Tuesday, September 12, 2006

In Memoriam, 9-11

In Memoriam, 9-11

Sometimes words are not enough...


But... for those still in an emotional knot that it was "Bush and the Jews" who planned 9-11 and carried it out, or if you merely want solid factual materials for confronting the local idiot's club, essential resources can be found here:

* Extensive list of website links, debunking the various 9-11 conspiracy theories:
On the upper right side of the page:

* Extensive list of books on Islamic culture, history, behavior, and fanaticism:
Go to the "Saharasia Today" section, linked near the lower left side:

* And finally, my own cross-cultural work "Saharasia" which provided clear proof from ethnographic literature, in a study started in 1979 and completed in 1986, that the Islamic world is the carrier of the most extreme-patristic and violent social structure existing on the planet today -- the most extremely armored humans -- covering a geographic region which spreads across nearly a third of the planet, which now is in full-bore, expansionist mode. Only those cultures lying at the geographical border regions of Saharasia, and which thereby developed similar modes of child-abuse, sex-repression, female-hatred, social institutions and extremist ideologies, have shown comparable violent tendencies over the 6000 years of recorded human history.

MEMRI has put together a documentary related to the Islamofascism issue: "The Arab and Iranian response to 9-11", which compiles various TV videos and newspaper articles from the Muslim world revealing their near-hysterical happiness and joy about 9-11, the public dancing, singing, ululating, passing out candy, Etc. as the hated Americans died by the thousands. If you are unaware of this material, or in denial about it, then more than others you need to review it. It is stunning, but shows once more, the deep and utter hatred of non-muslim life by the committed Islamofascist. Or more accurately, the absolute hatred against non-Muslims who dare to stand up against Islamofascist agendas. One can gain a "peace" with the Islamic world only by bowing and subordinating to them, which means basically to become a slave to Islam.

The Arab and Iranian Reaction to 9/11: Five Years Later

There is a related book on the subject, available as a pdf download, very much worth the time and read.

James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Director of OBRL

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