Sunday, August 20, 2006

More "Saharasia Today" links 18-20 August 2006

More "Saharasia Today" links 18-20 August 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"


Interesting Articles:

Bostom: Making the World Safe for Islamic Sharia Law

Why the "ceasefire" in Lebanon will not last, and when it breaks down, why UN troops might well join in with the jihad war against the Israelis:

What would have followed? (Successful terror explosions on 10 jet aircraft)

Ahmadinejad's Apocalyptic Faith -- In case you thought G.W. Bush's Christianity was the real problem...

Egypt Mufti: "True Face of Blood-Sucking Hebrew Entity Exposed"

Diana West: Retool the War, Part I

"Honor Murder in Italy" Dad and Uncle cut daughter's throat with kitchen knife for dating Italian man.  Allah demands yet another blood sacrifice.,,1851875,00.html

Hezbollah night-vision gear was provided courtesy of the UN, diverted from the UK to Iran and then to Hezbollah in Lebanon.  Thanks, UN!

British "Moderate" Muslim: "dying for your beliefs (ie, suicide bombing) is just", "We Are Muslims in Europe, Not European Muslims" (understand? "your stupid EU laws and human rights will be replaced by Sharia Law once we are in power")

Interesting Video Clips:

More on the Islamic death-cult's child-sacrifice. A list of video clips showing Islam's horrid abuse of its own children, inciting them to racist Jew-hatred, violence, murder and suicide-bombing.  From MEMRI.
British "Moderate" Muslims, raving and shrieking about Jihad and suicide bombing, wiping out the Jews, etc., etc.  Just the usual stuff...
"... anybody in the world, with faith or without faith, must come together in order to eradicate this cancer (Israel) from the body of humanity. [Crowd: Allah -u-Akbar] We are ever grateful to the late Imam Khomenei for starting this occasion. Because the world . . . must never forget al-Quds, must never forget Jerusalem. For us Muslims, Jerusalem is the mother of faith. Al-Quds is in our [argita?], Al-Quds is in our [rebota?] Al-Quds is the . . . cornerstone to our umma. Those who are prepared to sell al-Quds do not represent us, do not speak for us. Those who resist, those who fight, those who . . .jihad . . . against [?], against Zionism are the true representatives of the Palestinians, and all the Muslims regarding the Palestinian issue..." Etc. Etc.

Don't you feel a whole lot better that this guy is a "Moderate"...  Gee, maybe he can advise Tony Blair on how to shape British policy towards Muslims.

Palestinias Guerrilas Using UN Ambulances for transport.

PA ambulance Used to cary a terror bomb.

UN ambulance transports rockets to be used against Israel

Meanwhile, the new United Nations "Human Rights" Council (composed of nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cuba, China) savagely attacked Israel for engaging in "measures of intimidation and terrorism" and votes that every single one of its meetings must always include debate and discussion (read: condemnations) of Israel, as if no other nation on the planet was of concern to the UN.  Iran's genocides, forget it.  Saudi slavery, forget it.  Chinese, North Korean and Cuban political prisons, forget it. Genocide in Darfur, forget it.  Only the "occupied territories" are of interest. (But let's forget also, that virtually all "Muslim lands" are also "occupied territory" following hundreds of years of Muslim jihad conquests.  How did a tiny mysogynist pedophilic death-cult from the middle of the Arabian deserts wind up "occupying" such a large percentage of the Earth?)

Lebanese Muslims mutillating Israeli soldier's corpses.. "dancin' in the streets"... "appalling savagery"

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