Monday, June 12, 2006

Zarqawi the Pedophile...


Zarqawi the Pedophile... not just a terrorist mass-murderer and throat-cutter.

Interesting revelations from FrontPage (12 June) indicates this bloated 50-ish killer had a rape-marriage with a 14-year old girl. "Muhammed the Pedophile" we recall had a rape-marriage with a 9-year old girl, so Zarqawi actually overshot the age target for the "ideal Muslim" by 5 years. A fully disgusting pig of a man, who rapes little girls when he was not sending out his car-bombers to blow up children and their mothers and teachers in schools or marketplaces. His followers, pleading new allegiances to the other mass-murderer Osama Bin Ladin, will carry on with their Koran-inspired Jihad, as evidenced by more car-bombs killing more civilians in Iraq. If victorious in Iraq, fueled by new petro-dollars (beyond what Saudi Arabia and other oil shiekdoms already provides to them) that's what they will do everywhere.

Also stunning, once again, to see who is lining up to "explain" Zarqawi as a product of the USA, to deny his connections to Osama Bin Ladin and Saddam, to fabricate conspiracy theories and basically to ignore Zarqawi's bloody history... to find a fault (anything will do) with the USA in this life-or-death struggle which was started in every case by the Muslims.


TIME Magazine tosses it off as if it were insignificant, in the midst of a lengthy article about the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, but one of the people killed when the US Air Force made a special delivery to a house in Baqubah, Iraq (hat tip: distwalker), was Zarqawi’s wife.

For nearly a month, the commandos had monitored every move of Abdul-Rahman, the spiritual adviser, whose locations had been revealed by an al-Qaeda operative captured in May near the Iraq-Jordan border. When Abdul-Rahman surfaced near Baqubah last week—apparently in the same location as the Jordanians’ Mr. X—the commandos moved in for the kill. “We had absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Zarqawi was in the house,” Army Major General William Caldwell told reporters in Baghdad the day after the strike. The Jordanian security official told TIME that the bombing killed Abdul-Rahman and Mr. X, in addition to al-Zarqawi’s 16-year-old wife.

UPDATE: Al Jazeera reported yesterday that Zarqawi’s 18-month old son was also killed.

Family sources told the AFP news agency that al-Zarqawi’s 18-month-old son was also killed in the US air strike on the home.

Zarqawi’s son was 18 months old, and his wife was 16 years old... you do the math.

Terrible that the girl and child died, but the blame for that goes to Zarqawi and his minions, who chose to commit mass-murder and then hide among civilian populations. The same difficulty of terrorist assassins hiding among civilians, it increasingly appears, was behind the civilian deaths at Haditha, assuming that whole thing is not yet another Islamic con-job (as with the "Massacre at Jenin"). Already the stories of the accusers appear to be unravelling under closer scrutiny. Time will tell.

Also of interest in this case, is the crocodile tears shed for Zarqawi by none other than the totalitarian fanatic leading Cuba, Sr. Fidel Castro, who called the US airstrike which killed him "a barbarity". Zawqawi cutting off heads of screaming people was not barbaric in Castro's eyes, nor was his sending car bombers into marketplaces, or blowing up the UN building in Baghdad, or the Grand Mosque of the Shiites, etc. Only the USA was "barbaric" to try and put an end to that. In any truly just world, Castro would be sharing a cell at Guantanamo with his Islamo-fascist friends.

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