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OBRL Quarterly #13, September 2006

OBRL News Version
OBRL Quarterly #13, September 2006

This is the infrequent, Quarterly version of the OBRL-News-Bulletin,
from the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) in Ashland, Oregon, USA.

Please responsibly re-post and distribute to other interested persons, groups and websites.

Topical notices:

1. James DeMeo Lectures & Seminars in Germany, October 2006
Munster, Munich, Berlin - in English with German Translation
Covering the following general topics:
* "Die Forschungstätigkeit des Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory" ("Orgonomic Research at the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory").
* "Update on Saharasia: Neue archäologische Erkenntnisse zur Saharasia-Theorie: Eine Periode friedlichen Zusammenlebens in der Vorzeit und die Implikationen für die moderne Welt" ("Update on Saharasia: New Archaeological Findings on an Ancient Period of Peace, and Implications for the Modern World")
* "Saharasia, die gegenwärtige Ausbreitung der Wüsten, deren Auswirkung auf das Weltklima, die globale Erwärmung und das El Nino-Phänomen" ("Saharasian Desert Expansion: Influences upon the Modern World Climate, including Global Warming and El Nino").
A downloadable printable PDF Flyer is also available from the given webpage, with information in both German and English language.

2. New Scientific Pulbication Posted to OBRL Website
OBRL Progress Report 2006, by James DeMeo
Contents of This Report includes:
The OBRL To-T Experiments: Thermal Anomaly in the Reich Orgone Accumulator.
Anomalous Reactions of an Orgone-Charged Neutron Counter.
Electroscopical Discharge Rate Variations
The Fitzroy Tube Effect
Investigations into the Ether-Drift Experiments
Greensprings Seminars and Orgonomy Conferences: 2007
Publications in Progress
Fund-Raising Appeal

3.  Special Offer Holiday Sale for OBRL-News and OBRL-Quarterly Subscribers & OBRL-Blog Viewers.
Discount on James DeMeo's Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, in the Deserts of the Old World.  2nd Edition. Softcover. with over 100 maps, graphs & illustrations. $39 retail.  From now until January 1st, buy three copies at 40% off -- $23 each ($69 for three), plus shipping.  A great offer for those who might wish to make a gift of Saharasia to family and friends, or to update to the revised 2nd Edition.  Mention this email offer in the check-out comments section of the Shopping Cart and we will lower the price before making any charges to your card.  Go here for purchase:

4. In Memoriam of the 9-11 Terror Attacks of 2001, and in efforts towards greater clarity on pressing social issues, we have posted an entire list of websites debunking the extremist "9-11 Conspiracy Theory" claims which litter the internet.  These are found in the upper-right side of the OBRL "Links" page, here:
And of course, OBRL retains a separate and comprehensive "Resource" listing on the subject of Wilhelm Reich, Orgonomy and Orgone Research at this webpage:

5. Due to the high costs of printing and mailing, email is today our primary notification method.  If you have not done so already, and to get "plugged in" to our announcements, please subscribe to OBRL-News or the less-frequent OBRL-Quarterly using the links near the bottom of the OBRL homepage.  
The same information presented on the more-frequent OBRL-News is also posted to the OBRL-News Blog, which you can visit at your leisure, here:

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