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Letter Regarding Two Jewish Friends Under Assault

The following letter was recently sent out to a friend, regarding two secular Jewish friends who are under assault by the growing trend towards Islamic Fascism and Red Fascism, firstly in France and then in Bolivia.  As I have argued with evidence on many occasions, the left-wing and Islamofascists have joined forces against healthy people of more moderate views.   J.D.


Dear A.,

Thank you for the confirmation that it was Ami Cammarella, the son of one of Europe's very few classically-trained orgonomists, who was interviewed, though I wish it were not so.
http://tundratabloi d.blogspot. com/2009/ 12/tundra- tabloids- exclusive- rise-of-anti. html
I hope everyone without our small group will have the courage to read his story, and consider the implications, how this thing is only going to get worse because its essential characteristics, of Islamic Jew-hatred, are not being rationally considered.

What an outrage.  But Ami is making the right decision to get out.  I know from speaking with others, that Dr. Cammarella Sr. himself is under serious assault from hard-left political factions in France, who hate the "late Reich" of orgone energy and anti-communism, and so wanted to preserve the "young Reich" who spoke favorably of Marx, but nothing more beyond psychoanalysis and sex-pol.   Cammarella Sr. is hated all the more for daring to openly stand up to such people, to defend the later Reich of bions, orgone energy, cloudbusting and anti-communism.   I still remember his Conference in Nice required everyone to walk through metal detectors, as he feared being shot.  At the time I thought that was an over-reaction, but today, knowing more about the Left, it was a reasonable precaution.

It is also true that Ami Cammarella's decision to leave is not an isolated thing.   Jewish people (religious and secular) are leaving France in very large numbers today, not seen since the Hitler years, because of the growing Muslim populations, which have brought forth increased violence and Jew-hatred.  This problem is mostly ignored by the liberal-socialist governments of Europe.  Policies towards "Eurabian" cultural exchange and immigration have been in place for decades, for which European governments have been fully compliant to get cheap labor from the Middle East, but for which no Muslim government has ever lived up to their side of the agreements (ie, to stop terror and incitement to violence, to allow free trade and Christian churches on their lands, to stop persecution of their minorities, to open up for free-press and democracy in their nations, etc.)

Here's an interesting item on "Not your parent's France", which captures the essentials of the problem, from street-level where the Top Hats of Paris rarely venture.

And here's another case that rocked the Jewish communities of France, the barbaric community-wide slaughter of Ilan Halimis, a French Jew, for whom even the French police could not be bothered to help.
French Muslims today show his picture around here and there, in happiness, so as to tell everyone "we are the boss", or "you are next".  They are organizing in a manner no different from the old Nazi SA thugs, and are just as sadistic and deadly.

The film "Monsieur Batignole" comes to mind, which is still available on DVD:
I know many stories about how the French police were willfully involved in the arresting and handing-over of Jews to the Nazis for deportation to extermination camps -- Ami Cammarella's grandmother was one such victim -- and most of this information has been censored from publicity in France.  Old French concentration camps for Jewish deportation are today erased from the landscape and from history books, and it was a crime for French movies and books to show photos documenting such things up until only the last 20 years or so.

Today is not quite so bad as that, but how much longer until Muslim populations grow to majority status, and then Jews, Muslim apostates, independent women and critics of Islam (blasphemers) will be hunted down with full legal authority as they are today in the Muslim nations?  How long until the concept of "Human Rights" as we know them from several hundred years of liberal democratic tradition, will be replaced with "Muslim Human Rights", which is the new concept being brandished by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, with UN support and approvals, and which basically declared in Nazi-like manner that Muslim rights and privileges are supreme (superior) over all others.  Part of this is the new "hate speech" laws which make it a crime to speak truth about Islam, such as the fact that Muhammed was a war-lord who personally cut off hundreds of heads, that he was a polygamist rapist and pedophile, taking over 20 enslaved women and even a 9-year old girl into his bed, and having additional dozens of concubines, declaring his "faithful" should kill Jews, should lie to infidels, should conquer the world!  Secular tradition in the Western democracies has smashed down the Church, forbidding any alliances with the State.  But Mosque and State are one in Islamic Sharia Law, which advances daily into our communities.  Even here in tiny rural Ashland Oregon, we have a mosque whose leader fled criminal prosecution for sending money to Hamas terrorists!  And only 20 miles from my Greensprings Center, there was a terrorist training camp where Muslims came to shoot machine-guns and learn how to chop off heads and make bombs!   Thankfully the FBI shut down both of those things, but every year, the numbers of incidents grows, as does the hate-mail I get from Islamic fanatics.

If you read my OBRL-News postings, or the websites I typically reference for such information, then none of this will be of surprise:

But A., I do not see any "right-wing" element at work here, neither in the violence, nor in any larger reaction against it. La Pen in France has not yet won any major elections, nor has the Mussolini-granddaughter party in Italy, to my knowledge. And there is much evidence to show the real neo-Nazi/skin-head types are making alliances with the hard-left communists and Muslim factions, against the more healthy middle.  They all hate moderate people and democracy, except as they can exploit democracy to gain power, after which they will subvert it, or eliminate it.

Most often, it appears that moderate old-style liberals and ordinary conservatives are joining forces to confront Muslim-Leftist thuggery, to the displeasure of their liberal-left governments and news media types, the "multi-culturalist" people as you say who are united with the Muslim factions.  Those moderates are then wrongly condemned as "right-wing".

So for example, the liberal democratic Dutch MP Geert Wilders is regularly tarred as a "racist right-winger" for what I see is a fully accurate assessment of Islam as a combined religious and political movement similar to Nazism or Communism, and aimed at a global take-over.  I was also often accused of the same thing, for my Saharasia work, even well before I started making public commentary on Islamic fascism and terrorism.

Nearly nobody dares to stand up and openly say what is going on.  When they do, they are denounced as "right-wingers" or "racists" by the liberal-left people, and by Muslim authorities, who also secretly organize to make death-threats against the person who speaks out.  As with the many strong ex-Muslim women who merely report on the cruelties they experienced personally, or saw with their own eyes in their communities -- such as Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish or Wafa Sultan.  Or non-Muslim women who dared to speak out, and were then basically run out of their home nation by combined Red and Muslim hatred, such as Oriana Fallaci.

I suppose all this is the background reason for Ami Camarella's concern, for the life and safety of his family.  If I were a Jew living in Europe, and not just France, I would get out as well.  Ami Cammarella is simply one of the first I know about, in my small circle of contacts, to flee the coming storm that seems organizing to wash Europe with blood once more.

In a related sense, I could not even begin to list the number of incidents I have observed, or were subjected to, where stark Jew-hatred or America-hatred was expressed by Europeans, in a manner they never expressed towards Nazi Germany, or Communist Russia, Cambodia, Vietnam or China, who collectively killed hundreds of millions. Even some European "Reichians" have fallen victim to this plague of Red-Islamic Jew-hatred, who seemed to have no sense of embarrassment about "the Jew" Wilhelm Reich, whose work they supposedly champion.  This again seems to be a left-wing thing, the joining of pro-Marx, pro-Muhammed, anti-Zionist, anti-capitalist ideologies.

Just two weeks ago, a correspondent of mine in Bolivia, Carlos Aliaga -- a decent and lively Jewish socialist writer-artist who shares with me an interest in environmental issues and a love of Reich's work -- was greeted with the specter of Ahamedinejad's propaganda trip through Latin America.  The hugs and support Ahamedinejad got from left-wing political leaders was stunning -- Venezuela's Chavez, Lulu of Brazil, and Morales in Bolivia.  This sent shock-waves throughout Jewish communities, who survive in Latin America with difficulty today. The eager embrace of these Latin communist thugs to Islamic Jew-hatred and Holocaust-denial was stunning and outrageous -- the open declarations that the Holocaust was a lie, that Jews were evil people, that Socialism and Communism were good and democracy bad, that America and Israel were the "Satans" of the world -- got much public applause.  My friend was so upset, and frantic for his situation, and for the safety of his children, he made a public hunger strike and one-man protest against Ahamedinejad, holding up signs in protest in front of the meeting halls.  He appeared to be fully alone in this effort.

As is typical, only the independent bloggers reported on his protest.  The leftist governments in Latin America have started arbitrary arresting of critics, shutting down of opposition newspapers, TV and radio, silencing opposition leaders, etc.  They now welcome Ahamedinejad, who gives speeches vomiting up raw Jew-hatred and America-hatred while the Leftist thugs gave him hugs.  That also gets little MSM reporting, because the MSM is today overwhelmingly leftist in the top echelons, and not merely "liberal".

I am warning him, forget it, get out, take your family and leave the country.

And I wish I could say, the USA is not also endangered.  For some years now, because I run OBRL-News which occasionally covers such materials, I am have been getting reports from secular American women -- including one Reich therapist in the Chicago area -- where Muslims have grown in population to dominate their neighborhoods.  In those places, women who walk around without the veil are spat at and called "whore" by the Muslim teens and men, just for walking down the street.  But it would be an error to consider the problem is merely one of urban regions.  Islamic gangs are today predominant even in places like rural Maine, where misguided immigration policies brought hundreds of fanatical sex-repressive Islamic families straight out of their desert-nomad existence, for resettlement into small communities of rural America.  Here is one example from many in my files:

Australia, Thailand, sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, North and South America... the story is the same, of Muslim populations straight out of Saharasia re-creating the social conditions of Cairo, Gaza or Tehran right inside their host communities, and then using the muscle of high male birth-rates to bully their way into power, even as a thick facade is erected about "Muslim victimhood" and "peace".

If we wish to speak about reductions in human armoring by preventative measures, and are willing to confront or at least identify the problems of life-destroying Big Medicine, or authoritarian families and schools, then what must we say about the social implications of the current Islamic immigration-invasions?  Islam is far and away unreformed in any measure as compared to Judaism or Christianity, or even by comparison to Hinduism or Buddhism for that matter.  Islam brings with it the demand for polygamy, female genital mutilations, loveless arranged rape-marriages, female subordination, an epidemic of buggering of boys, demands for special status as Muslims where non-Muslims must constantly show them favor, as "superior beings", with very large families of mostly boys (due to preferential female abortion), the streets being increasingly dominated in their neighborhoods by open Sharia Law, with calls to violence against "infidels" encouraged by older men and mullahs, to go out and terrorize the local neighborhoods, to burn out the cars and even businesses of non-Muslims in a slow creeping manner.  This method of "Immigration-Jihad" has been studied and documented, with clear patterns observable in terms of how it is accomplished over decades, being planned in a most crafted manner.

This is spreading, and getting worse by leaps and bounds not seen with other problems of crime and immigration, or armor-producing aspects, because of its distinctly Saharasian nature, and because the Red-left political factions have formed open alliances with Islamic organizations, if only due to shared hatreds of democracy and capitalism.

Sorry to go on like this, but it is outrageous to see decent people I know having to live in fear for their life from the combining alliances of Islamic-Leftist hatred and intimidation, even as the mainstream news media and political leaders pretend nothing is happening.

James DeMeo

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