Friday, September 17, 2021

Two Events: Forthcoming Seminar/Lecture - please share around

Two Events: Forthcoming Seminar/Lecture - please share around

1. My Forthcoming half-day Seminar at the Arlington Institute in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. In Person event but also live-streamed with replay around the world. I'll be discussing my Wilhelm Reich / Orgone Energy / Cosmic Ether and Atmospheric Research. All Uplifting material, Nothing Depressing, a change off the Covid madness.

2. In addition to the above seminar, I'm invited to give a lecture on my orgone biophysical, cosmic energy and water research, with a separate workshop on building orgone accumulators, at the True Healing Conference: The New Biology, organized by Dr's Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowan. That event will be a Virtual Conference, and take place on October 9-10. Go to the weblink for full details on the many interesting speakers, including my own details.

3. Note also, my new book on Covid-19: A Pandemic of Ignorance, Fear, Hysteria and 'Official Truth' Lies, was slightly updated correcting a few last typos and with more recent CDC Data on the VAERS vaccine death and injury statistics.  Those data are rather shocking: 14,506 C19 Vax deaths so far this year, with over 600,000 serious adverse events. That number of vax deaths is many times more than the cumulative total of all vaccine deaths from 1990 through 2020.  The numbers for the EU are even worse.  And nobody in "official" medicine, media or government seems concerned about it in the least, or is saying a peep about it, except to deny any problems.  Big Internet meanwhile censors all such evidence, as well as the honest laypeople and professionals who do speak about it.  Anyhow, during the update, my book was temporarily unavailable from the various networks of internet book sellers, who work by a Print On Demand system used by our distributor and printer.  It is now available again.  I can share a new website that monitors the VAERS data in real-time, with lots of useful material:

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Thanks and good wishes,
Jim DeMeo


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