Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sharia Law in Aceh, Indonesia

Sharia Law has actually been de-facto in place within Aceh and other parts of Islamic Indonesia over many decades. I have an article in my files from the 1980s, showing several young Aceh girls with their heads shaved, being shackled and cowering on the ground, while some bearded Muslim fanatic spits his rage about them to the crowd. The article never clarified if those girls were killed afterward, but their offence was some violation of sacred Sharia Law. Thanks to for alerting us to this item, which indicates that even if you are not a Muslim, you will be required to follow the rules laid down by the bearded life- and love-hating Arabian tyrants. J.D.

Imposition of Shariah on non-Muslims proposed in Aceh -27/05/06

A bill proposed by lawmakers in the Indonesian province of Aceh would impose Shariah law on all non-Muslims, the armed forces and law enforcement officers, a local police official has announced.

The news comes two months after the Deutsche Presse-Agentur warned of “Taliban-style Islamic police terrorizing Indonesia's Aceh”.

Shariah took effect in 2005 in Aceh, a predominantly Muslim region on the northernmost tip of Sumatra. But it only applied to Muslims.

In the months following the tsunami in December 2004, the Aceh government had begun vigorously enforcing a three-year-old provincial statute on Shariah. Human rights groups have expressed concern.

Alyasa Abubakar, head of the relevant local government office, declared recently: "Based on equality in law, Acehnese people have formally proposed ... to apply the Islamic Shariah Law to all those residing in Aceh, including military, police and non-Muslims."

The provincial Islamic law department has called a further crackdown on 'immorality' - alcohol, gambling, women appearing in public without headscarves or venturing out at night without a male escort.

Recently a young Acehnese woman was allegedly publicly flogged for kissing her boyfriend in public, while another 23-year-old has been locked up in Acehnese jail for more than two weeks without access to an attorney after being caught drinking beer.

Shariah police are said to have barged into the lobby of a leading Banda Aceh hotel to arrest three women attending an international conference because they were not wearing headscarves.

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