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"Saharasia Today" links 24-27 August 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 24-27 August 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"
Articles of Interest:

The Lebanese-German (Thankfully Failed) Train Terror-Bomb
In three parts, clearing up the odd fact, by John Rosenthal

Michael Medved: Why the world hates America

Iran opens its "atom bomb plant" today.  Of course, it is "only" a civilian nuclear power plant.  But if you don't know the intimate connection between civilian nuclear power and military nuclear bombs, then you should not have been sleeping during that boooring lecture in science class.

Kofi Annan clarifies: To Hell with the Ceasefire Resolution, we support Hezbollah! "The [UN] troops are not going there to disarm Hezbollah. Let's be clear about that."  I guess they hope to re-create the peaceful conditions of Rwanda or Darfur once again in Lebanon.  Great photo of armed (?) French peacekeepers in an APC flying the white flag (no joke).
UNIFIL, the prior UN "peacekeeping" mission during the years when Hezbollah was illegally massing rockets in Lebanon, was fully on the side of Hezbollah, and reported on Israeli troop movements to Hezbollah.  Likewise UNRWA, the UN refugee branch fully devoted to Palestinianism, actually was run by PA thugs who accumulated West Bank UN ration cards by the score, allowing them to collect multiple fat checks from the UN, helping to fund their wars against the Jews.  A totally corrupt organization, long in service of the international terror brigades.  The only mystery is why so much of the world remains blind to such facts.

Salim Mansur: When Muslims Kill Muslims... the world basically could care less, unless Muslim-murdering is related in some way to the USA or Israel. In which case, the entire world is "seriously concerned" and "demands an investigation and cease-fire"!  Witness the world-wide angry hysteria over the Israeli reactions against Hezbollah cross-border terrorist rocket attacks, murders and kidnappings, versus the yawns and sleepy "don't wake me up" attitudes about the thousands of civilians deliberately massacred by Muslims in Iraq, or Darfur, every month over years.  If you are a Muslim-murderer, that is fine and OK, but if you dare to fight back in self-defence, then you are the "bad guy".  This is similar to the way the EP plays itself out in the armored school-yard, where the bullies rule and any kid who dares to fight back is accused by teachers and other students of "causing a disruption".  In such situations, the teachers are often bullies as well, which is why they get along with the student-bullys better than the other kids who are the victims.

Jihad Humor for the politically incorrect... the People's Cube

Iranian Youth Rave Against the Mullahs -- a truly brave bunch of young people, who hate the Mullahs, love the USA, and because of this will never get any support from the leftists in the West.

The Corruption of the Media: Report on media coverage of the "Qana" incident.

First They Came For the Jews: The Story of Yet Another World War
Exposing Jew-hatred disguised as "Anti-Zionism" in the European mainstream press, the upsurge in Muslim gang rapes across Europe which the PC press won't identify as such, the systematic ignoring of Muslim racism and violence-inciting hate-speech by PC prosecutors who will take actions against any writer or cartoonist who dares to "insult Islam", and other matters generally ignored by both intellectuals and MSM journalists.

"How to Kill a Westerner" - Jihadi barbarians give full instructions on how to select target, stalk them, kill them. Probably you get to heaven twice as quick if you kill an infidel woman or child.  Or maybe you get 144 virgins, instead of only 72?  Will any Muslim organization protest this sick madness?  Never!  If you object, you are an "Islamo-phobe"!

Recent Lebanese Muslim Plot to Massacre German Civilian Train Passengers surprises Germans! At least those Germans currently living on another planet.

But the German train-bombing was actually a German-Government-Christian Plot!  Darn that scheming Angela Merkel! Just like 9-11 was done by Bush, and 7-7 was done by Blair!  And the Bali bombing by Howard, and the Beslyan schoolhouse massacre by Putin! Really! Islam is a peaceful religion!  Just ask the Saudis, or the Iranians, who are experts on such matters!,1518,433083,00.html

Jew-Hatred and Lies (oops, I mean "legitimate criticism of Israeli Government Policies...") from "Human Rights Watch" -- a Soros-funded ultra-left pro-Muslim operation.

More Hezbollah photo fakery -- the Doll Man Cometh

And More "legitimate criticism of Israel, blah, blah" from Amnesty International, another formerly decent genuinely liberal group which years ago went hard-left and shredded its own reputation by de-emphasizing or outright ignoring the atrocities of Islamic terrorists and communist regimes.  From the Parallel-Universe Department, where all Muslims sing and dance merrily in the meadows, tossing flower petals to the wind, counting the birdies and puffy clouds in the sky...

More Jew-hating Media Lies: The Red Cross Ambulance Incident How the Mainstream Media Legitimized an Anti-Israel Hoax and Changed the Course of a War... but never admitted its mistake. ("Journalistic Infallibility", even the Pope can't get away with this any more, but the MSM will try!)

Another British Muslim "Moderate" Leader says, mass-murder of Brits and Americans and Jews is A-OK!! "...a recent poll indicates more than 100,000 of 1.6 million Muslims in Britain see nothing wrong with terrorism against Britain such as the 7/7 train bombings (others put the number of approving Muslims much higher).

Muslim Jihad in the Balkans... growing evidence the Serbs were as much the victim of an organized Muslim jihad, as the aggressor. The Serbs certainly have been "tamed" by NATO, but the violent jihad and Islamification of the Balkans proceeds without let-up, and NATO does nothing about that.  New documentary.

Italy stops -- but will let proceed -- shipment of assault rifles and plastic explosives sent from Saudi Arabia to USA American Muslims getting ready for armed Jihad?  Naaawww, Islam is a peaceful religion!

Arab League requests indefinite delay of meeting about UN peacekeepers for Darfur.  Naturally, Allah has not yet drunk enough blood.  And also naturally, the UN will obey, as it is very preoccupied with more important things, such as writing additional condemnations of Israel, and gathering money for Hamas.

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

Pali Death Cult Dances with Joy After 9-11
As the anniversary of 9-11 comes up, it is useful to remind us how American deaths were celebrated by those who have been getting American foreign aid at the rate of hundreds of millions per year.

German TV: About Those Israeli "Chemical Weapons..."  Another Jew-hatred libel spread by the international media bites the dust, thanks to a decent group of honest German journalists.

All Your Fakes Belong to Us - A Rave Music Production on Muslim Media Fakery

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