Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Speaking of Appeasing Angry Muslims...

Speaking of Appeasing Angry Muslims... it seems Islam is fast becoming a European fashion-statement. Ladies (excuse me, Sisters! ... ) have you purchased your Burqa yet? If not, you can now be fashionable in both the Muslim quarter and the Left Bank. This head-schmata (excuse me, "beautiful item of clothing"...) is actually being promoted by the "Youth Branch" of one of the German political parties, as a measure by which politically-correct women can dress down to make the Muslims feel comfortable. Yes, Sisters, why bother to stand tall and look a man in the eye when you can cower and cover up like the inferior pig-vermin which you truly are! (I'm not convinced, but who am I to question the Holy Koran?)

Seems the Muslim guys are "humiliated" to see all those Western babes parading around nearly undressed, while their own women must wear curtains and bags over their heads. So rather than think the unthinkable, and consider the impossible, that their own women be allowed to breathe freely without dragging around under a tent, the Western women must do everything possible that our guests from overseas be made as happy as possible.

Next week, lessons on self-performed female genital mutilations, a necessary new kind of body-piercing for the sex-frustrated politically-correct woman. A perfect match for the misogynist guy who likes to whip himself in public on holidays! Stay tuned. J.D.

Thanks for posting this.

However, let me add a little clarification. I don't think that the statement of the poster is meant to be "German women go wear the hijab". It is rather "Germans be friendly towards differently clad people". The fact that they used the same (fair) model for both pictures suggests that, when using a darker model for the second picture would have not. However, I think they just had a limited budget or were plainly too lazy and stupid to see what this way of doing it might imply.

Not that is makes much of a difference when it comes to dhimmitude...

You have a great site. Click HERE to see my credit.
The world has lost its collective mind. Perhaps the head covering is to hold the brains in?
I wanted to add to this. Note that in the "before" picture this girl looks hard, tawdry and angry, whereas in the "after" picture she looks sweet, innocent and peaceful.

I would wager that this photo op was designed to show women that they will be happier in this get-up, especially considering that uncovered women in European nations are now being beaten, raped and killed by members of the "Religion of Peace." If they would only cover themselves up...
Agreed. But the softer appearance with the veiled photo also might be due to the woman having removed the heavy eye-makeup as seen in the first photo.
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