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"Saharasia Today" links 21-23 August 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 21-23 August 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"
Articles of Interest:

Osama Bin Ladin Has a Humanitarian Moment, Demands No More than 10 Million Americans be Killed!  (...and you thought it was just about the Jooos??)
But be sure Whitney Houston is not harmed!!

"Brave Hezbollah Fighters Sink Australian (oops), I mean Israeli Warship!"  More fantasy-world fauxtography from the Muslim Press, as a picture of an old decommissioned Australian warship deliberately used for target practice in 1998 is dusted off for publishing in the Iranian press, as a Glorious Combat Victory by Brave Hezbollah Fighters Against the Evil Zionist Crusader Infidels... blah, blah, blah.

Islamophobia Update: Muslim on Airliner says loud prayers ("Allahua Akbar") then Jokes (?) "This is the last 30 minutes of our lives" -- Passengers Mutiny and Walk Off Plane, Pilots then eject the Muslim who threatens to sue. World press mostly censors details, and reports this as a case of "Islamophobia".

Dueling Egyptian Fatwa: "Kill the Jews!... No, Don't Kill the Jews, Not just yet." "Er, ... not while people are watching, but behind that tree over there is OK!" And if Jews cannot be found, well certainly there's plenty of infidel tourists...

Saudis and "other moderate Muslims" demand apology from Bush over "Islamic Fascists" comment.  Warns the West of "dangerous consequences" if they do not accept that Islam is a peaceful religion...

Mad, mad world: No more Ronald McDonald. 'Hitler's Cross', fast-food restaurant opens in Mumbai, India -- glorifies Hitler with portraits, images of Nazism, while you eat.
Also related: Hong Kong Nazi Chic.  Move over Che and Mao, its time for new mass-murderer T-shirt images.

British Law Against Glorifying Terrorism Has Not Silenced Calls to Kill for Islam. Perhaps because the Brits haven't got around to actually enforcing this law??

Melanie Phillips: Suicide of the West. Denial is no longer a river in Egypt but a British pathology.

Iranian factories 'mass-produce road-side bombs to kill British in Iraq'

U.S.: Saddam's Anfal campaign included poison gas, 'savage attacks'

Israeli, Lebanese officials warn of '2nd round' of confrontations
One week after "ceasefire", Hezbollah returns to old positions, gets rearmed by Syria and IRan, preparing for new round of attacks.  To Islamic thinking, "ceasefire" means "hudna", a temporary truce only, for re-gathering of forces, to sharpen their knives, and prepare for battle once again.

Killing in God's Name: The UN, which issues statements condemning all sorts of horrific things such as Danish cartoons, and American neo-cons, continually refuses to issue any declaration condemning suicide bombers attacking civilians. This is due to objections from Islamic nations committed to jihad terrorism.  Allah must have his blood.  "It sez so right here in the Koran, we have the right, and the obligation."
Britain plot to blow up 10 jetliners follows recipe of 'Bojinka': 1995 plot aimed to down 10 U.S.-bound aircraft over the Pacific with liquid bombs.
Bojinka was the plot of Ramsi Yousef, now rotting in a Colorado prison cell, who was one of the plotters of the 1993 WTC bombing, who had connections to Iraqi intelligence, who was the cousin of Khalid Shiek Muhammed (one of the 9-11 organizers), and who also may have met with Terry Nichols of the OK-City bombing in the Philippines, where he learned how to construct fertilizer-diesel truck-bombs.  Old stuff, but these were instigators of major terror attacks against Americans, which led us to the current situation. Basically, actors from the same theatre, following the same old script. See prior OBRL-News postings on those real conspiratorial links, specifically in the writings of Fouda and Fielding "Masterminds of Terror", Jayna Davis  "The Third Terrorist", Stephen Hayes "The Connection", or Laurie Mylroie's "Attack on America", or any basic internet search of those author's names along with "9-11" and "Iraq".

Hezbollah continues rearming in violation of UN res.1701, helped with weapons by Lebanese, Syrians, Iraq... UN dithers, as usual, blaming Israel, as usual.

Croatian/Muslim atrocities against Serbs still coming to light -- just like in WW-II with the Ustashis and Handsar SS divisions, the other side of the story...

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

Video: Melanie Phillips on "Londonistan"
From a genuinely brave and authentic journalist.

Video documentary on Islam in Europe: "I, A Muslim", made secretly from inside mosques, makes Muslims' heads explode with rage, because it reveals how much hatred they have towards their European hosts!  28 min With English subtitles.

More BBC Photo Fakery, this time putting a child's life in danger  ("Hey kid, please go stand next to that unexploded 1000-lb bomb, so our photos will be more dramatic...")

More Fake Hezbollah Photos, and fake money... this item filmed by NBC News, but never broadcast (why?) has a video sequence shot in the rubble of the Sidon financial district, showing sheets of US $100 bills, apparently "hot off the counterfeit presses".

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