Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Congressional Hearings on Iraqi Connection to OK City Terror Bombing

Definitely something worth to watch. Jayna Davis' investigative research has clearly shown an Iraqi connection, but the fear is, these Congressional hearings are being held only to bury the evidence. However, the German-national being mentioned is not necessarily a false lead. German nationals were helping to arm Saddam with WMD components over many years, often in violation of UN sanctions -- ie, the provision of pesticides as precursors for chemical weaponry, and also the manufacture of a "super cannon" by which atomic or chemical warheads could be shot as far as East Europe or Israel. It is remarkable, however, that hearings on this matter are being held at all. The whole thing was buried by the Clinton administration, FBI officials at the time accepting large files of information from Davis, interviews and documentation, after which it all disappeared and denials issued that any of it existed. Later, after the New York Times bought out Davis' television station, she was promptly ordered to cease investigating this story, and fired after she refused. Details are in her book "The Third Terrorist". Time will tell. J.D.

Congressman defends 'foreign-link' hearing
'Third Terrorist' author calls probe 'sham' to bury Islamist-plot theory

Posted: June 20, 2006

By Art Moore

In an interview with WorldNetDaily, Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher rebutted sharp criticism of the integrity of an upcoming congressional hearing on an alleged foreign connection to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, insisting evidence of involvement by Muslim terrorists posed by author Jayna Davis will be taken seriously.

The California congressman was responding to Davis' contention that the hearings will be nothing more than a "sham" designed to bury a potentially explosive political issue that could expose officials who ignored signals that might have prevented the bombing and possibly even the 9-11 attacks.

"Jayna Davis doesn't seem to know the way Washington works," Rohrabacher said by telephone from his House office. "There is a lack of knowledge and a little instability in her remarks about the way I am handling my position."

The congressman argued that until now, the issue has been only a matter of personal inquiry. With a hearing set for September by Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., chairman of the House International Relations Committee, Rohrabacher says he will pursue many of the relevant leads presented by Davis' book "The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing" and other sources.

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