Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Return of the (Moslem) Nazi-Saluting Hitlerjugend

Return of the (Moslem) Nazi-Saluting Hitlerjugend

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an entire set of volumes which the entire collection of international journalists and mainstream news media has willfully and consistently refused to make public in their reporting. These are Hezbollah and Hamas guys, whom the international left, of all people, is embracing. "We are all Hezbollah Now" they screeched in SF and elsewhere only a few months ago, in the midst of a gigantic left-wing and Islamo-fascist international media campaign of lies and distortions, aimed at making the victims of atrocity and attack -- Israel's Jews -- into the aggressors. A swelling tide of totalitarianism, world-wide, led by Jew-haters and America-haters of Islamic and Leftist backgrounds, strutting at the podium only yesterday in a spectacle at the United Nations. Anyone who thinks they will stop at "merely" killing Jews or Americans is dreaming. And every genuinely liberal person who is supportive of democracy, freedom, human rights, women's rights, civil rights, self-determination and so on, will be among the first victims, just as they were in every other case where Islamists or political leftists took over. But even the political left won't be spared in this case, unless they also convert to Islam. J.D.

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