant a rise in global temperatures -- something he says did not happen.

    "The Great Global Warming Swindle" also questions an assertion by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's report, published last month, that it was backed by some 2,500 of the world's leading scientists.

    Another of Mr. Durkin's professors, Paul Reiter of Paris' Pasteur Institute, an expert in malaria, calls the U.N. report a "sham" because, he says, it included the names of scientists -- including his own -- who disagreed with the report and who resigned from the panel.

    "That is how they make it seem that all the top scientists are agreed," he says. "It's not true."
    Mr. Reiter says his name was removed only after he threatened legal action against the panel. The report itself, he adds, was finalized by government appointees.

    Yet another expert in the Durkin documentary, Philip Stott, professor emeritus of biogeography at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, is more circumspect.

    "The [climate] system is too complex to say exactly what the effect of cutting back on [carbon dioxide] production would be or, indeed, of continuing to produce [carbon dioxide]."

    "The greenhouse effect theory worried me from the start," Mr. Stott says, "because you can't say that just one factor can have this effect."

    "At the moment, there is almost a McCarthyism movement in science where the greenhouse effect is like a puritanical religion, and this is dangerous," he says.

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