Sunday, July 23, 2006

Major Bias in News Reporting on Lebanon

A Major Bias in Major News Reporting on Lebanon

Primarily Muslim Suffering Reported with little mention of how the war got started (by Muslim attacks, as usual), and a demonization of those who dare to fight back against the Muslims. But Muslim atrocities go largely unreported. For example, from just today:

Group: Gunmen have killed 682 in Somalia
By SALAD DUHUL, Associated Press Writer
MOGADISHU, Somalia - Gunmen have killed 682 civilians, including a foreign journalist, in executions over the past year in Somalia, a local rights group said Sunday.
The killings took place largely in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Some came during battles for control of the city, others were due to clan differences, a few were kidnappings and some were for unknown motives, according to the report by the Dr. Ismael Jumale Human Rights Center.
Those killings included the June slaying of Swedish journalist Martin Adler as he filmed a protest in Mogadishu. An unidentified gunman shot Adler in the back. ....


Hizballah sub-contracts Palestinian launch squads, uses Christian villages as human shields
DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Palestinian Jihad Islami, Ahmed Jibril’s PFLP-General Command and Palestinian crime gangs based in S. Lebanon’s Burj Shimali east of Tyre are leading the rocket offensive against Nahariya and coastal Galilee. Early Wednesday, an Israeli air raid struck a village house in this sector east of Tyre, causing 10 deaths, according to Lebanese officials.
DEBKAfile further discloses that the rocket fire against the eastern town of Safed emanates from the Maronite Christian village of Rumeish, while the Galilee panhandle villages and the town of Kiryat Shemona are being attacked from the Christian villages of Marjayoun and Kleia in central-south Lebanon. One difficulty in halting Hizballah’s rocket barrage in the east has been Israel’s reluctance to attack Christian targets, except for pinpointing launch teams. Israeli negotiators are in contact with the village heads on terms for their evacuation so that Hizballah sites can be smashed.
Hizballah is using Lebanese Christians as human shields for its attacks and their towns and villages as supply centers to pump ordnance to the launch teams in forward positions. The Israeli air force therefore attacked Hizballah targets sheltering near the Maronite town of Zahleh Tuesday and is taking out every container truck heading west from the Beqaa Valley on the Syrian border. Eighteen such trucks were blown up Tuesday.

And... Coming Soon, to a Neighborhood Near You... the Sharia Cops, keeping women humble and chaste... and if a beating doesn't do it, the Talibans will simply shoot those who disagree. Sold like cattle into loveless rape-marriages, and herded about in the streets like goats. Old bearded sex-hating, women-hating men, dried-up and hardened desert character structures filled with rage, roaming the streets with clubs, knives and guns, stomping to bits every hint or gleam of life and love...

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