Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Sieg Heil Muhammed!" (Part Deux)...

"Sieg Heil Muhammed!" (Part Deux)...

In a prior OBRL-News Blog item I posted photos of Hamas terrorists giving the Sieg Heil salute to their Mullah-masters. Just to be fair, I felt it would be helpful to post a similar photo item of the Hezbollah fanatics giving their Sieg Heils. Perhaps we should have a contest, to see who gives the best Sieg Heil salutes. Or better yet, a contest to see how many brain-dead Westerners still believe there is no connection between Old Nazi ideology and the kind of madness being vomited up daily by the Muslim world mass-media, and especially by the Mullah-leaders of Iran, who provide funding and weapons to both Hamas and Hezbollah, and ordered the launching of this new major escallation of attacks on Israel just at the time when the UN Security Council was going to take up the issue of their pursuit of atomic weaponry. What rational Western leader could chose to ignore the implications here, of atomic weapons in the hands of such suicidal fanatics following the ideology of total world conquest (for nearly 1400 years in fact), who also work very hard to perfect the technology of long-distance rocketry? Apparently, quite a few... the majority in fact. "OK Everyone, put down your Korans and rocket-launching manuals, and give the cameras a big fat 'Sieg Heil Muhammed!'" ....

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