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"Saharasia Today" links 1-8 September 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 1-8 September 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"
Weekly Roundup: Social Maps of World Violence and Mass Insanity as currently erupting forth from Saharasia, and from Selected Dark Hearts in the West.


Articles of Interest:

For a daily Update on Muslim Murders of Infidels and the Impure, around the world, in numbers and incidents far to numerous to be listed here, see the "Religion of Peace" website:
Number of Terrorist Attacks on Infidels since 9-11:  5766
Only For the Week of 8/27 - 9/02
Jihad Terror Attacks: 53
Number of Dead: 321
Critically Injured: 680

9-11 Anniversary Approaching. Here's an Entire List of Websites Debunking the Muslim-apologizing, anti-Semitic, Stalinist and neo-Nazi 9-11 conspiracy theories.  See the top-right side of this page:

New Al-Qaeda Video shows Bin Ladin, Binashibh and other 9-11 Hijackers Together
Al-Jazeera TV video shows bin Laden "personally and directly supervising the planning of the attacks."
Includes planners Binalshibh & alMasri, and hijackers alShahri & alGhamedi videotaping their wills.
Osama gives them a big hug.  (Video link at bottom of this email)

Jew-Hatred An Integral Aspect of Most 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

Meanwhile, back on the funny-farm:
Leader of "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" is a Muslim Convert Professor who "Blames Israel"!
Political candidate (guess which party?) invokes "The Illuminati" (Jews?)
Muslims from "Muhammed's Mosque" in Massachusetts (no joke) have also certified: Bush and the Jews Did It -- a "Nation of Islam" branch, which also claims their Glorious Leader Elijah M. was beamed up to a Mothership a few years back.  Klatoo and the Metalunians were Muslim, didn't you know.
Tin-Foil-Hat-Alert:  It Really, Really WAS the USA and ISRAEL!  Certified Truth by the Supreme (Interplanetary) Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards - keep your secret decoder rings handy!
Wackier, and Wackier!! 

9-11 You Remember -- But do you Remember 1-11?  The Beslan Schoolhouse Massacre.
In some ways an even more stunning  and hideous Muslim massacre and outrage than 9-11.
"... By the Mercy of Allah the past year of 2003 was very successful and very good year for us because for the past year our Mujahideen (fighters) managed to inflict great damages on Kafirs (infidels) and Munafiqs (hypocrites - national traitors) and to deal crushing blows on the enemy (children).... Allah Akbar!"
A disgusting celebration of Muslim mass murder. And the silence and lack of outrage among "ordinary Muslims" worldwide was deafening, and still is deafening, just as it is deafening today regarding the daily Muslim slaughter in Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Thailand and elsewhere.  Oh! But they are upset when Bush used the word "Islamo-fascism".  Or when the Australian leaders suggested Muslim immigrants learn English and treat women as equals.  That they will protest loudly!  But has any single Muslim organization or nation, or mosque anywhere on the planet held a memoriam for the several hundred slaughtered children and teachers from Beslan?  Or for the thousands killed on 9-11?  Or the hundreds massacred on 3-11, or 7-7, or Bali, or, or, or...?  I don't know of one.

"Path To 9-11" ABC Docu. Exposes Clinton Admins. Bungling & Responsibility
Clintons are Mouth-Foaming Furious, and Dem. Party  Threatens FCC Pull of ABC Broadcast Licence
Quite an incredible "outrage reaction" -- suggesting the ABC item is probably true and accurate.,2933,212743,00.html
And ABC Caves in to liberal censorship, cuts scene of Sandy "Burglar" Berger veto of strike against OBL.

American Muslims Want 9-11 Discussion Whitewashed OUT of US Textbooks

Saddam's Links to Terror/al-Qaeda, Etc.  Consistently ignored information.
See the extensive links at these pages, for entry portal to the larger body of evidence.,2933,199053,00.html,2976,146,00.html,2933,202277,00.html

More Wackiness: Evidence of Insanity Within American Universities;
Iranian Leader and Terror-Supporter Khameini to Lecture at Harvard, on "Ethics"
And Iranian Thug-In-Chief Ahmadinejad will Lecture (along with Chavez) at UN (on "Bush is the problem"?)
While simultaneously banishing Genuine Liberals and Secularists from Iranian Universities
At the same time other academics line up to claim 9-11 was a Bush-Jew Plot:
We should remember, it was the Professors & Intellectuals who were Hitler's, Stalin's and Mao's Primary Supporters!  Nothing like total State control of everything to bring out the worst in people.

Slavish Bowing to Woman-Hating, Body-Anxious Fanatics

Seminar: "Beating A Woman, is For Her Own Protection!" Offered by the "moderate" Islamic Society of N. America , at the Orange County Islamic Center -- no joking!  "Men are please requested to bring their own canes -- no thicker than a thumb, and no shorter than one meter.  Women, burkas are required."

Berlin Human Rights Lawyer Fighting Rape-Marriage and Honor Murders Forced to Quit
Constant Death Threats from Muslim Men

Islamic Jihad in Thailand: Over 1700 Dead, 2500 Injured in Two Years
Rarely reported in the MSM, the Jihadis of SE Asia are On The March!  Chopping off heads, blowing up Buddhist monasteries and art, shooting women & kids, the usual stuff.

Kill Jews, Get Caught, Go to Prison, Kidnap Jews, Start War, Ransom Jews, Get Released, Have Party, Kill Jews, Get Caught, Go to Prison...
Hamas in Gaza also openly gearing up for more war...
And getting $500 million from the EU to help in the cause...

Who Do You Love?  Al-Qaeda Identifies Most-Beloved, Most-Hated Westerners
A call for the faithful to murder the most-hated? (Most went into hiding years ago.)

Seven European Tourists Shot in Jordan, One Dead
Muslim gets free ticket to Paradise, Family Honor Restored, 72 virgins-in-waiting.

Arab/Muslim Press Outdoes Old Nazi Propaganda Machine

Australian Politicians Ask Muslims to Renounce Terror, learn English, treat women as equals -- Muslims Outraged!  Shocked!  And make serious warnings (threats).,10117,20331211-2,00.html?from=rss

Hezbollah will trade captured IDF soldiers for child-killing monster - UN "Mediating",,2089-2340488,00.html
While more video evidence appears showing the UN helps Hezbollah kidnap  & kill Israelis

Iran's Ahmadinejad offers UN full support on Lebanon resolution, and also promises to Not Invade Poland or nuke Israel... Kofi Chamberlain (oops, Anan) has paper proof!  With signature!
...after all, Iran's nuclear facilities are only for "fighting cancer and AIDS"!

PA Thugs Open Fire on Schoolkids with Machine-Guns. Boy shot. AP Journalists cover-up.

Media Campaign in US to Dispel "Islamophobia" - $50 million from the Saudi Kingdom will properly instruct us dhimmi infidels to say "BBAAaaaaaaahhhhh".

No Need for you Muslims to Abduct Us Journalists -- We've Already Converted...

The Waiting Game, by Victor David Hanson  Excellent analysis.
Hitler's Mein Kampf now Islamicized into Mein Jihad

Surprise! UN Forms Brand New Commission to Investigate Israel.
To be run by a Leftist Brazilian diplomat, a Tanzanian Muslim judge and a Marxist Greek professor.  The purview is restricted only to the wicked Jews, of course.   Your tax dollars at work...

Western Tourists in Morocco Targeted for Death by Jihadis

American/Canadian Muslim Teen Website a Hothouse of Jihad
where teens can swap beheading videos, jihad plans, dream about growing beards, 72 virgins, etc.

Rape and Slavery are only "Basic Muslim Behaviors" (Saudi-American),1299,DRMN_15_4960559,00.html

How To Successfully Fight Islamofascist Jihad Terrorism
A list of very good ideas, from Youssef Ibrahim

More on the "Israel Ambulance Bombing" Hoax

"Human Rights" Groups Unmasked: They Have Become Pro-Terrorism Groups
The decline of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International

More on "Human Rights Watch" Decline into Jew-Hatred & Fascist-Supporting Politics

UK Muslim Schools: Virginity-Testing for Female Teachers - Back to the Dark Ages,,1-2-2346951-2,00.html

UK Terror School Gave Seminars on "Diversity Training" to UK Police

Spanish Conservative Politician Under Death-Fatwa by Angry Muslims.
He dared to criticize them in new book: The Jihad in Spain: The obsession to reconquer Al-√Āndalus.,1094,2900001086733,00.html?codigo=2900001086733

Sudan's Answer to World Concerns about Genocide: More Genocide!

Carnage in Iraq Soars: Starts to rival what existed during Saddam's time.
It is not widely mentioned, but Saddam was butchering his own people at the rate of around 100+ per day, out in the countryside, in mass graves.  No news cameras were allowed, however.

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

Hezbollywood Remix - Missilosis: Fake versus real missiles.

Terrorists Who Love Michael Moore -- not a spoof

Al-Qaeda to USA: Convert to Islam, or Die

Muslim Moderate Exposed as Violent Jihadi..he got "human relations award" from Los Angeles County for his smooth talk lying, but was caught on tape expressing his true feelings.

An American Muslim Convert and Misunderstander of Islam, Speaks

Hate and Calls to Murder Infidels in the Quran. A primitive, but instructive comparison...

Terror Party: OBL & the 9-11 Planners & Hijackers

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