Monday, May 15, 2006

The Top 100 Chomsky Lies

I was viciously attacked from many quarters after I wrote the article "Masters of Deception: Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and the 9-11 Conspiracy Industry".

This article was written after 9-11, when I was stunned to observe so much hatred against the USA and Israel during several lecture trips to Germany, wherein authors Chomsky and Moore were being cited like Saints out of the Bible as "proof", and where to challenge their ideas elicited incredible "rage-reactions", as if I had challenged someone's religion.  (I had, if you consider that communist-socialist views can fill a void in the heart similar to a religion, where "Das Capital" or "Communist Manifesto" takes the place of the "Holy Bible".)

In any case, at the time I did not fully appreciated what a large percentage of European (and to a lesser extent, American) "intellectuals" rested their world-views upon the propaganda writings of Saint Noam, or Saint Michael.  It was as if I had kicked a giant hornet's nest.  But in the years since, not one point made in my article was ever rebutted or shown to be wrong, and the only changes made to it was to add additional weblinks which supported my observations.  The false history, blatant lying, fabrication of events and so forth, were and continue to be stunning, overshadowed only by the large number of people who happily drink from that poisoned well.

Further to this issue, the following document is quite telling, an important summary and must-reading for those who view the USA and Israel ("The Jews") as the bad guys of the universe, or who merely wish to better understand the nature of the lies by which "intellectuals" can be so angry towards the same Western democracies which give them their considerable freedoms, and so enthusiastic about communist and Islamist regimes where no such freedoms exist.

Basically, the arguments going in those directions are supported by an ever-expanding spider-web of lies, which can only lead entire populations into catastrophe, no less than the Hitler lies and Goebbels lies of the 1930s, or the Stalin and Mao lies of the same bloody era.  Europe is gradually edging towards yet another catastrophe of 20th Century proportions, willingly as before, this time in its embrace of disguised totalitarian ideologies aping as "peaceful internationalism" -- springing from ultra-left and Islamist backgrounds -- and from which anyone who opposed such a view is automatically labeled as the "Bad Guy".  The USA is also not immune from similar tendencies.  But North America is better insulated from these problems due to geographical distance from Islamic Saharasia, which is where the problem has its core expression.

Propaganda and deception are generated to conceal the real enemies of freedom and life, and to falsely point a finger at those who would defend them, however imperfectly.  Those who are attacked then get blamed for their attacker's sadism, with an emotional animus similar to blaming a woman for her rapist's pathology, and doubly-so if the attacked person or nation dares to fight back to prevent things like 9-11, or armies of suicide bombers.  The deception helps the dirty work of the totalitarians to go forward with little opposition, blaming the victims of atrocity and exonerating the totalitarian aggressors -- a typical Emotional Plague mechanism where the truth is stood 180 degrees on its head.

Certainly, the propaganda-deception writings on the modern international situation are not restricted to only Mr. Chomsky, though he is one of the better-known and more disreputable examples. The criticisms of his writings overlap and touch upon the entire range of communist-totalitarian and Islamo-fascist propaganda over the last 50 years.

Masters of Deception, indeed. 
James DeMeo


The Top 100 Chomsky Lies

about communism, modern history, the Cold War, 9/11, Latin America, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Holocaust denial, and so much more.

A. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About Communist Mass Murderers
B. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About Modern History
C. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About the Cold War
D. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About the War on Terrorism
E. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About Latin America
F. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About the Arab-Israeli Conflict
G. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About His Collaboration With Neo-Nazi Holocaust Deniers
H. Top 10 Chomsky Misquotations
I. Top 10 Chomsky Statistical Distortions
J. Top 10 Chomsky Lies About Himself

Posted by J.DeMeo for Acharya S.:

Well said. Especially important is pointing out that these nations
which all these harpies love to hate provide them with the very freedom
that allows them to carp.

I for one will remember you as a "prophet" of sorts when the shit hits
the fan in Europe. And it will. Most unfortunately. I particularly
do not understand what has happened to the xenophobic French. What are
they doing letting in all those culture-destroying foreigners? For
centuries they've fought to preserve even their language, yet they
punished one of their most famous citizens, Brigitte Bardot, for
"inciting race hatred" after she complained about Muslims slaughtering
lambs on the sidewalks of France! And that was YEARS ago. Yet,
nothing has been done about this vulgar invasion of their elitist
country. It's bizarre that they could be so demoralized.

When the fanatic Muslim Algerians kicked the French out of their
country, a friend's father-in-law who is a French general and who was
stationed there was told by the taxi driver taking him to the airport,
"You French invaded our country, but now we are going to invade yours -
through the bellies of our women." It's worked, and it's not stopping
at the French borders. The U.S. is on its way to the same fate.

Acharya S.
The following quote is probably the source of your taxi-driver.

From: ORIANA FALLACI, The Force of Reason, New York 2006, page 56:

“In 1974 Boumedienne [President of Algeria]…spoke before the general assembly of the United Nations. …he said: “ “One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.””

Also on Page 57:

“ That very same year… the Islamic Conference concluded its meeting in Lahore with a Resolution which included a plan to turn the then modest flow of immigrants towards Europe and penetrate the continent through “demographic preponderance”. A plan that is now a precept. … In every mosque of Europe the prayer is accompanied by the exhortation … “Bear at least five children each couple”

Bear in mind, these are not accusations made against Muslims by white racists, but rather what the Muslims say themselves.

James -

A horrifying notion indeed.
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