Monday, June 05, 2006

Articles on Haditha, Terror Arrests

Two articles on Haditha, Iraq. Lots of false-outrage, posturing, chest-beating and cowering over this issue. In the final analysis, it could be atrocity, or deception, or one of the unfortunate grim realities of war. What is clear so far is, there is an absolute lack of clarity in the mass-media, and lots of willful misinformation.

“Supporting” the Troops

The Other Haditha

As usual, much of the international press has already convicted the US Soldiers, relying upon rumor and gossip which is widespread, and in spite of what's known about the nature of the enemy (using human shields, killing their own civilians, etc.). Time will tell. But also telling is the tone of voice applied by at least one German journalist in condemning those in the American military with minority backgrounds. Is she trying to say, that Americans of Hispanic, Black or Asian backgrounds, or Caucasians of from modest economic backgrounds, are mental inferiors, prone to some kind of dull-witted murdering of civilians? Apparently so, although that same journalist has no sense of how this accusation sounds to American ears, coming as it does from a German journalist only 60 years after VE day. This is "one-way pacifism" at work, never having a critical word for the quite unmistakable mass-killings of civilians by Islamic car-bombs, or machine gunning of lined-up civilians in cities by masked men, whom everyone observes. Not one word about that, not in Israel nor in Iraq, anymore than about Saddam's mass graves prior to the arrival of the American soldiers.

Atlantic Review: Tagesspiegel Characterizes US Military as "White Trash" and Minorities,

Tagesspiegel author Caroline Fletcher: Haditha caused by "structure" of US military...

This outstanding post by Joerg of Atlantic Review again exposes the arrogance of the German media elite. Author Caroline Fletcher believes Haditha was caused in part because, as she writes, the US military is composed primarily of "White Trash" and minorities. Read the entire thing.

Also these items on the recent Canadian and UK terror arrests:

Alleged Canadian terror plot has worldwide links

Terror cell 'was planning nerve gas attack on capital'

Be assured, however, that free copies of the Koran will be distributed to all those arrested.

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