Saturday, August 05, 2006

123 Israeli Children Deliberately Killed by Muslim Terrorists

123 Israeli Children Deliberately Killed by Muslim Terrorists

Not accidentally, not indavertantly, not in a cross-fire, not as the result of Israeli soldiers using them as "human shields", not as "collateral damage", but deliberately, premeditated, calculated, aimed at, and shot or bombed. Sometimes by bombs, sometimes by head-shooting or gut-shooting in their beds or strollers, sometimes in more brutal ways. Real photos of real kids, now dead... and these are just the dead ones, and does not include those larger numbers mutilated and crippled for life by similar bombs and blasts. And after these deaths of Jewish children, there are dances of joy and happiness in the Muslim communities, even or especially if one of their own children was used to deliver the bomb. Happy, happy, murdering of children, even their own, pass out the candy, sing to Allah, men and women, Jews were killed and they are happy. A death-cult started by a raving lunatic in the bleached-bone wasteland Arabian desert, a slobbering, fallen-down psychotic murdering rapist and pedophile, whose utterings were formulated into a bloody warrior-cult which now threatens the entire world.

This is the true face of Islam, as revealed every day to Jews in Israel, and elsewhere around the world. It is as exactly bloody and deadly as the public image is distorted into a "peaceful religion". The peace of the grave. But it is not just Jews. Ask Americans about 9-11, Brits and Spanish about their train bombings, Aussies about Bali, Russians about Besylan, Black Africans in Darfur and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, Hindus in Kashmir, and so on, and so on. If you are not an Islamic fanatic, you are a target. And it does get worse daily, whether the Israelis decide to fight back or not. It only provides the most recent excuse for jihad murdering. J.D.

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