Thursday, May 18, 2006

SEMINAR: The Fundamentals of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonomic Therapy


The Fundamentals of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonomic Therapy
November 12-17, 2006 – Big Sur, California

Learn powerful therapeutic techniques that produce lasting results.
Orgonomic therapy is the classical foundation for “somatic psychology”. Reich found that the skillful analysis of how the patient walked, talked, etc. rather than what the patient said was key in contacting and releasing blocked emotions. The “armor” of the patient’s character serves as a defense against contact with himself and the outside world and is rooted somatically in patterns of chronic muscular tension throughout the body. Orgonomic therapy confronts character armoring and utilizes deep massage to soften muscular armoring. This facilitates the free flow of life energy, releases chronically blocked emotions, and results in a new level of emotional health.

Workshop topics include:
• The orgonomic theory of organismic pulsation
• Diagnostic categories of character types
• Segmental structure of muscular armoring
• The diagnosis and treatment of respiration problems
• Psychic contact, substitute contact, and contactlessness
• Working with negative transference
• Character-analytic group therapy

Professionals can immediately implement many of these powerful techniques into their current practices and satisfy prerequisites for optional advanced coursework.

Learning methods include: didactic lectures, demonstrations of biophysical work on armoring, the experience of group character-analytic process, and viewing videos of Reich’s work and therapists practicing orgonomic therapy.

Prerequisites: Students must be health-care professionals or in a qualified graduate training program leading to licensure.

Instructors: Richard A. Blasband, M.D. and Patricia R. Frisch, Ph.D., co-directors of the Northern California Institute for Orgonomic Therapy. Dr. Blasband was trained as an orgonomic physician by Elsworth Baker, M.D., who was appointed by Reich to train psychiatrists. Dr. Frisch, an orgonomic therapist, has decades of experience in private practice and group therapy.

For additional class information or to register, please visit:,,
or call Dr. Frisch at 415-388-0622, or Esalen at 831-667-3000

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