Monday, August 14, 2006

Stalinists + Islamo-Fascists Organize Rallies

Stalinists + Islamo-Fascists Organize Rallies;
Ignorant Sheep Follow Along, Nodding and Bleating.

Below are links to stunning photo coverage of "peace" demonstrations recently held in Washington DC, Toronto, San Francisco and Paris, organized by the Stalinist "peace" group ANSWER Coalition (a spin-off of International ANSWER) or various Maoist-communist factions, the same folk who supported the Tienanmin Square Massacre and who consider North Korea to be an ideal state.  Such groups have in the past called for liberal women to wear the Muslim veil when marching in the streets with the pro-terror fanatics, "out of respect for our Muslim brothers and sisters" -- this time, their male "protest handlers" were dressed in Muslim garb as well. By the beards one could think Hezbollah representatives were in charge.  The leftist-Islamic alliance could not be more clear.  Obviously, they are anti-USA and anti-Israel. And pro-Muslim-terror as is clear enough when one reviews what they have to say on their signs, the flags they wave, and so on.

These websites will show you what really happened at those demonstrations, as the MSM has mostly filtered out these hate-documenting photos as made by the various independent bloggers. Apparently some MSM newspapers are claiming "no supporters of Hezbollah were at the rallies", "there were ordinary Americans and no terror supporters", etc. -- an obvious lie revealed through the photos gathered below.  It is worth the time to review them, if only to contrast against what you've got from your local news sources.  I heard myself a tape-recording from a recent "anti-war" rally in San Francisco, where a man with a Middle East accent shouted through a megaphone "we support Hezbollah" and "we support Hamas" -- the crowd mindlessly roared back the same phrases in return.  Remember the "Sieg Heil" photos posted to OBRL-News some time back, of Hamas and Hezbollah guys making the Nazi salute to their favorite mullahs?  THAT is what the people at these rallies are supporting, and it has nothing to do with "peace" (except, the peace of the grave for those whom the Muslim terror fanatics want to kill).

These protests are basically a scream against freedom, against sexuality, against life and love, and for totalitarianism.  One sees men concealing their faces with the Muslim keffiya, the veiled women, the obvious support for terror factions, openly vile racism, and so on, along with many "fashionable fascists" of the West. No protests at all against Muslim atrocities.  Signs held high with photos of the worst of the terrorist mullahs, or of the communist butcher Mao, or Castro's executioner Che Guevara, and so on.  Many of the "useful idiots" (by the communists' own language) are in attendance, of course, and are typically clue-less about what it is they are supporting, which is the establishment of Jeddah and Tehran, with crane-hoist hangings of rebellious teenage girls and homosexuals, "honor" murdering of sexual women, public stonings and suicide bombers, right in the middle of Western nations.  J.D.

Washington, D.C.


San Francisco

This one includes photos of the counter-protest in San Francisco, and actually got coverage in the SF Chronicle... but the more stark and hate-filled photos as give in the above weblinks are not to be found.

Paris also... really nice red flags with portraits of Mousie Dung (oops, I mean Mao Zedong), and other mass-murderers, right along side those of Hizbullah.  "LIBERTE! FRATERNITAE! JIHAD!"

And the following item sums up exactly everything I've been saying about Islam over years.  You will see hundreds of protestors in sympathy with Muslim rocketing of the hated jews, expousing 9-11 conspiracy theory, the Bush Derangement Syndrome and so forth, but not one protest against this recent plot for mass-murder on 10 jetliners, or the use of babies (!) as part of the plot.  No protests against that, only protests against the UK police for daring to arrest the plotters and prevent their butchery!

The Family that Kills Together:
Baby was to be used as living bomb to take down jetliner.,22049,20116279-5001021,00.html
Bottle and baby used as bomb
By Fiona Hudson
A HUSBAND and wife arrested in the British terror raids allegedly planned to take their six-month-old baby on a mid-air suicide mission.
Scotland Yard police are quizzing Abdula Ahmed Ali, 25, and his 23-year-old wife Cossor over suspicions they were to use their baby's bottle to hide a liquid bomb.
The pair are among up to 23 suspects being questioned over a plot to bring down nine airliners over five US cities, killing thousands of people in the air and on the ground. 

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