Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Stoning of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Only a week ago, Ayaan Hirsi Ali was being forced from her home by the European "Court of Human Rights", but today we learn she now will also be thrown out of the Dutch Parlaiment, losing both her Dutch citizenship and passport. She will go, the freethinker and force for reform of the miserable treatment of women in Islam, but the radical hate-filled Mullahs in Holland will remain, safe in their homes. Surely they are all sharing a toast and having a big celebration party today, with the departure of Hirsi Ali, much as they did after the murder of her associate Theo Van Gogh, and probably after 9-11 as well. Still under death-threat by radical Muslims in Europe, she must run and hide, and now without protection of the Dutch police.

And why? Because of an arranged marriage she fled from before it even took place, a bit of religious formality which technically changed her name on a bit of paper as organized by her father and the "husband" who purchased her like a camel, an arrangement which she rejected personally in both form and substance from the get-go, which forced her to flee, a technical issue which is now being abused by her political enemies, who have never taken so much action against any of the radical hate-spitting Imams of Holland?

Dutch People! Have you Gone Mad?! Will the grandchildren of those who stood up to Hitler, now capitulate to Mecca? Will the USA once again see a mass-exodus of refugees from Europe, their most intelligent and brave ones, running from the death-sentences handed down to them by the radical Mullahs, for whom the welcome-mat and plenty of public money is used to keep fat and happy? Just as prior generations fled Europe to escape Nazi death sentences? Already, the Jews of Europe are leaving by the droves, especially from France, where "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" is slowly being replaced with "Allahua Akbar!" An incredible and stunning turn of events.

It comes just after I have read her new book The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam (Free Press, 2006), which is very much worth the price.

James DeMeo


The Stoning of Ayaan Hirsi Ali
05/16/06 @ 11:31:24 pm by Okke Ornstein

It used to be that, when asked about Dutch tolerance and open society, I'd use Ayaan Hirsi Ali as an example. "Holland is a country," I would proudly explain, "where a Somali refugee is given asylum, becomes a member of parliament and develops into one of the most influential people in the world."

Today, Ayaan Hirsi Ali announced that she'd leave parliament and the Netherlands immediately. She's being chased out by a political lynch mob of mediocre right wingers** who have stripped her of her Dutch citizenship. No less mediocre "journalists" had started the fire by producing a "documentary" that revealed nothing new, and the news it revealed has turned out to be false. The details are complicated yet nothing new. Everybody knew for years that Hirsi Ali had lied about her identity, and she least of all had made a secret of it. But lynch mobs generally are not to be bothered by facts. Ayaan should hang, so she hangs.

[**Actually, it is the LEFTISTS in the liberal Labor Party who have been attacking her for years, opposing virtually all of the reform measures she and her associates have offered.]

So that ends that. No more tolerance and open society in the Netherlands. They've all gone mad, it's like watching a woman being stoned in Somalia. Yesterday, a poll showed overwhelming popular support for taking away Dutch citizenship from the MP who lives under constant police protection. Holland used to be a safe haven for freethinkers, refugees, the persecuted. Not any more. It is a mean and nasty reactionary state where provincialism reigns and nobody is allowed to go openly outside the beaten path. That change started about 5 to 10 years ago and first became visible in the media, specifically television, which was one of the main reasons I left the country myself.

The United States, where Hirsi Ali will go work for the conservative think tank the American Enterprise Institute, has already said that she is welcome, whatever the Dutch clowns decide about her citizenship. Well, they didn't say "clowns", but they meant it.

And so I'm watching the live debate in the Dutch parliament and listening radio. The lynch mob defends itself, there are heavy attacks, but it is, as the Dutch expression goes, mustard after the meal. The political intrigue on the background is most likely that the opponents of Hirsi Ali within her own party will support the current minister Verdonk of Immigration in a bid for the leadership of the party - she just has to kick out Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And so she does, by blatantly lying about having no knowledge about Ayaan Hirsi Ali's real last name - Magan - while that has been widely publicized since 2002.

Meanwhile, abroad, nobody understands the Dutch capers. On the radio a New York correspondent reported that none less than Oriana Fallaci had called him to ask what the hell they were doing in the Netherlands. Fallaci considers herself an ally of Hirsi Ali and has written several books strongly denouncing Islam fundamentalism and the lenient attitude of Europe towards it - a similar discourse to that of Hirsi Ali. Both argue that Europe should not tolerate large groups of people living in its countries who violate human rights. It netted Fallaci a criminal conviction as it is illegal in Italy to insult a religion, and it netted Hirsi Ali a life under siege, the court just recently kicked her out of her secure apartment and now she lost her citizenship. I hope the Americans will treat her better. Meanwhile, Holland sinks further below sea level.

Go to Hirsi Ali's website for more information:

Truly a disgrace. I have to say that, although I do not have extensive experience in this regard, I have not been particularly impressed by the cordiality of the Dutch people I have met over the years.

As concerns Fallaci's Italian conviction for "insulting a religion," another disgrace. Would not the mere existence of Islam in Italy be an insult to Christianity? Therefore, every avowed Muslim in Italy should likewise be convicted of this absurd "crime."

It seems that the U.S. will be one of the last refuges from insane religious fascism - except that it's already here, pushing against the edges of society, by a variety of factions. We must continue to be vigilant, or we will finally see "The Handmaid's Tale" of one sort or another manifest itself.
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