Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sieg Heil Muhammed!!

Another nice photo of Hamas fanatics giving the Nazi salute. One of many in my files. Any questions as to the significance of it? What this means? The hundreds of other things within the Palestinian society which have to exist, before this also can exist? What their goals are? The value of negotiations and agreements with such groups? If you need more refreshing, see the pic below that. It shows the new bloodthirsty Muslim running the terror program in Iraq, just before he saws off the head of a Russian prisoner. Four such Russian prisoners were murdered that day, for the crime of working inside the Russian embassy within Iraq.

Did your local newspapers show these images? We may rightfully ask "why not"? Is it to reinforce the false image of Islam as a "peaceful religion"? Even when Imams running mosques in the major cities of the USA and Europe chronically preach the same hate-the-infidel jihadist propaganda?

The MSM is feeding those who make a practice of ignorance, with a daily diet of lotus and soma.

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