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"Saharasia Today" links 17-24 September 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 17-24 September 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"
Weekly Roundup: Social Maps of World Violence and Mass Insanity as currently irrupting forth from Saharasia, and from Selected Dark Hearts in the West.


Dear Subscribers, 

Over the last month I have conducted another "social experiment", with a reasonably thorough searching out of reports on sex-economic and violence-related issues within the Saharasian region, as a means of comparison to other major world regions.  These materials are gathered for my own archive and files, in preparation for a long-term book project "Saharasia Since 1900".  A lot of material was located, most all of which never saw the light of day in the mainstream media -- but I do detect a slow change, in that as the Islamic violence gets worse, it is increasingly difficult for the apologists to ignore it, or to blame it upon the West.   The effort has proven educational, though not particularly uplifting in any emotional sense, which has been the factual situation for my entire Saharasian research project which began in 1979, and led in directions which, at the time, I could hardly have imagined.   Nonetheless, clarity is important, and a scholar's first duty is to the facts, no matter where they lead.   While regular postings of this information will temporarily cease,  in the meanwhile you are invited to consult the same major websites and information sources, and do your own future tracking on these issues.  A full list of resources materials on Middle-East and Saharasia-related subjects are found on the OBRL "links" page, on the lower left-hand side.

Thanks for being a supporter and participant-observer to our research efforts.

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director of OBRL


Number of Saharasian Terrorist Attacks on Infidels since 9-11-2001:  5909 
Nearly Six Thousand Attacks, with perhaps ten or more times as many people killed, and this excludes regions such as Darfur, where the dead from Muslim Jihad violence cannot be easily counted.

Only For the Week of 9/10-9/16
Global Jihad Terror Attacks: 44
Number of Dead: 301
Critically Injured: 374
For a daily Update on Muslim Murders of Infidels and the Impure, around the world, in numbers and incidents far to numerous to be listed here, see the "Religion of Peace" website:

Articles of Interest:

Muslim "Holy Day Bomb" Incinerates 37+ Women and Children... Allah Wants More Blood! 
But of course, this is the fault of those "bad Americans".  Just like Hitler's death camps were the fault of Churchill!  And Stalin's gulag was the fault of the capitalists!  Why, if the USA and UK had not defended themselves against Islamic terrorists, there would be no terrorism! (not)
Afghani Jihadis not to be outdone, throat-cut 19 unarmed workers... Allah still not satisfied.

A Jihad Every Muslim Agrees has Gone Too Far!

Very Polite UK Cops Empathetic to Muslim Sensitivity, Will Warn Terrorist-Sympathizers (oops, I mean "Muslim community leaders") of Impending Terror Raids.  Will also take off hats and shoes when entering mosques, say "bang bang" instead of using real bullets, and ask very, very nicely that women not be stoned in the public square.,,1-523-2372471-523,00.html
UK undertakers also very polite, will orient all graves to face Mecca,.. next, all dead to be circumcised.

A Muslim Coup in Thailand?  time will tell...

Afghanistan: As Europe and America Withdraw, Honor Killings & Child-Marriage Increasing to Taliban Levels,,6-2369375,00.html
Belittling Little Turkish Boys (oops, I mean, the Honorable Turkish Men!) Brings Prosecution, Prison Threat, especially if you are an outspoken woman.  Author dared to suggest the Armenian Massacre actually occurred!  The Nerve!,,1876895,00.html

"Moderate" Muslims:  Defined by their Silence in the face of Genocide, Mass-Murder, Atrocity...

Hezbollah's Terrorist-Leader (oops, I mean "peace-seeking militant") Nasrallah:
To Hell With The Agreed-Upon Lebanon & UN Cease-Fire Resolution: Won't Surrender Arms
Still has 20,000 Rockets Aimed at Israel, and BTW, Palestinians Won't Recognize Israel Either.   So there!
Is anyone really surprised at this?  If so, I've got a really great deal for you, an entire bridge for sale... honest!

Lebanese Christian leader: War was disaster, Hizballah must disarm

Islamic Cartoon Show, exposing the hypocrisy

Controversial Analysis-Commentary on Canadian Teen-Shooters - The Ignored Islam-Sikh Connections

What if the Largest Muslim Advocacy Group in the USA (CAIR) was "a Terrorist-Supporting Front Organization", that "wishes nothing more than the implementation of Sharia law in America" and was "founded by Hamas supporters which [seek] to overthrow Constitutional government in the United States and replace it with an Islamist theocracy using our own Constitution as protection?"  Thanks to for the quotes.  And yes, it is true.

Toxic Hate-TV: Expose on Al-Jazeera International.  If it was Nazi-TV or KuKluxKlan-TV, it would already have been banished.  But the same hate speech and incitement to violence against Jews and Americans of all colors by Muslims is, to some, "A-OK, let's have more!"

Islamic Lethal Tantrums:  Don't upset Big Angry Baby, as he is likely to burn down the house, or behead someone.

Iraqi Kurdistan: An Island of Relative Peace and Stability, and so is not in the news much.

Islam is Designed to be in Total Control:  Otherwise, Expect Chaos and Violence...

A Report on Authentic Muslim Reformers (who rarely are given attention by the MSM).
More authentic Arab-Muslim Reformers, also ignored by the MSM.

UK Minister Critical of Child Suicide Bombers, Muslims Outraged!

Sex for Murder, Islamic Mystery Solved: Women Go to Heaven, Become Sex-Slaves for Jihad Martyrs
Polygamous arranged marriages in heaven also, 72 per man, women get no choice there either

Fascist Spectacle at the UN -- Little Men Get Soapbox, Squeak Loudly!
Chavez cites the Nazi-apologist Noam Chomsky, after embracing the Nazi-imitator Ahmadinejad, and also invokes the name of Allah when cursing the USA.  Demands more "democracy" at UN while ending it in Venezuela, where an email like this would land a writer into prison for "Insulting the Divinity of El Presidente"!  Below are several exposes of Comrade Chavez, who models himself along the lines of Castro, but appears more like the strutting buffoon Mussolini, who while denouncing the USA and Israel, cuddles up with neo-Nazis and Islamofascists, and appears organizing for a larger military take-over in South America.   Another reason to rid ourselves of imported petroleum dependency, especially from Venezuela-owned Citgo.
Citgo Boycott Developing: Esp. after the company held parties in honor of the proto-dictator.

Ahmadinejad openly prayed at UN for Islamic 'Armageddon' referencing the coming of the "12th Imam" who will wipe the world clean of filthy infidels... but everyone in the diplomatic corps and press is too lame and ignorant to know it.

Return of the (Muslim) Nazi-Saluting Hitlerjugend

Growing Jew-Hatred Attack-Incidents at University of California: Leftists and Islamists to Blame.

Stockholm Muslims "2030, then We Take Over" With Help from Socialists

Screenwriter of "Path to 9-11" Responds to Attacks, Death-Threats from Liberals and Muslims

Minneapolis Muslim Taxi Drivers Refuse Fare to Anyone Carrying Alcohol -- will soon refuse unveiled women?

Australian Muslim Clerics Secretly Teaching Violent Suicide Jihad to Young Students! 
Unbelievable!  We are Shocked!  Simply Shocked!  Can't Believe It!,20867,20429794-2702,00.html
But Australian Muslims Read the Riot Act  No cookies and milk for terrorists.,,20425347-661,00.html

Stephen Hayes:  How Bad Is the Senate Intelligence Report (denying an Iraq/Al-Qaeda link)? Very bad.

Hitchins: Saddam's Man in Niger --  What was the Iraqi regime's nuclear expert doing in Africa?
He was seeking bomb-grade uranium in Africa, and Joe Wilson was a incompetent, or a liar, or both.

Muslims Probing for Weaknesses During Airline Flights -- Passengers Alarmed, Public Officials In Denial
And why should they be!  "In First Class, everybody is pleasant!  Another glass of champagne!"

Critics Applaud, Give Prize to Film Advocating (oops, I mean Depicting) Assassination of Bush

Highway Signs in Saudia Arabia:  Muslims-only lane here, Non-Muslims lane there...
unbelievable, but that's only the start of it... here's what life is like for the non-fanatic Muslim or non-Muslim

Homa Arjomand of the Int. Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada Demands: Arrest Ahmadinejad!
These are the authentic (ex-)Muslim reformers, whom the liberal-left news media treats with contempt.

More Muslim Rocket Attacks into Israel -- Here we go again...,2933,214179,00.html

Al-Qaida warning: Muslims leave U.S. ... Afghan terror commander hints at big attack on N.Y., Washington
Could be hot-air, or something more...nuclear in nature.

Dictators Agree: America Very Bad, Iran Very Good, and Should Get Nukes!

The International Left organizations finally discover a genocide they can oppose... only twenty years too late and after-the-fact, but better late than never.   How to pull it off is the big question.  Sudan is giant nation, vast distances. The need is for both guns and butter, but the UN is unlikely to provide the first, without which the second is meaningless for halting a Jihad-genocide.

More From the Angry-Muslim-Madhouse-Mob-In-The-Street Department:
Here's the text of the Pope's speech -- a theological treatise which will bore most people, "offensive" only to the most fanatical hot-head Islamofascist who goes ballistic when Muhammed is criticized.
Chanting Ranting Muslims in London Threaten Catholics Going to Westminister Cathedral
More Priests, Nuns Murdered by ROP Fanatics - Two "Brave Islamic Warrior Men" shoot unarmed nun in the back four times, while she worked at a children's hospital.  Allah is pleased.,2933,214188,00.html
Greek Orthodox Archbishop Denounces Widespread Murder of Christians by "Islamic Fanatics"
Article: Swapan Dasgupta: The Pope is Right On Islam
Daniel Pipes dissects the Pope's speech & Muslim reactions to it
Muslim Shooter of Pope John-Paul Warns Pope Benedict, "Don't Come to Turkey"!,,2-2366419,00.html
Muslims Spit on Pope's Apologetic Gestures, Call for Holy War

AP Photographers Assist ROP Killers with Propaganda Photos of Head-Shootings, IED Explosions, etc.  AP very pleased.
Photographer caught with explosives, top Al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq.  AP furiously spinning the story (lying).

9-11 Conspiracy Theories Get Big Support... from another ignorant ranting radical Imam and his clueless boys.

From the Western Medical Superstition Department  -- And I thought we might escape something this week...

Official Medical Quackery Alert!  CDC Backs HIV Test for All Between Ages of 13-64   A phoney virus-test for a phoney virus, for a non-infectious lifestyle-related disorder.  From the same Medieval medical vampires who today advocate: Mandatory Circumcisions, Bottle-Feeding and Denial of the Breast to Newborn Infants, Condomania, AIDS Prisons, Jailing of HIV-Dissenters, Censorship of Science Journals, and more.

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

Pope Insultifada

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