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"Saharasia Today" links 24-27 August 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 24-27 August 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"
Articles of Interest:

The Lebanese-German (Thankfully Failed) Train Terror-Bomb
In three parts, clearing up the odd fact, by John Rosenthal

Michael Medved: Why the world hates America

Iran opens its "atom bomb plant" today.  Of course, it is "only" a civilian nuclear power plant.  But if you don't know the intimate connection between civilian nuclear power and military nuclear bombs, then you should not have been sleeping during that boooring lecture in science class.

Kofi Annan clarifies: To Hell with the Ceasefire Resolution, we support Hezbollah! "The [UN] troops are not going there to disarm Hezbollah. Let's be clear about that."  I guess they hope to re-create the peaceful conditions of Rwanda or Darfur once again in Lebanon.  Great photo of armed (?) French peacekeepers in an APC flying the white flag (no joke).
UNIFIL, the prior UN "peacekeeping" mission during the years when Hezbollah was illegally massing rockets in Lebanon, was fully on the side of Hezbollah, and reported on Israeli troop movements to Hezbollah.  Likewise UNRWA, the UN refugee branch fully devoted to Palestinianism, actually was run by PA thugs who accumulated West Bank UN ration cards by the score, allowing them to collect multiple fat checks from the UN, helping to fund their wars against the Jews.  A totally corrupt organization, long in service of the international terror brigades.  The only mystery is why so much of the world remains blind to such facts.

Salim Mansur: When Muslims Kill Muslims... the world basically could care less, unless Muslim-murdering is related in some way to the USA or Israel. In which case, the entire world is "seriously concerned" and "demands an investigation and cease-fire"!  Witness the world-wide angry hysteria over the Israeli reactions against Hezbollah cross-border terrorist rocket attacks, murders and kidnappings, versus the yawns and sleepy "don't wake me up" attitudes about the thousands of civilians deliberately massacred by Muslims in Iraq, or Darfur, every month over years.  If you are a Muslim-murderer, that is fine and OK, but if you dare to fight back in self-defence, then you are the "bad guy".  This is similar to the way the EP plays itself out in the armored school-yard, where the bullies rule and any kid who dares to fight back is accused by teachers and other students of "causing a disruption".  In such situations, the teachers are often bullies as well, which is why they get along with the student-bullys better than the other kids who are the victims.

Jihad Humor for the politically incorrect... the People's Cube

Iranian Youth Rave Against the Mullahs -- a truly brave bunch of young people, who hate the Mullahs, love the USA, and because of this will never get any support from the leftists in the West.

The Corruption of the Media: Report on media coverage of the "Qana" incident.

First They Came For the Jews: The Story of Yet Another World War
Exposing Jew-hatred disguised as "Anti-Zionism" in the European mainstream press, the upsurge in Muslim gang rapes across Europe which the PC press won't identify as such, the systematic ignoring of Muslim racism and violence-inciting hate-speech by PC prosecutors who will take actions against any writer or cartoonist who dares to "insult Islam", and other matters generally ignored by both intellectuals and MSM journalists.

"How to Kill a Westerner" - Jihadi barbarians give full instructions on how to select target, stalk them, kill them. Probably you get to heaven twice as quick if you kill an infidel woman or child.  Or maybe you get 144 virgins, instead of only 72?  Will any Muslim organization protest this sick madness?  Never!  If you object, you are an "Islamo-phobe"!

Recent Lebanese Muslim Plot to Massacre German Civilian Train Passengers surprises Germans! At least those Germans currently living on another planet.

But the German train-bombing was actually a German-Government-Christian Plot!  Darn that scheming Angela Merkel! Just like 9-11 was done by Bush, and 7-7 was done by Blair!  And the Bali bombing by Howard, and the Beslyan schoolhouse massacre by Putin! Really! Islam is a peaceful religion!  Just ask the Saudis, or the Iranians, who are experts on such matters!,1518,433083,00.html

Jew-Hatred and Lies (oops, I mean "legitimate criticism of Israeli Government Policies...") from "Human Rights Watch" -- a Soros-funded ultra-left pro-Muslim operation.

More Hezbollah photo fakery -- the Doll Man Cometh

And More "legitimate criticism of Israel, blah, blah" from Amnesty International, another formerly decent genuinely liberal group which years ago went hard-left and shredded its own reputation by de-emphasizing or outright ignoring the atrocities of Islamic terrorists and communist regimes.  From the Parallel-Universe Department, where all Muslims sing and dance merrily in the meadows, tossing flower petals to the wind, counting the birdies and puffy clouds in the sky...

More Jew-hating Media Lies: The Red Cross Ambulance Incident How the Mainstream Media Legitimized an Anti-Israel Hoax and Changed the Course of a War... but never admitted its mistake. ("Journalistic Infallibility", even the Pope can't get away with this any more, but the MSM will try!)

Another British Muslim "Moderate" Leader says, mass-murder of Brits and Americans and Jews is A-OK!! "...a recent poll indicates more than 100,000 of 1.6 million Muslims in Britain see nothing wrong with terrorism against Britain such as the 7/7 train bombings (others put the number of approving Muslims much higher).

Muslim Jihad in the Balkans... growing evidence the Serbs were as much the victim of an organized Muslim jihad, as the aggressor. The Serbs certainly have been "tamed" by NATO, but the violent jihad and Islamification of the Balkans proceeds without let-up, and NATO does nothing about that.  New documentary.

Italy stops -- but will let proceed -- shipment of assault rifles and plastic explosives sent from Saudi Arabia to USA American Muslims getting ready for armed Jihad?  Naaawww, Islam is a peaceful religion!

Arab League requests indefinite delay of meeting about UN peacekeepers for Darfur.  Naturally, Allah has not yet drunk enough blood.  And also naturally, the UN will obey, as it is very preoccupied with more important things, such as writing additional condemnations of Israel, and gathering money for Hamas.

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

Pali Death Cult Dances with Joy After 9-11
As the anniversary of 9-11 comes up, it is useful to remind us how American deaths were celebrated by those who have been getting American foreign aid at the rate of hundreds of millions per year.

German TV: About Those Israeli "Chemical Weapons..."  Another Jew-hatred libel spread by the international media bites the dust, thanks to a decent group of honest German journalists.

All Your Fakes Belong to Us - A Rave Music Production on Muslim Media Fakery

Update on Robert Spitzer's Attack on Wilhelm Reich

Update on Robert Spitzer's Attack on Wilhelm Reich

A few days ago, this item was posted to the OBRL-News Blog and E-list:

August 24, 2006
Bogus Negative Results on 50-year-old Orgone Energy "Experiments".

Several readers have since forwarded the following additional information:


From: Dr Norman Mactas Ackerman      
New York City

Robert Spitzer (psychiatrist)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dr. Robert L. Spitzer is a Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University. He was chair of the task force of the third edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III) which was released in 1980. He has been referred to as a major architect of the modern classification of mental disorders which involves classifying mental disorders in discrete categories, with specified diagnostic criteria.

Re  Robert Spitzer and the Reich research material -  Spitzer was [as indicated in the Wikipedia article above] head of the very prestigious American Psy. Assoc. commission that redefined the practice of psychiatry in 1980 when the rather convoluted  DSM-III was promulgated -- I was busy with my own psychiatric clinic practise at the time but when I had looked over the new 'rules of psychiatric engagement' I felt the equivalent of 'there goes the neighborhood' -- DSM III further cast  professional psychiatry into  a mold of theology with mythical forces only countered by certified professionals -- psychiatrists that is -- whose holy wafers more and more became the Big Pharma prescriptions.




From: Philip W. Bennett
       Hamden, CT

Please reread the opening of the New Yorker article about Spitzer I sent you a few years ago:  he had been in orgone therapy at one point but then turned on Reich and aided the FDA.

(Following is a letter sent to the New Yorker by Dr. Bennett)

To: New Yorker Magazine

Whatever the merits of Alix Spiegel's article about Robert Spitzer and the DSM ("The Dictionary of Disorder," January 3, 2005), the gratuitous and dismissive references to Wilhelm Reich in the opening paragraph are inaccurate. Reich never 'marketed' the orgone energy accumulator; nor did he ever claim that sitting in it would cure cancer or increase one's sexual potency.  That Spitzer, who, according to his own testimony, benefited from his Reichian therapy, went on to participate in the FDA's witch-hunt of Reich is a tragic irony, one that contributed to the death of one of the twentieth century's most misunderstood thinkers.

Philip W. Bennett, PhD
Fairfield University

Dear Phil,

I had forgotten about the info you previously sent, but found copies in my email files.  Yes, a very good letter you sent to the New Yorker.  Did they ever print it?

Thanks again,


No, they didn't publish any of the letters they received; Kevin Hinchey (of the WR Museum) wrote a very good one signed by members of the board of the Trust. You can find it at the museum site in one of the updates, I believe.

Best, Philip


Kevin Hinchey presented some critical information on the Spitzer matter at the 2005 Summer Conference of the WR Museum. Some notes about it are found here:

Bottom line:

Robert Spitzer dusted off a 50-year old article composing the results of very haphazard and weak "experiments" addressing a long list of Reich's findings, but nothing in his writings suggested either scientific methods or attention to detail, and the "results" which were made public lacked sufficient detail by which an interested reader might review them with any clarity.  They were posted on a CSICOP-affiliated website (see the original item as noted above for more details).

This was yet another hatchet-job by the CSICOP gang against Reich.  And once again, yet another liberal US Mainstream Magazine joins in with the "fun" of skewering Wilhelm Reich.  The common thread in all of these attackers seems to be, a simultaneous denigration of Reich's work on both orgone energy and sex-economic factors, with a celebration of the DSM-III and its normalization of all sorts of human pathology, and defining as pathological many very normal human behaviors.  DSM-III further ushered in massive approvals for drug-treatments over psychological approaches, thereby strengthening drug companies and medication-oriented psychiatry.  Virtually every non-drug therapeutic approach was henceforth pushed down, or into "the back of the bus" with all the "inferiors" (such as Reich, with his strong emphasis upon early childhood experiences, sexual repression, and social factors in the genesis of human neurosis and pathology).

Haven't we seen all this before, most notably from CSICOP?  (See for example my "Editors Postscript: CSICOP, Prometheus Books, Pornography and... the Journal of Pedophilia?!" in Pulse of the Planet #5: Heretic's Notebook, 2002, p.65.  One gets the sense that this is the foundational objection they have against Reich -- as with the FDA itself, the focus on orgone energy is merely a secondary issue being uscientifically exploited, by which they hope to bring Reich down.  The real issue is one of the Emotional Plague on the social scene: of the sicker and more damaged emotional structures within society organizing into gangs, and then doing their best to "normalize" their psychopathology, while at the same time, re-defining healthier individuals as the bearers of social chaos, who are then subject to attacks and calls for police actions.

At depth, they hate Reich's guts (and anyone who dares to support his work) because his work threatens to unmask them, and exposes a pathology they wish to protect and conceal.

James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Global warming boost to glaciers?

Standard climate theory predicts this kind of thing, as the product of any warming.   J.D.

Global warming boost to glaciers

Researchers studied the western Himalaya
Global warming could be causing some glaciers to grow, a new study claims.

Researchers at Newcastle University looked at temperature trends in the western Himalaya over the past century.

They found warmer winters and cooler summers, combined with more snow and rainfall, could be causing some mountain glaciers to increase in size.

The findings are significant, because temperature and rain and snow trends in the area impact on water availability for more than 50 million Pakistanis.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bogus Negative Results on 50-year-old Orgone Energy "Experiments".

Bogus Negative Results on 50-year-old Orgone Energy "Experiments".

The Failed Efforts and Unprofessional Bias of Robert L. Spitzer

(Is this the best the organized "skeptics" can come up with?)

>Dr. DeMeo,
>You probably have already read this:
>No pictures, no data, strange conclusions.
>Eduardo Hering

Dear Mr. Hering,

Thanks for informing me about this paper by Robert Spitzer "WILHELM

As I read it through, I agree with your negative assessment. It
strikes me as utterly unscientific, lacking in details about
protocols, the environment and weather (which can affect accumulator
functioning), the accumulator constructions and other essential
details needed in any experiment involving orgone energy. Also, no
citations to anyone but Reich, as if all the existing replications
were irrelevant. And we know, the supportive experiments verifying
Reich are abundant, including many doctoral dissertations and theses.

One can hardly evaluate the results of Spitzer's experiments and
claims, however, given the complete lack of details about the
experiments, the equipment used to carry them out, and other
essentials. Also, the claimed range of the experiments is stunning
-- observations of orgone energy phenomenon, electroscopical
experiments, bion experiments, To-T experiments, all slapped together
and reported on in a few pages. One could devote months of time and
study to even one of these experiments, and many have devoted years,
producing very good results... Author Spitzer devotes a few
paragraphs to each of several important experimental matters on
orgone research which, by themselves, deserve full papers with pages
of information and documentation. In total, an unscientific
collection of ad-hoc and amateurish uncontrolled "experiments" and
observational claims, fully lacking in sufficient detail for their
evaluations, and with some kind of poison-hatred motivations to
publish it 50+ years after-the-fact. And fully contradicted by much
more professional experimental work by others, over many years.

So who is author Robert Spitzer, and who are these people behind such
a high-sounding organization which would publish such an incomplete

The publication itself is listed as follows:

* The Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health
* The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice
* Objective Investigations of Controversial and Unorthodox Claims in
Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, and Social Work...

The Spitzer paper in fact appears in the Spring-Summer 2005 Volume 4
~ Number 1 issue of this group's publication, which has several items
on Reich:

* The Resurrection of Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Therapy

* The Story of Robert L. Spitzer's Paper, 'An Examination of
Demonstrations of Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy'

* An Examination of Demonstrations of Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy

In the second item above, it is revealed that the author Robert
Spitzer did this "research" in 1953 (!) during his spare time when he
was an undergraduate pre-medical student, and then only after having
apparently had some unpleasant personal experiences in an
unidentified form of "Reichian therapy". Spitzer tried to get the
paper published in several medical journals, who rejected it. But he
claims he was approached by the FDA in the 1950s and asked if he
wanted to act as an expert government witness -- a claim which may be
bogus as I cannot recall this man's work or name ever showing up in
the FDA files on the Reich case (of which we have a relatively
complete copy at our institute).

But more to the point, Spitzer is:

* Adjunct Fellow of the Discovery Institute, a "conservative
Christian think-tank".

* Author of the "Spitzer Report" which was partly responsible for the
removal of homosexuality from the APA's list of mental disorders.

* Prominently listed as a member of the CSICOP "skeptics" affiliated
"Council for Scientific Mental Health Practice", of which Paul Kurtz
(CSICOP founder and Skeptical Inquirer editor) is listed at the very
top. This list is a "who's who" of the American anti-science
"skeptic" movement.

For the record, CSCIOP ("Committee for the Scientific Investigation
for Claims of the Paranormal", is a group with
a history of attacking and smearing Reich since its very beginnings,
and indeed, a closer look indicates that is precisely the background.

From all these contexts, and due to a mis-reading of Reich, as well
as his early questionable therapy experiences, Spitzer appears to be
someone with an "axe to grind" against Reich, which has nothing to do
with the scientific facts of orgone energy, but which certainly
suggests a strong bias.

But there is more:

The publication's website carries prominent links to CSICOP and
Skeptical Inquirer magazine.

The contact information webpage for the SRMHP organization also
reveals further CSICOP-skeptics connections. CSICOP officer Barry
Karr is listed as Editor, revealing an Amherst, NY address (where
CSICOP has its headquarters), and the CSICOP-created "inquiring
minds" website as a contact email address for this same
Spitzer-article publication.

This "Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health" and its
publication "The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice"
therefore appear as total creations and "front-groups" for CSICOP.

CSICOP is thick with people who hate Reich's guts, and who have
happily distorted facts and committed numerous lies and
lies-of-omission regarding his work, and verifications of his work,
over decades. That an old student-research paper would be dusted off
for publication, some 50 years after-the-fact certainly suggests some
hate-anger motivations against Reich's work. See my articles on
CSICOP, which have previously exposed some of this stuff -- it is a
most reprehensible history of malicious attacks, smears and lies, and
even criminal offences:

But we should take heart from this as well. If the best the
organized "skeptics" can do is to reach back to a 50+ year old
unpublished paper which even the Reich-prejudiced medical journals of
the 1950s refused to publish, then orgonomy is secure, and as I wrote
in the "Orgone Accumulator Handbook" as early as 1989, "the effort to
kill the discovery of the orgone has failed".

Best wishes,
James DeMeo

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 21-23 August 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 21-23 August 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"
Articles of Interest:

Osama Bin Ladin Has a Humanitarian Moment, Demands No More than 10 Million Americans be Killed!  (...and you thought it was just about the Jooos??)
But be sure Whitney Houston is not harmed!!

"Brave Hezbollah Fighters Sink Australian (oops), I mean Israeli Warship!"  More fantasy-world fauxtography from the Muslim Press, as a picture of an old decommissioned Australian warship deliberately used for target practice in 1998 is dusted off for publishing in the Iranian press, as a Glorious Combat Victory by Brave Hezbollah Fighters Against the Evil Zionist Crusader Infidels... blah, blah, blah.

Islamophobia Update: Muslim on Airliner says loud prayers ("Allahua Akbar") then Jokes (?) "This is the last 30 minutes of our lives" -- Passengers Mutiny and Walk Off Plane, Pilots then eject the Muslim who threatens to sue. World press mostly censors details, and reports this as a case of "Islamophobia".

Dueling Egyptian Fatwa: "Kill the Jews!... No, Don't Kill the Jews, Not just yet." "Er, ... not while people are watching, but behind that tree over there is OK!" And if Jews cannot be found, well certainly there's plenty of infidel tourists...

Saudis and "other moderate Muslims" demand apology from Bush over "Islamic Fascists" comment.  Warns the West of "dangerous consequences" if they do not accept that Islam is a peaceful religion...

Mad, mad world: No more Ronald McDonald. 'Hitler's Cross', fast-food restaurant opens in Mumbai, India -- glorifies Hitler with portraits, images of Nazism, while you eat.
Also related: Hong Kong Nazi Chic.  Move over Che and Mao, its time for new mass-murderer T-shirt images.

British Law Against Glorifying Terrorism Has Not Silenced Calls to Kill for Islam. Perhaps because the Brits haven't got around to actually enforcing this law??

Melanie Phillips: Suicide of the West. Denial is no longer a river in Egypt but a British pathology.

Iranian factories 'mass-produce road-side bombs to kill British in Iraq'

U.S.: Saddam's Anfal campaign included poison gas, 'savage attacks'

Israeli, Lebanese officials warn of '2nd round' of confrontations
One week after "ceasefire", Hezbollah returns to old positions, gets rearmed by Syria and IRan, preparing for new round of attacks.  To Islamic thinking, "ceasefire" means "hudna", a temporary truce only, for re-gathering of forces, to sharpen their knives, and prepare for battle once again.

Killing in God's Name: The UN, which issues statements condemning all sorts of horrific things such as Danish cartoons, and American neo-cons, continually refuses to issue any declaration condemning suicide bombers attacking civilians. This is due to objections from Islamic nations committed to jihad terrorism.  Allah must have his blood.  "It sez so right here in the Koran, we have the right, and the obligation."
Britain plot to blow up 10 jetliners follows recipe of 'Bojinka': 1995 plot aimed to down 10 U.S.-bound aircraft over the Pacific with liquid bombs.
Bojinka was the plot of Ramsi Yousef, now rotting in a Colorado prison cell, who was one of the plotters of the 1993 WTC bombing, who had connections to Iraqi intelligence, who was the cousin of Khalid Shiek Muhammed (one of the 9-11 organizers), and who also may have met with Terry Nichols of the OK-City bombing in the Philippines, where he learned how to construct fertilizer-diesel truck-bombs.  Old stuff, but these were instigators of major terror attacks against Americans, which led us to the current situation. Basically, actors from the same theatre, following the same old script. See prior OBRL-News postings on those real conspiratorial links, specifically in the writings of Fouda and Fielding "Masterminds of Terror", Jayna Davis  "The Third Terrorist", Stephen Hayes "The Connection", or Laurie Mylroie's "Attack on America", or any basic internet search of those author's names along with "9-11" and "Iraq".

Hezbollah continues rearming in violation of UN res.1701, helped with weapons by Lebanese, Syrians, Iraq... UN dithers, as usual, blaming Israel, as usual.

Croatian/Muslim atrocities against Serbs still coming to light -- just like in WW-II with the Ustashis and Handsar SS divisions, the other side of the story...

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

Video: Melanie Phillips on "Londonistan"
From a genuinely brave and authentic journalist.

Video documentary on Islam in Europe: "I, A Muslim", made secretly from inside mosques, makes Muslims' heads explode with rage, because it reveals how much hatred they have towards their European hosts!  28 min With English subtitles.

More BBC Photo Fakery, this time putting a child's life in danger  ("Hey kid, please go stand next to that unexploded 1000-lb bomb, so our photos will be more dramatic...")

More Fake Hezbollah Photos, and fake money... this item filmed by NBC News, but never broadcast (why?) has a video sequence shot in the rubble of the Sidon financial district, showing sheets of US $100 bills, apparently "hot off the counterfeit presses".

Monday, August 21, 2006

UN Envoy: AIDS Criticism is "Lunatic Fringe"

UN Envoy: AIDS Criticism is "Lunatic Fringe"

Another good reason why you should not trust either the United Nations, nor the "AIDS Activists" who are funded by the drug companies to smash down every alternative idea.  South Africa is the only nation on the planet where the health officials give serious credence to other theories of AIDS than the standard "infectious HIV" fundamentalism, and where alternative and natural treatment methods are applied.  Like good fundamentalists whose faith is seriously challenged, however, the UN/WHO "activists" have nothing better to do than to hurl insults and riot in the streets when they don't get their way.

Garlic, lemons and onions, as mentioned below for immune-system boosting, certainly are very powerful health-promoting plants, and certainly a whole lot better for you than toxic AZT pills or other harsh chemotherapy.  But I've not previously heard of beetroot -- will have to try it before the "HIV/AIDS" fanatics burn down the local health food store.  The UN Envoy quoted below is basically agitating for an auto-da-fe against scientific dissenters.  Already UN-AIDS and WHO-AIDS programs promote toxic medications, phoney AIDS testing, medical autocracy, international arm-twisting, no breastfeeding, male circumcision, sexual abstinence, press censorship and suppression of dissent.  Like the old Catholic Inquisition which went hunting for "the Devil" in people's sexuality, and burned people alive to "save their souls", modern AIDS Industry will recommend a whole laundry-list of sex-repressive measures, and burn people into death with toxic drugs "to save them" from theinvisiblevirusthatcausesAIDS, even while honest epidemiological studies deflating the entire fabric of the international AIDS scare go ignored.  The new AIDS Inquisition has no more scientific evidence standing behind it than the old Catholic one.


PS.  For more info, see:

U.N. envoy slams South Africa on AIDS
Activists demand resignation of health minister

Friday, August 18, 2006 Posted: 2144 GMT (0544 HKT)

 AIDS activists in Cape Town, South Africa, call for the arrest of Health Minister Manto Tshabalala Msimang.
CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) -- The South African government promotes "lunatic fringe" AIDS policies, a top U.N. envoy said Friday, as activists occupied government offices and took to the streets demanding the dismissal and arrest of the country's health minister.

"South Africa is the unkindest cut of all," Stephen Lewis, the United Nation's envoy to Africa on HIV/AIDs, told the closing ceremony of the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto.

"It is the only country in Africa, amongst all the countries I have traversed in the last five years, whose government is still obtuse, dilatory and negligent about rolling out treatment," said Lewis. He has complained that the government has effectively barred him from working in South Africa.

In Cape Town, the Treatment Action Campaign staged a demonstration with banners proclaiming "Arrest Manto," saying that Health Minister Manto Tshabalala Msimang should be investigated for causing unnecessary and preventable deaths because of her policies on AIDS.

The protest came after the death in a Durban prison earlier this week of a prisoner with HIV/AIDS.

The group called for a full judicial inquiry into the death, saying the government was to blame for not giving the prisoner anti-retroviral medicines. The Correctional Services Department rejected the criticism as "disingenuous," saying the dead man had been taking anti-AIDS medication and that it was doing everything possible to provide treatment for AIDS.

The dead man, identified only as MM, was one of 15 prisoners who recently won a court case against the Department of Correctional Services and Department of Health for the government to provide medication to prisoners. The government has appealed the ruling.

There are no reliable figures on the number of prisoners with HIV. But among the adult population in general, an estimated 19 percent of people aged 15 to 49, and 30 percent of pregnant women, are infected. An estimated 5.5 million people carry the virus -- the highest total in the world.

Activists have repeatedly demanded the dismissal of Tshabalala-Msimang, accusing her of delaying provision of ARVs.

But it was Lewis who delivered the most devastating indictment of government policies.

"It is the only country in Africa whose government continues to promote theories more worthy of a lunatic fringe than of a concerned and compassionate state," said Lewis. He has often criticized Tshabalala-Msimang's promotion of garlic, onions and beetroot as a remedy for AIDS patients.

Treatment Action Campaign activists stormed the South African stand earlier this week to confiscate the garlic, lemons and beets on display -- a move the health ministry said was "intolerant."

ANC counters envoy, activists

There was no immediate reaction from the health ministry to Lewis' comments. But a statement from the ruling African National Congress described statements he had made earlier during the conference as "unacceptable."

The ANC added that the behavior of the Treatment Action Campaign in Toronto was a "deplorable" attempt to grab international headlines.

"We should not allow the reckless bluster of the TAC to deter us, as a nation, from working together in partnership to address the serious challenges we face in a spirit of cooperation and sincere engagement," it said.

Dozens of activists, led by the Treatment Action Campaign's Zackie Achmat, briefly occupied the offices of the provincial government in Cape Town. They then marched to the Human Rights Commission -- an independent watchdog -- to pressure it to play a bigger role in securing treatment for AIDS patients.

"When good people keep silent, evil people triumph," Achmat, a prominent AIDS activist, told human rights commission representatives. "We've had enough of evil people triumphing. We need good people like you."

The demonstrators then moved into nearby local government headquarters, demanding that authorities do more against the disease.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

More "Saharasia Today" links 18-20 August 2006

More "Saharasia Today" links 18-20 August 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"


Interesting Articles:

Bostom: Making the World Safe for Islamic Sharia Law

Why the "ceasefire" in Lebanon will not last, and when it breaks down, why UN troops might well join in with the jihad war against the Israelis:

What would have followed? (Successful terror explosions on 10 jet aircraft)

Ahmadinejad's Apocalyptic Faith -- In case you thought G.W. Bush's Christianity was the real problem...

Egypt Mufti: "True Face of Blood-Sucking Hebrew Entity Exposed"

Diana West: Retool the War, Part I

"Honor Murder in Italy" Dad and Uncle cut daughter's throat with kitchen knife for dating Italian man.  Allah demands yet another blood sacrifice.,,1851875,00.html

Hezbollah night-vision gear was provided courtesy of the UN, diverted from the UK to Iran and then to Hezbollah in Lebanon.  Thanks, UN!

British "Moderate" Muslim: "dying for your beliefs (ie, suicide bombing) is just", "We Are Muslims in Europe, Not European Muslims" (understand? "your stupid EU laws and human rights will be replaced by Sharia Law once we are in power")

Interesting Video Clips:

More on the Islamic death-cult's child-sacrifice. A list of video clips showing Islam's horrid abuse of its own children, inciting them to racist Jew-hatred, violence, murder and suicide-bombing.  From MEMRI.
British "Moderate" Muslims, raving and shrieking about Jihad and suicide bombing, wiping out the Jews, etc., etc.  Just the usual stuff...
"... anybody in the world, with faith or without faith, must come together in order to eradicate this cancer (Israel) from the body of humanity. [Crowd: Allah -u-Akbar] We are ever grateful to the late Imam Khomenei for starting this occasion. Because the world . . . must never forget al-Quds, must never forget Jerusalem. For us Muslims, Jerusalem is the mother of faith. Al-Quds is in our [argita?], Al-Quds is in our [rebota?] Al-Quds is the . . . cornerstone to our umma. Those who are prepared to sell al-Quds do not represent us, do not speak for us. Those who resist, those who fight, those who . . .jihad . . . against [?], against Zionism are the true representatives of the Palestinians, and all the Muslims regarding the Palestinian issue..." Etc. Etc.

Don't you feel a whole lot better that this guy is a "Moderate"...  Gee, maybe he can advise Tony Blair on how to shape British policy towards Muslims.

Palestinias Guerrilas Using UN Ambulances for transport.

PA ambulance Used to cary a terror bomb.

UN ambulance transports rockets to be used against Israel

Meanwhile, the new United Nations "Human Rights" Council (composed of nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cuba, China) savagely attacked Israel for engaging in "measures of intimidation and terrorism" and votes that every single one of its meetings must always include debate and discussion (read: condemnations) of Israel, as if no other nation on the planet was of concern to the UN.  Iran's genocides, forget it.  Saudi slavery, forget it.  Chinese, North Korean and Cuban political prisons, forget it. Genocide in Darfur, forget it.  Only the "occupied territories" are of interest. (But let's forget also, that virtually all "Muslim lands" are also "occupied territory" following hundreds of years of Muslim jihad conquests.  How did a tiny mysogynist pedophilic death-cult from the middle of the Arabian deserts wind up "occupying" such a large percentage of the Earth?)

Lebanese Muslims mutillating Israeli soldier's corpses.. "dancin' in the streets"... "appalling savagery"

Friday, August 18, 2006

More on Muslim Thuggery & Mass-Media Faking in the Middle East

More on Muslim Thuggery & Mass-Media Faking in the Middle East

There is so much in my inbox que on the issue of "Saharasia Today",
rather than clog up yours with more full articles on these questions,
I will post out only occasional summaries as below... unless
something especially significant warrants it. J.D.

Muslim Media Lying and Intimidation of Honest Journalists

Photojournalism in Crisis, by David D. Perlmutter

Photoshopping history by Kathleen Parker

Green Helmet Guy on Hezbollah TV

Green Helmet Guy Admits Staging Photos, AP Spins Furiously

CNN Coverage Pro-Hezbollah Biased

Lebanese Autos Miraculously Survive Airstrikes, New IAF Missiles
Mimics Sledhammer Damage

Still More Photo Staging Identified

Presenting false images

Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem - New Movie Documentation

And once again, if you have not seen these downloadable movies, then do so:

Photo Fraud in Lebanon

"Pallywood" -- Fabrications of the Palestinian Hollywood

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem - New Movie Documentation

Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem - New Movie Documentation

This incredible evidence speaks to one of the cardinal episodes of 20th Century Middle-East history, which set the stage for many of the problems being grappled with today -- as I have argued for many years, much of the contemporary violence against Israel today is "left-over business" since WW-II, stimulated by German National Socialism through its primary agent, the Mufti of Jerusalem. While many have seen the still-photos of the meetings between Hitler and the Mufti,
this new internet-posted video link presents the only known movies of their meeting.

Here's the official description:

This news report from Bayerischer Rundfunk explains in detail the cooperation between the Nazis and the Muslim Arab leaders during WW2.

It goes on to explain how high ranking heads of the SS fled to the Arab world and carried on their activities under the protection of leaders such as President Nasser and how modern Islam has adopted a Nazi style ideology of hate and conspiracy against the Jews.

Thanks to the Editrix ( for providing the translation and revealing this ray of light in the darkness of vitriolic reporting about Israel in the German media.

It is in German-language, with English subtitles. Here are some key elements of the text:

"June 1941. The Whermacht attacks the Soviet Union, for Hitler the center of the Jewish world conspiracy. From there, he intends to push further into the Middle East. For this plan, Hitler finds an ally in the Arab world. The Fuhrer received the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the most influential men within the Arab nationalism. Here in the Reichskanzlei, a cooperation of many years between Hitler and the Grand Mufti takes off. Both have the same enemy: The Jews. The Mufti calls for Holy War under the swastika. He takes the lead of the Bosnian SS-division called Handzar."

... 1944...The Nazis get in the remote spa of Oybin in Saxony a secure place for the Mufti to hide. The lordly villa of the Mufti, the office building of his staff, and for the entourage a little chateaux. 1945, Hitler's Mufti elopes and travels unharmed to Cairo, and continues spreading his hate against Jews. The Egypt of the revolution under the Egyptian President Nasser provides a home for German Nazis like Johannes von Leers, one of the most odious NS propagandists. According to the CIA documents show Leers had been head of "Odessa" the infamous organization of former members of the SS. According to the CIA, it was the Mufti of all people who made Leers convert to Islam. Until his death, the Mufti never had to answer for his Jew-hatred. He has preached all during those years that there was a global Jewish conspiracy and that Jews are an inferior category of people. He has fully absorbed what the National Socialist ideology had taught him. The mental poison spread by the Mufti is effective even today. For example, in a bookshop in Cairo we find Hitler's "Mein Kampf" next to piles of antisemitic global conspiracy literature, including the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", finding their way into the news. Almost like Iran's President Ahmadinejad who goes on and on denying the holocaust and who has the Lebanese Hezbollah dangling from his strings. Especially repulsive: The TV channel of the Lebanese Hezbollah even broadcast a dramatization of the unspeakable "Protocols". Today racial antisemitism is established as a distinct ideology. This is also contained in the charter of of the radical "Palestinian" government party Hamas. In this charter Hamas relies, of all things, on the anti-Jewish "Protocols" -- exactly like Adolf Hitler in "Mein Kampf". Thus, a circle is closed with the pact between Adolf Hitler and the Mufti.

This documentary only scratches the surface, however, and much more is found in the book "The Nazi Foundations of Islamic Terror" by Chuck Morse, offered in the OBRL on-line bookstore, in the "Saharasia Today" section:
For example, the Handzar Bosnian Muslim SS massacred nearly a million Serbs, Gypsies and Jews in the Balkans, and the Mufti was supported by the wealth of Jews killed in the death camps, wealth he took with him to Egypt for financing translations of Nazi propaganda into Arabic and other Muslim languages, including of "Mein Kampf" and "Protocols". He was followed to Egypt by many old SS officers who collectively escaped punishment for their war-crimes. They converted to Islam, took Muslim names, and were given commands within the Egyptian military, and in other Muslim armies, which attacked the new state of Israel in 1947, and repeatedly thereafter. The Mufti became the "spiritual founding father" of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the young Yassir Arafat became his protege.

But there is more to this stinking heap:

The first Nazi detachments dispatched in the spring of 1943 to liquidate the Warsaw ghetto were drawn from the Mufti's Muslim troops, as regular German divisions did not wish to partake of the awful slaughter required of them. (see Halina Gorcewicz in her book "Why, Oh God, Why?") The Muslim SS divisions were the worst of the worst, more cruel and savage than the typical SS division, which were bad enough. Influences from the Mufti and Nazi ideology are today found throughout the Arab League, Muslim Brotherhood, Baathist Socialism of Syria and Iraq, and virtually every Muslim terror group.

While Islam has historically been saturated with its own Jew-hatred and conquest-ideology from purely Koranic perspectives, the intersection of modern Islam with elements of National Socialism and modern Jewish conspiracy theory adds to its intellectual underpinnings a fictional history and rationalization of its own religo-racialist superiority and destiny towards world domination. All they lack is the Western weaponry of the Whermacht by which to enforce their will upon others... but even this may not be necessary, thanks to sucide-bombers, long-distance missiles, and atomic weaponry, and willing crowds of a fanatical Muslim "fifth column" already existing in every major Western nation today. It is all the perfect ingredients for social blackmail and violence, something already seen in terror attacks or attempts against Western targets, and the veiled threats even from "moderate Muslim leaders" that Muslim communities "might become violent" if law-enforcement goes after the terrorists within their Western enclaves.

Review this material and learn, or ignore it at your peril. History is repeating itself in an accelerating drama.

If Today's New York Times Editors were in Charge in 1943...

If Today's New York Times Editors were in Charge in 1943...
They would claim the "Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Is an Over-Reaction"

From via Michelle Malkin:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

CNN Coverage Pro-Hezbollah Biased

No surprise here, except that it gets reported at all.  J.D.

CNN Int'l snubs Israeli civilians
Highly unbalanced report mostly ignores plight of Israeli civilians, portrays Israelis as soldiers and politicians in suits, while coverage from Lebanon features in-depth interviews with Lebanese civilians and images of children and ruins; no mention of large number of Israelis displaced from their homes in north
Yaakov Lappin
The anatomy of bias: A CNN International in-depth report from Israel and Lebanon unveiled the full extent of bias at work behind the global news network's coverage of the Israel  - Hizbullah  war.
Scant attention is paid to Israeli civilians, while a long report featuring images and interviews of
Lebanese  civilians followed. The report's startling lack of representation of the suffering experienced by so many Israeli civilians stood in stark contrast to the interviews and video footage taken of Lebanese children and scenes of wreckage shown from across Lebanon.
Ignoring Bombardment of Israel
Foreign media sidelines Haifa / Yaakov Lappin
(VIDEO) Sections of the international media omit scenes of bombed out Haifa, remain aloof to anti-Hizbullah voices in Lebanon
Full Story
The report began with an account of Haifa by a CNN female correspondent. During the report, there is a single, brief image of Israeli civilians, sitting at a café in Haifa. The picture remains on the screen for a number of seconds, before the journalist is seen being interviewed by the CNN anchor.
"Well some Arab Israelis were very upset when rockets struck their homes and three people died, and all of them were Arab Israelis, and they were complaining that they have hadn't been built bunkers like Israeli Jews in this city," said the journalist, answering a question about relations between Jews and Arabs in Haifa. She later said the answer depended on "who you asked."
The report did not mention any Israeli casualties, and no interviews with Israeli civilians were conducted.
Other than a momentary statistic appearing on the screen, there is no mention of the large number of Israelis who have become displaced from their homes in the north, and the journey home which awaits them to homes possible destroyed by Hizbullah rockets - although on the Lebanese side of the border, the report takes a long look at the return of Lebanese refugees to their homes in southern Lebanon.
There were no interviews from Israeli hospitals, and no mention made of the million Israelis who had been living in bomb shelters for almost a month. Also glaringly absent were images of destroyed homes and buildings across northern Israel.
A report then followed by CNN's Paul Hancocks, focusing exclusively on Israeli domestic politics. "The military battle for Israel's prime minister is over for the time being. The political battle has just begun. Critics claimed Olmert has gone to war hastily and ill prepared," said Hancocks, before film of Olmert's Knesset speech was shown. The report showed internal Knesset wrangling and the ejection of two Knesset members.
By the time CNN's correspondents had completed their coverage from Israel, it became clear that CNN had little interest in placing individual faces and names to the suffering on the Israeli side, let alone mentioning the extent and scope of the war damage.
Second half very different
The second half of the report, by CNN's Ben Wiederman, was dramatically different.
The report was saturated with images of Lebanese children playing in ruins, blood stains, destroyed buildings, and personal accounts of Lebanese families attempting to head back to south Lebanon.
It was introduced by CNN's anchor, who said: "Nasrallah also acknowledged the deaths and the destruction of the Lebanese homes, but he said Hizbullah would be ready to help rebuild."
"It was a morning like so many other recent mornings in Tyre. And then there was silence. The ceasefire went into effect at 8 AM local time. And with the prospect of calm, it didn't take long for many of Lebanon's refugees, estimated at more than a million, to pack their belongings, and head south towards home," Wiederman said.
"Beirut's Sinara park has become a temporary refuge. But Monday morning some decided it was to go back. To what, they weren't sure," he added.
Beginning one of a number of interviews with Lebanese civilians, the report continued: "'We're returning to our village but we're not sure if we'll be able to get there,' said this man from a village outside Tyre."
Suggesting that Israel would target Lebanese civilians heading back to Lebanon, Wiederman said: "Last week Israel warned that it would target any car south of the Litani river. The warning remains in effect. But few seem to heed it. Rather they chose to savor the thought that Hizbullah has emerged from this war in their opinion victorious."
"The 33 day conflict has left the Lebanese economy in ruins. Thousands of homes have been destroyed by Israeli land air and sea bombardment, and over a thousand Lebanese, mostly civilians, have been killed during the fighting," Wiederman continued, as images of Lebanese children and wrecked debris flashed across the screen.
Wiederman's report was then followed by an item on the struggle aid workers to get into southern Lebanon.
During earlier coverage on Sunday, CNN chose the word "resistance" to describe Hizbullah's actions in Lebanon - a term used by Hizbullah - as well as Hamas - to describe their own attacks - implicitly presuming that armed jihad organizations are 'resisting' and defending against aggression, rather than initiating it.
A succession of images followed, showing a Lebanese woman alone among ruins, followed immediately by a photograph of smiling Israeli soldiers with guns raised in the air. No context or explanations of when and where the photos were taken are provided.

Yes, the problem is 'Islamic fascism' - UK Article

More on media manipulations, and the instructive power of words.

"Islamic Fascism" is a reasonable expression of the Saharasian extreme-armored violent character structure, and extreme-patrist social organization.  It is perhaps not always the best term to use, but catches the essence closely.  One is reminded that during WW-II, the "Shinto religion" included worship of the Emperor of Japan as a "god".  So the invasion of China, the Philippines, SE Asia, the massive and joyful killings of civilians by the Japanese Imperial Army, Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, etc., were all within the context of their "religious expression" -- they were merely killing off the inferior humans, making way for the superior Japanese whose "destiny" was to rule the world.  And after all, their "god Hirohito" was commanding it, and his word was passed through the entire populations of Japanese by a small army of fanatical Shinto and Buddhist priests.  How different is this from contemporary Islam, where Muhammed's words via the Koran and Hadiths instruct ordinary people in basic social living, behavior, and thinking?  Their agendas also include world conquest and wiping away of the non-believer, and they are not ashamed to openly say it, even if the MSM rarely reports it.  The answer: there is no difference.  Expect more "Pearl Harbors" even as the Islamic diplomats make "peace talk".  J.D.


Yes, the problem is 'Islamic fascism'

It took President George W. Bush to tell the truth to Britain about the massive plot to blow US-bound airliners out of the sky. In his first comment on the apparently foiled attempt to explode airliners flying from Britain to the US, Bush put it simply: "This was a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists."

He is right. But in the early news reports in Britain the words "Islamist" or "Muslim" were hardly emphasized. Let alone "extremist" or the dread word "fascist." Instead the common code words on television were that the 24 men arrested were "British-born" and "of Pakistani origin."

No mention of their Islamist ideology. Did the BBC think they might turn out to be from Pakistan's embattled Christian minority? I don't think so.

In Europe the truth is so terrible that we are in denial. Perhaps it is understandable. We simply do not wish to face the fact that we really are threatened by a vast fifth column - that there are thousands of European-born people, in Britain, in France, in Holland, in Denmark, everywhere - who wish to destroy us. They are part of a wider war, what Tony Blair rightly calls an "arc of extremism" - Islamist extremism.

YOU SEE this denial in the coverage of Israel's war against Hizbullah.

Civilian deaths in Lebanon are utterly tragic. But if you watched only British television, particularly the BBC, you would be hard-pressed to understand that Israel has been forced into a war for its survival, one in which Iran has empowered its proxy, Hizbullah, to undertake the final solution of "the Zionist entity."

The fact that since Israel pulled out of southern Lebanon six years ago Hizbullah has been allowed to hijack the whole area to create a vast attack station whose purpose is only to destroy Israel, is taken for granted and certainly not shown to be a cause for opprobrium.

Protesters in London have been marching through the streets carrying banners proclaiming "We Are All Hizbullah Now."

Do they know that every Lebanese child killed is a triumph for Hizbullah and a tragedy for Israel, as well as for Lebanon? Do they know that among the prisoners Hassan Nasrallah demands that Israel release are men arrested after rejoicing in smashing out the brains of Israeli children?

Do they know that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the eager seeker of nuclear weapons, considers the utter destruction of Israel an Iranian priority? Or that Hizbullah's Nasrallah has said that he wished all Jews would gather in Israel so they could all be destroyed at once; and that there is no creature more disgusting in the world than a Jew, "and note that I said a Jew, not an Israeli"?

THE AWFUL thing is that many of those who march in support of Hizbullah may well know such things. Those who don't know them don't want to trouble themselves.

And it's not just the extremist marchers. Reasonable, conventional armchair critics concentrate on the mistakes of Israel rather than the evil ideology of Hizbullah. They refuse to acknowledge that a small, decent society is now literally under the threat of death from an illegal fascistic military machine built throughout the hills, valleys, towns and villages of southern Lebanon.

As the American historian Victor Davis Hanson recently pointed out in these pages, there is a kind of moral madness at work here.

We refuse to admit that there is a pattern to global terrorism. European papers are frightened to publish cartoons which some Muslim leaders demand we censor, but are happy to portray the Israelis as latter-day Nazis. Not for nothing does Hanson say we have forgotten the terrible lessons of 1938.

IN A LIVE BBC interview recently, I called Hizbullah "Islamo-fascists." The interviewer said nervously, "That's a very controversial description." I replied that it was merely accurate. She brought the interview to a swift close.

But how else should one describe a military machine that marches under the banner of a demagogic leader who seeks above all to kill Jews?

Its not just Hizbullah, of course. The same ideology of hate and destruction motivates al-Qaida, perhaps the inspiration, if not the controller, of the arrested British bombers.

In Britain we are actually quite lucky. We have a prime minister who, in my view, has committed many, many errors at home; but abroad Tony Blair has a clear vision, both moral and pragmatic, of the threat that we face.

And for this he is mocked and abused as nothing more than Bush's "poodle."

In a thoughtful recent speech in Los Angeles Blair spoke of fighting an "arc of extremism." That extremism is Islamic extremism, whether it is inspired al-Qaida or by Teheran, whether its foot soldiers are Sunni or Shi'ite, whether they were born in Britain, or southern Lebanon, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else.

As Blair said: The battle is over the values that are to govern the future of the worlds. "Are they those of tolerance, freedom, respect for difference and diversity; or those of reaction, division, hatred?"

"This is war," said Blair.

Alas, it is. Wherever they were born, the men who want to blow up airliners, who want to destroy Israel and, not coincidentally, who want to kill all hope of a decent society in Iraq - are Islamo-fascists who are united in hatred of us.

The sooner we in Europe understand that, and that they must be defeated, the safer everyone - Christians, Jews, Muslims, and non-believers - will be.

The writer is author of Allies - Why the West Had to Remove Saddam.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Real Reason for Hezbollah Agreeing to a Cease-Fire in Lebanon

The Real Reason for Hezbollah Agreeing to a Cease-Fire in Lebanon

"Oiy, Muhammed, we can't continue doing this for much longer.
Yeah, Ali, we'll have to go back to the old way, of strapping bombs on our beloved children."

Stalinists + Islamo-Fascists Organize Rallies

Stalinists + Islamo-Fascists Organize Rallies;
Ignorant Sheep Follow Along, Nodding and Bleating.

Below are links to stunning photo coverage of "peace" demonstrations recently held in Washington DC, Toronto, San Francisco and Paris, organized by the Stalinist "peace" group ANSWER Coalition (a spin-off of International ANSWER) or various Maoist-communist factions, the same folk who supported the Tienanmin Square Massacre and who consider North Korea to be an ideal state.  Such groups have in the past called for liberal women to wear the Muslim veil when marching in the streets with the pro-terror fanatics, "out of respect for our Muslim brothers and sisters" -- this time, their male "protest handlers" were dressed in Muslim garb as well. By the beards one could think Hezbollah representatives were in charge.  The leftist-Islamic alliance could not be more clear.  Obviously, they are anti-USA and anti-Israel. And pro-Muslim-terror as is clear enough when one reviews what they have to say on their signs, the flags they wave, and so on.

These websites will show you what really happened at those demonstrations, as the MSM has mostly filtered out these hate-documenting photos as made by the various independent bloggers. Apparently some MSM newspapers are claiming "no supporters of Hezbollah were at the rallies", "there were ordinary Americans and no terror supporters", etc. -- an obvious lie revealed through the photos gathered below.  It is worth the time to review them, if only to contrast against what you've got from your local news sources.  I heard myself a tape-recording from a recent "anti-war" rally in San Francisco, where a man with a Middle East accent shouted through a megaphone "we support Hezbollah" and "we support Hamas" -- the crowd mindlessly roared back the same phrases in return.  Remember the "Sieg Heil" photos posted to OBRL-News some time back, of Hamas and Hezbollah guys making the Nazi salute to their favorite mullahs?  THAT is what the people at these rallies are supporting, and it has nothing to do with "peace" (except, the peace of the grave for those whom the Muslim terror fanatics want to kill).

These protests are basically a scream against freedom, against sexuality, against life and love, and for totalitarianism.  One sees men concealing their faces with the Muslim keffiya, the veiled women, the obvious support for terror factions, openly vile racism, and so on, along with many "fashionable fascists" of the West. No protests at all against Muslim atrocities.  Signs held high with photos of the worst of the terrorist mullahs, or of the communist butcher Mao, or Castro's executioner Che Guevara, and so on.  Many of the "useful idiots" (by the communists' own language) are in attendance, of course, and are typically clue-less about what it is they are supporting, which is the establishment of Jeddah and Tehran, with crane-hoist hangings of rebellious teenage girls and homosexuals, "honor" murdering of sexual women, public stonings and suicide bombers, right in the middle of Western nations.  J.D.

Washington, D.C.


San Francisco

This one includes photos of the counter-protest in San Francisco, and actually got coverage in the SF Chronicle... but the more stark and hate-filled photos as give in the above weblinks are not to be found.

Paris also... really nice red flags with portraits of Mousie Dung (oops, I mean Mao Zedong), and other mass-murderers, right along side those of Hizbullah.  "LIBERTE! FRATERNITAE! JIHAD!"

And the following item sums up exactly everything I've been saying about Islam over years.  You will see hundreds of protestors in sympathy with Muslim rocketing of the hated jews, expousing 9-11 conspiracy theory, the Bush Derangement Syndrome and so forth, but not one protest against this recent plot for mass-murder on 10 jetliners, or the use of babies (!) as part of the plot.  No protests against that, only protests against the UK police for daring to arrest the plotters and prevent their butchery!

The Family that Kills Together:
Baby was to be used as living bomb to take down jetliner.,22049,20116279-5001021,00.html
Bottle and baby used as bomb
By Fiona Hudson
A HUSBAND and wife arrested in the British terror raids allegedly planned to take their six-month-old baby on a mid-air suicide mission.
Scotland Yard police are quizzing Abdula Ahmed Ali, 25, and his 23-year-old wife Cossor over suspicions they were to use their baby's bottle to hide a liquid bomb.
The pair are among up to 23 suspects being questioned over a plot to bring down nine airliners over five US cities, killing thousands of people in the air and on the ground. 

Sunday, August 13, 2006

More on Middle East Media Manipulations

Here are a few dowloadable items which speak to the issue of Islamic propaganda and media manipulations in the Middle East, and how western reporters either ignorantly or willfully help to spread the propaganda.

Also, two related documentaries from Honest Reporting:

Here's a few other revealing items on the recent stage-managed photos which went world-wide from news organizations.


fuer die Deutsches sprechen:

Krieg mit Bildern

The Left joins hands with the Islamic fanatics

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Media Lies and Hezbollah's Human Shields

Media Lies and Hezbollah's Human Shields
By Jacob Laksin | August 10, 2006

Those seeking evidence of the far-Left's "see-no-evil" approach to the war on Islamic terrorism generally and Israel's war against the genocide-minded Hezbollah in particular need only consider the case of Last week, the magazine published a dispatch ostensibly debunking the "myth" that Hezbollah hides among civilians, thereby incurring Israeli fire and endangering Lebanese civilians. This claim, according to author Mitch Prothero, "is almost always false."

What is immediately striking about the report is not merely that it is untrue, but that from the onset it gives the lie to its own thesis. Setting the scene, Prothero writes:

The locals knew that the 10-story apartment building had been the office, and possibly the residence, of Sheik Tawouk, the Hezbollah commander for the south, so they had moved their families out at the start of the war. The landlord had refused to rent to Hezbollah when they requested the top floors of the building. No matter, the locals said, the Hezb guys just moved in anyway in the name of the "resistance." Everyone knew that the building would be hit eventually.

From the evidence that a top Hezbollah fighter had chosen a civilian residence for his base of operations, over the persistent objection of his fellow tenants, Prothero concludesŠthe exact opposite: "Although Israel targets apartments and offices because they are considered 'Hezbollah' installations, the group has a clear policy of keeping its fighters away from civilians as much as possible," he writes. In yet another spasm of cognitive dissonance, Prothero records a visit to a Lebanese village where he finds that a "handful of people in the town include some from Hezbollah's political wing." Improbably, this detail only fortifies Prothero's conviction that Hezbollah takes pains to "avoid civilians." Further on Prothero assures the reader that Hezbollah would never mix with noncombatants because its leadership recognizes "that letting their fighters near outsiders of any kind -- journalists or Lebanese, even Hezbollah supporters -- is stupid." At the same time, Prothero admits that Lebanese with "the look of Hezbollah always found me." Stupidity does not begin to cover it.

Lest one doubt his expurgated account of the terrorists' tactics, Prothero states that "[e]very other journalist I know who has covered Hezbollah has had the same experience." If so, he might consider broadening his professional horizons. While Prothero was busily suppressing evidence of the Islamists in his midst, a number of news reports confirmed what longtime observers of Hezbollah already knew: The Shiite terrorist faction intentionally positions itself amid civilians. It does so, moreover, in the knowledge that converting civilian areas into makeshift battle stations, complete with
rocket emplacements and command centers, is a sure-fire way of prompting Israeli counterattacks and the inevitable civilian deaths that serve as the group's most effective weapon in its propaganda war against the Jewish state. Consider the following list of news items:
    *       Throughout the current fighting, Hezbollah has prevented civilians from leaving their villages prior to Israeli military strikes.
       *       Hezbollah has used mosques as weapons depots, using them to stockpile weapons and ammunition and to launch ambushes on IDF forces. Senior IDF officials have further revealed that Hezbollah, acting on the conviction that Israel would not attack Lebanese residential areas, has taken to concealing long-range rockets in specially-designed rooms built in houses in southern Lebanese villages.
   *       Hezbollah has repeatedly fired rockets from civilian population centers. Aerial footage collected by the IDF unmistakably shows Hezbollah rockets being fired from civilian areas near Qana, the site of the July 30 air strike that was widely condemned as an unprovoked attack on civilians by Israel.
        *       A New York Times story on Christians fleeing Lebanon quoted a young Christian man, Fayad Hanna Amar, from the village of Ain Eben, deploring Hezbollah's tactics. "Hezbollah came to Ain Ebel to shoot its rockets," Amar told the Times. "They are shooting from between our houses." Amar said that Hezbollah fighters had poured into his village in groups of two and three in order to launch rockets, forcing the Israeli army to return fire.
    *       A July 28 press release [pdf] by the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) noted that "Hezbollah fired from the vicinity of five UN positions" in southern Lebanon and explained that a "number of troops in some Ghanaian battalion positions is somewhat reduced because of the increased safety risk for the troops due to frequent incidents of Hezbollah firing from the vicinity of the positions" and Israeli retaliation.
    *       Mere days before he was killed in an Israeli strike on a UN post in Lebanon, an unarmed Canadian United Nations observer had written privately that Hezbollah was using the post to fire rockets into Israel. Of Israeli bombings, Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedner wrote that "[t]his has not been deliberate targeting, but rather due to tactical necessity." As a former UN commander told the Ottawa Citizen, "What that means is, in plain English, 'We've got Hezbollah fighters running around in our positions, taking our positions here and then using us for shields and then engaging the (Israeli Defence Forces)."
   *       After touring south Beirut, a Hezbollah stronghold, UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland demanded that "Hezbollah must stop this cowardly blending...among women and children." Added Egeland: "I heard they were proud because they lost very few fighters and that it was the civilians bearing the brunt of this. I don't think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men."
        *       Israeli troops freshly returned from battling Hezbollah fighters in the village of Taibeh this weekend gave the following reason for the terrorists' tenacity: "We can never beat them completely because we have to obey certain rules. They operate from within civilian populations, and can do whatever they like."
*       One need not rely on news reports alone. The most powerful proof that Hezbollah wages war amid civilians comes in the form of photographs smuggled out of Lebanon and published by Australia's Herald Sun newspaper, and which show armed Hezbollah fighters deployed in the center of a residential district.   
The above list is by no means exhaustive. What's more, Hezbollah's disregard for civilian life antedates the current conflict--a fact corroborated by some of Israel's harshest critics. In her largely sympathetic 1997 portrait of the terror group, Hezbollah, Arab journalist Hala Jaber extensively detailed that Hezbollah not only does not shun civilians, as its apologists allege, but it is very much dependent on their support. "The continued presence of civilians in the area [southern Lebanon] is vital for the movement and protection of Hezbollah fighters: the success of the Islamic Resistance depends upon the cooperation and hospitality of the villagers for their support," Jaber wrote. "Hezbollah therefore demands that civilians remain in their homes and villages in the face of Israeli threats and reprisals. In return, it guarantees them assistance and ensures that they are provided with all the requirements necessary for their-day-to-day survival." [1] (It goes nearly without saying that those who now denounce Israel for imposing "collective punishment" on the Lebanese people cannot be troubled to address this inconvenient history.)
No less a critic of Israel than the journalist
Robert Fisk pointed out in his 2001 book, Pity the Nation, that Lebanese on more than one occasion accused Israeli forces of targeting civilian areas when in fact they were striking back at Hezbollah. Fisk recounted that in the aftermath of the 1996 Israeli strike on a UN compound near the Lebanese village of Qana, in which over 100 civilians were killed, the "Lebanese would drift from the truth -- claiming that there was no Hezbollah men firing from the village," and that the Israelis had deliberately targeted civilians. The facts told a different tale: Hezbollah guerillas had purposely fired Katyusha rockets in the vicinity of the base. "It was not the first time the guerillas had fired their missiles at the Israelis from near a U.N. position," Fisk observed. [2]
But facts did not survive the bombing. Although Hezbollah had instigated the attack by firing missiles, Israel alone reaped the world's opprobrium. In his book Faith At War, Wall Street Journal reporter Yaroslav Trofimov, who covered Israel's fitful fight against Hezbollah in the 90s, noted that international outcry at the 1996 attack forced Israel to halt its offensive, granting Hezbollah a diplomatic reprieve, and, not least, furnishing grist for Osama bin Laden's murderous sermonizing: "Qana took pride of place in Bin Laden's speeches justifying jihad against crusaders and Jews." [3]
There can be little doubt that Israel's failure to defeat Hezbollah would have the same effect on the jihadists and their sponsors throughout the Middle East. And yet, by attributing the blame for civilian deaths solely to Israel, that is precisely the end that many on the Left, echoed by European plenipotentiaries and Arab potentates, have in mind.
In their efforts is a profound irony. Whereas Israel makes every effort to avoid civilians, Hezbollah not only does not have a similar policy but actually regards attacks on civilians as a legitimate strategy--even when those civilians are Muslims. As Hala Jaber has noted, "Religious scholars have, according to Hezbollah, deduced that if the enemy uses Muslims as human shields, then Muslim fighters can kill them in their quest to eliminate the enemy." Hezbollah has justified its own use of human shields on similarly utilitarian grounds, reasoning, in Jaber's summary, that "any action which constrains the enemy and foils their schemes is permissible under Islam." This of course is a direct violation of Geneva Convention, which states in Article 51: "The civilian population as such, as well as individual civilians, shall not be the subject of attack."
Not that critics are eager to publicize the fact. Listening to some of the detractors of Israel's military campaign against Hezbollah, one might think that Israel alone has violated international law. Certainly that has been the emphasis of groups like Human Rights Watch, which has issued a 50-page report tendentiously titled "Fatal Strikes: Israel's Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon," charging the Israeli military with a "disturbing disregard for the lives of Lebanese civilians." Not to be outdone, Amnesty International has claimed that Israeli bombs "fall indiscriminately on women, children, ambulances, rescue workers and other innocent victims of this escalating conflict. These deliberate attacks violate international humanitarian law and constitute war crimes." Parallel with their denunciations of Israel, these groups continue to downplay the fact that Hezbollah has turned civilian areas in southern Lebanon and south Beirut into a private war zone, while equating Israel's accidental attacks on civilians with the deliberate campaign of slaughter waged by Hezbollah.
As in the past, the undisguised intent of this critical barrage is to bring international pressure to bear on Israel and force a premature end to Israeli military operations. Instead of capitulating to these demands, Israel will be far better served by heeding the counsel of Hezbollah's 1985
manifesto, which features a section headed "The Necessity for the Destruction of Israel." "Our struggle will end only when this entity is obliterated," the manifesto states. "We recognize no treaty with it, no cease-fire, no peace agreements." Only by adopting the same logic and disregarding the attacks of those who hope, yet again, to rescue Hezbollah from a war of its own making, can Israel prevail.
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