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"Saharasia Today" links 9-16 September 2006

"Saharasia Today" links 9-16 September 2006
For background, read DeMeo's "Saharasia"
Weekly Roundup: Social Maps of World Violence and Mass Insanity as currently irrupting forth from Saharasia, and from Selected Dark Hearts in the West.


Articles of Interest:

For a daily Update on Muslim Murders of Infidels and the Impure, around the world, in numbers and incidents far to numerous to be listed here, see the "Religion of Peace" website:
Number of Terrorist Attacks on Infidels since 9-11:  5839
Only For the Week of 9/03-9/09
Jihad Terror Attacks: 60
Number of Dead: 272
Critically Injured: 621

From the Angry-Muslim-Madhouse-Mob-In-The-Street Department:
Pope's Criticism of Islamic Violence Stimulates More Muslim Violence
Muslim Heads Exploding Worldwide - Cartoon Time All Over Again, killings, threats, etc.
(photos thanks from -- certainly shows the role of sex-repression...)
Actually all the Pope said was Holy War is Against God's Nature... (maybe, but not Allah's)
but Muslims rioting, threaten Pope with death, suicide bombers... even Taliban are outraged!,0005.htm
"How dare you say Islam should not be spread by the sword!  We will cut your head off!
Down on your kness, you filthy Pope!  "Know your limits, inferior!"
Meanwhile, Muslim hate-speech and murder of Christians, etc. go ignored
British Muslims: Pope is Hitler, Remarks May Lead to Open War!
Muslims going nutty violent all over... too many stories to report.  Churches being shot up, Christians murdered internationally, fanatical leaders magnifying the situation beyond recognition.   Stay tuned, as our regular news media isn't covering even a fraction of the madhouse aspect. Their tendency is to blame the hapless Pope, whose comments were quite factual actually.

Meanwhile, the Best-Selling Book in Turkey (aside from Mein Kampf) Calls for Murder of Pope
published well before he made the latest comments.

Canadian Coalition for Democracy Urges: No More Funding for Palestinians
after the plot to cut off the head of the Canadian PM, at least a few have awoken...

Oriana Fallaci Dies, age 78, a brave woman who dared to speak the Awful Truth in a PC world.

Murdering of Lovers -- At Core, This is What Islam Is All About,,1-3-2360093-3,00.html

Al-Qadea Groups "Muslims-Only Day" at Six-Flags Park Banishes "Filthy Infidels".
especially Jews, and of course, now, Catholics.

Africans Apologize for Slavery: Acknowledge it Existed Long Before European Colonialization
but they still don't mention Muslim slavery, which was ten times worse, and still continuing.

Islamist Plans for Somalia: A New Arab Taliban Wahhabi Caliphate
another Darfur in the planning?  prepare for more "Religion of Peace" genocide

Bawer: 9/11, Five Years Later: A View from Europe

From the Western Medical Superstition Department
Swaziland: We Need More Genital Mutilations to Fight AIDS!
40% have supposedly "deadly virus" but no mass deaths and population growth soaring
Next on the agenda -- Facial Scarification and Finger Amputation to Fight AIDS!

Leftist Canadian Broadcasting Corp Airs "Bush and the Jews" 9-11 Conspiracy
employee of CBC fired for daring to write letter of objection

Amnesty International (Finally) Acknowledges Hezbollah War Crimes

Jews Versus Muslims - A Comparison  Previously posted, but deserving of repetition

Boy Slaves of the UAE -  trinkets for the ultra-rich oil shieks.,2933,213725,00.html

Muslim Millionaires Encouraged to Buy Up Western Media for Better Propaganda
But Traitor Western Journalist Consultant tells them "keep it hushed up, do it quietly..."

Another Islamist "Moderate Peacenik" Goes Mouth-Foaming Anti-Infidel on Muslim TV
Former head of Wash. DC Islamic Center Says 9-11 was done by "Bush and the Jews"...

More hate-speech from pro-Hezbollah Muslim "activist" given "human relations" award by Los Angeles County  -- says Muslim who killed two infidel black cops should go free.

The Al-Qaeda Nuclear Threat

"Peace Group" International Solidarity Movement Caught Brandishing AK-47s...
letting their mask slip, they inform  "it always was about nothing more than killing Jews..."

Dutch Official: Sharia Law OK!  Seclusion, Murder of Women, Gays, Apparently A-OK!?

One Arab's Apology for 9-11: "Five Years Late, but..."

Al-Qaedas Trail of Blood: Worst Attacks Since 9-11 (very incomplete, only Al-Qaeda).
Note to "conspiracy buffs" out there: Did "Bush and the Jews" do all these as well?,5532,13557,00.html
For a more complete listing, consult here:
Nearly 6000 Separate Muslim Attacks on Infidels Since 9-11 with perhaps over 10 times as many people (men, women, children) being slaughtered.  Spiegel, like most MSM outlets, still doesn't wish to "offend Muslims" by implying Islam really is an extremely violent ideology.

The Real Unanswered Questions of 9-11

Rules of Evidence: Yes, there Was an Iraq-AlQaeda Link, and Cooperation, and Military Exchange, and intelligence contacts, and, and, and...
Iraq's terror against the USA goes back more than a decade before 9-11, in fact. See the works by Mylroie, Hayes, Davis and others at the OBRL on-line bookstore, "Saharasia Today" section:

More on the Left-Wing Falsification of Fact, and Revisionist History on Iraq/Al-Qaeda

Islamic Madrassas: Dens of Infidel-Hatred, Woman-Hatred, Terrorist Indoctrination, Beatings, Pedophilia and Rape. From Pakistan to the UK, the worst possible form of organized child-abuse.  THIS and nothing more, is "Why They Hate".;jsessionid=WGOGEMFPMFC5DQFIQMGSFF4AVCBQWIV0?xml=/arts/2006/09/09/ftmadrass09.xml

"Filthy" Christian beaten for drinking water from "Muslim-Only" cup: bones broken

9/11 Mastermind KSM 'planned to crash jets into Heathrow'
While others keep trying: Hijacker with one-way ticket to Yemen had knife inside hollow book (sleep easy, it was not a copy of the Koran)

Iran's "Moderate" Khatami, Lecturing on "Ethics" at Harvard Univ., Supported a Massive Govt. Program of Kidnapping & Torture of Jews & other infidels.
And here's what he had to say: Lies they Loved at Harvard

Left-wing "Black Congressional Caucus" to Honor Stalinist Islamo-Fascist

West Bank YMCA Burned Down by Hamas Terrorists - Issues Death Warnings to Christians: Get Out!  and this was before the Pope made his little speech.
And even very much after YMCA sided with Muslims, blamed the Jews for every problem...

Saudi Cops Banish Pet Dogs and Cats: A "Dirty Infidel Practice",2933,212980,00.html

Cat Stevens, once a decent fellow, now a Mulsim fanatic renamed "Yusuf Islam", who supports beheading of infidels, funding of child-murdering terrorists and all things Islamofascist...

Muslim groups involved in 7/7 bombings had huge UK govt grants
And why not?  Islam is a peaceful religion!

Fjordman: Why We Cannot Rely Upon "Moderate" Muslims

The Islamic "Bloody Borders Project" -- Geographical Study of Muslim Violence

Video Clips of Interest,
most are downloadable from Internet:

OBL's Terror Party: The Al-Jazeera Edition
Coming soon, the full-length video on internet.  9-11 conspiracy "theorists", take note

Teaching Kids Peace - while secular teachers in the West say "don't hit", and Christian teachers say "love thy neighbor", Muslims teach "Kill the Infidels".

Free Muslims Against Terrorism -- Video -- A nice start... hope to see more of this, but the fact is the organization producing this is tiny, and not likely to have any serious influence.

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