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Back from the SSE in Utah

Back from the SSE in Utah

I've recently returned to the Greensprings laboratory in Ashland Oregon, from the 25th International Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration, held in Orem, Utah. It was a lively affair, with all sorts of research papers on a wide variety of subjects on scientific anomalies, parapsychological research, new physics theories, and so on. All the materials which compose the "Index Expurgatorius" of modern academic science.

My own presentation was on positive results from ether-drift experiments, mostly as carried out on Mt. Wilson by Dayton Miller (photo of the Miller interferometer, the largest ever constructed, is shown), but also including the Michelson-Pease-Pearson experiment, the Dewitte experiment and that of Yuri Galaev in the Ukraine. These experiments cover a time period from c.1920 through 2002, and all showed very positive results for the existence of a tangible and dynamic ether in space, as well as a specific identifiable axis-of-drift. The interesting thing is, all of it is fully in agreement with the Cosmic Superimposition theory of Wilhelm Reich, and also integrates nicely with modern research on "Dark Matter Wind". A earlier paper of mine is available on this subject: A Dynamic and Substantive Cosmological Ether.

The SSE is one of three scientific organizations in the USA I know about, and belong to, which are devoted to open-minded but scientifically-critical engagement of controversial materials in the natural sciences. The three organizations are:

SSE: Society for Scientific Exploration

NPA: Natural Philosophy Alliance

ISSSEEM: Int. Society for Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine

All three of these organizations have allowed, even encouraged, presentation of materials either directly or indirectly related to the life-energetic work of Wilhelm Reich. However, they do require one to organize one's work and presentations in a manner such that non-specialists can understand it. It must be put into the language of science, with an emphasis upon experimental proofs, and not merely theory or claim-making without scientific substance standing behind one's words. Also, most importantly, all three organizations publish either a scientific Journal, or a Proceedings volume from their major meetings. The SSE also has a European branch which meets every so often.

I have personally presented research papers to both the SSE and NPA on several occasions, on the subjects of the orgone energy accumulator, cloudbusting experiments, the ether-drift experiments, and so on, and both Societies have given an open-minded and constructively-critical reception to these ideas. Others in the field of experimental orgonomy have also occasionally presented at the SSE (at least), such as Dr. Richard Blasband, whose work on the reactions of REGs (Random Event Generators) to human emotion helps to integrate the findings from the PEAR group at Princeton University (whose principles are major organizers for the SSE) with Reich's discoveries on emotions and life-energy. The NPA is unique also, in that it holds at least one meeting per year in association with the American Association for the Advancement of Science -- the AAAS -- which publishes Science magazine, and is the largest scientific organization in the world.

One could correctly quibble, that these groups barely have a toe-hold in the mainstream, but through the hard work of the scientists who present at their meetings, and publish in their journals, over time they are having an important influence. In particular, younger scientifically-inclined university students are attracted. Scientists interested in the work of Reich, or in the subject of life-energy or parapsychology, would be well served to join these groups, and both attend and present their papers to them from time to time, even to submit better-constructed papers for publication. This is not only to educate others about the nature of orgonomic research, but also to learn what others are doing in fascinating parallel research areas, to gain the benefits of constructive critique and social interaction with those who are already sympathetic to the subject, and to do so in an atmosphere free from the oftentimes destructive politics of "orgonomic groups". Reich's discoveries were first and foremost an extension of the clinical and natural science of his day, and they constitute a lost chapter in the history of science which the mainstream hardly knows about, but nevertheless keeps stumbling over in the dark, time after time. This incoherent situation can be overcome with work and focused effort, by repeatedly pointing out the obvious to the mainstreamers, and taking some risks. By my view, it would be a mistake to think Reich's work and contemporary orgonomy will come out from under the shadows by only focusing one's efforts within any one or another "orgonomy group". Too often, these groups are simply too insular and isolated from the mainstream, small lakes only, as compared to the larger ocean of scientific discourse. Every scientist must learn to swim in that larger ocean, to master navigation in heavy surf, and even through shark-infested waters occasionally. This cannot be done without some risks, though these three organizations offer a relatively safe approach towards such a goal. There is no alternative, except to see orgonomy remain isolated with only a cultish following, of the already-convinced, in forums where one only preaches to the choir.

New Projects Underway

Two new research projects were born from this recent contact and work with the SSE and NPA:

1. It has been proposed that I write a new book, to gather together all the ether-drift research findings which are so badly ignored or bungled in the physics textbooks, along with all the related work of Wilhelm Reich, Giorgio Piccardi, and others in the field of life-energy research. This book would thereby provide an important integration and validation of Reich's orgone-energy discoveries, and his larger Cosmic Superimposition theory, within the context of contemporary astronomy and physics.

2. In communication with Yuri Galaev in the Ukraine, who made a most remarkable validation study of the Miller ether-drift experiments only a few years ago, it has been proposed that an apparatus similar to his own unique interferometer be constructed at my OBRL Greensprings Center, for a reproduction of the ether-drift experiments. Standing at 4200' elevation, with clear views off to all compass directions, and with an astronomical observatory standing at four stories high above the surrounding terrain, the Greensprings Center would be an ideal place to undertake such work.

We now wish to raise funds for these two projects, to publish the book and to build the necessary apparatus, with travel expenses to bring Dr. Galaev to the USA for participation and consultations. Any readers who might be able to help out on these expenses, with a tax-deductible donation to the OBRL, please contact me for details.

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Greensprings Center
Ashland, Oregon, USA

16 June 2006

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