Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top 20 Muslim Inventions... Stolen From Non-Muslims!

Revisionist History Alert!

This stuff more and more creeps into even the academic world, as seen in a recent article in Science on "Muslim Contributions", a big spread of glossy pages, containing basically puff journalism and a lot of falsehoods posturing as serious scientific discourse. Now comes a major article series in British newspapers heralding the opening of a Manchester Science Museum exhibition "1001 Inventions: Discover the Muslim Heritage in Our World". The problem is, most of the display is completely fabricated and phoney, designed to boost sagging Muslim egos against what genuine history records for them in the way of actual real inventions -- which is to say, nearly nothing, not even the widely-acclaimed concept of "zero". Well, yes, they did invent the suicide bomb-belt, child-sized versions. Give credit where it is due.

What Muslims were very good at, however, over nearly 1400 years of history, is stealing ideas from other people, and then re-crafting them into "Muslim inventions" -- like famous Christian Churches with fabulous architecture designed by Western genuises, later being converted into mosques after Muslims came in and "took over". Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Constantiople was converted into a mosque, its cross removed and minarets added on, and all those lusty naked angels scratched off the walls and icon statuary smashed up, just as the name of the city was changed to Istanbul. Something in the nature of how Stalinists in the USSR laid claim to discovery of the airplane, rocket, telephone, radio, etc., as a matter of morale-boosting propaganda. Except in the Muslim case, it is partly to certify their superiority complex, and the Koranic edicts that Islam and Muslims are superior to all else, and therefore everyone really ought to bow down after all. In any case, read the following corrective blogs for more information. Amazing to see this degeneration among both liberal-left news sources and "historians" these days, where mollifying upset Muslims seems more important than keeping facts straight.

A brief debunking of a list of top 20 Muslim inventions

That list of top 20 Muslim inventions, and Dr. Sultan

On Arrogance

The Muslims of invention

Islamic Lies and the Dhimmis that tell them

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