Sunday, June 25, 2006

Osama Bin Ladin's Sex Slave...
Yes, the Koran allows that too!

Osama Bin Ladin's Sex Slave.. Yes, the Koran allows that too!

He was going to "honor" murder her when he found out she wrote a poetry book critical of Islam, but lucky for her, she escaped to the "evil West" and now has a job writing family drama for TV soap operas! (Heavens, I cannot understand why she would write a book critical of Islam, just because she was kidnapped at gun-point and repeatedly raped by a mass-murderer who threatened to cut her head off if she dared to protest!) If this woman relies upon personal experience for her writing, the whole network could go under a death-fatwa much like the Muhammed cartoonists. But in fact, sexual slavery and slavery in general is widespread within the Islamic world, though often disguised under the "concubine" category (doesn't that sound a whole lot better than "sex slave"?) Men are required by Muhammed's decrees to have no more than four wives, but they may have an unlimited supply of sexual slaves, as kidnapped from among the infidels.

Osama’s former sex slave writes for TV
Saturday, June 24, 2006

NEW YORK: Kola Boof, the former sex slave of Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, is writing for the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

The TV network is already trying to distance itself from the new hire, according to reports by The show’s executive producer Stephen Wyman says: “Yes, Kola Boof has had writing assignments from Days of Our Lives since May. However, she does not hold a staff position with our writing team.”

In 2003, Boof had to pull her son out of school after rumours were spreading that bin Laden was his father. Boof claims that she was held prisoner and was forced to have sex with bin Laden in 1996 when she was pursuing an acting career in North Africa. She adds that he raped her and forced her to live with him for four months at a hotel in Morocco.

She escaped to Spain and in 1998 bin Laden threatened to kill her after reading her book of poetry, which was critical of Islam. She has also been marked for death by the Sudanese-based National Islamic Front in response to her writings condemning slavery in Sudan and the ill-treatment of African women.

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