Monday, December 04, 2006

[OBRL-News-Bulletin] PLEASE SUPPORT OBRL - Activity Report & Winter Funding Drive

Activity Report and Winter Funding Drive

Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL)
Greensprings Center
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA
tel/fax: 541-552-0118

From: James DeMeo, Ph.D., Director of OBRL


Dear Friend of Orgonomy, and of OBRL,

Almost 30 years ago, I founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL) as a means to support my research into Wilhelm Reich's orgone biophysical and sociological discoveries.   Since then, OBRL has grown into a major center for orgonomic research and education, relying upon sales of our publications, and the generosity of sympathetic donors.

As participants at past OBRL Seminars, readers of our publications (Pulse of the Planet, Heretic's Notebook, Saharasia, Orgone Accumulator Handbook) and subscribers to the OBRL-News or Quarterly internet postings, you are familiar with my research, as well as the OBRL circle of informal associates, including laboratory findings, desert-greening field work, and educational efforts aimed at maintaining clarity about, and furthering the work begun by Wilhelm Reich in the first half of the 20th Century.

Over many years, I have personally emphasized bringing research findings which support Reich into mainstream university conferences and scientific society meetings, such as the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). Over the last six years, an especially focused effort has been made in this regard, resulting in many presentations of even the controversial orgone energy and cloudbusting work into mainstream scientific venues, with numerous invited articles as a consequence.  This sustained effort has melted at least some of the mainstream resistance to orgonomic research, and continued efforts are underway.

More details on my overall approach to this important work, and the role of OBRL within contemporary orgonomic research, our relationship to other research scientists in this field, can be obtained from the following summaries:

- An in-depth "OBRL Progress Report" from a few years ago appears in Pulse of the Planet #5, p.251-257, and all the back issues of Pulse provide excellent overviews:
- A Report on one of our past year's Summer Seminars is also now posted to internet:
- A Booklet of Abstracts is also available for the 2005 Summer Conference on New Research in Orgonomy:
- A Research Report for 2006 is now available:
- And our Summer 2007 Greensprings Independent Study Program is also set and detailed:

All of this important work, our seminars and publications, as well as the maintenance and development of OBRL offices and website, requires substantial resources, and our future work plans are as ambitious as anything accomplished in the past.

Please Help OBRL To Continue With This Important Work.

We request that you, as a valued participant in our efforts, please consider sending a financial contribution.  Your donation will help us continue with this vitally important work and our  innovative services, which include the following:

* Laboratory Studies on the Orgone Energy. One current focus of research is upon the Orgone Accumulator Thermal Anomaly - readings of around 0.3 deg C. with anomalous "heartbeat" pulsations have been recorded.  Another focus is the orgone-charging of Geiger-Muller (radiation-detection) tubes, and we have been able to reproduce Reich's basic observations as well.

* Historical and Analytical Research, on the subject of "Ether-Drift" research since the 1900s, including the work of Dayton Miller, and their relationship to the findings of Reich and others on cosmic orgone energy, and planetary/atmospheric dynamics.

* Field Research with the Reich Cloudbuster. Reich's atmospheric discoveries have been cautiously and productively applied to end severe droughts in the American Southwest, Namibia, Israel, and Eritrea.  This work is only possible with significant help from donors.  New field applications are planned in 2007, given increasing conditions of drought and desert-expansion.

* Archaeological and Historical Research on Saharasia.  New findings are now available documenting the widespread nature of early Peaceful Societies, solving the "Origins of Violence" or "Origins of Armoring" question, as an outgrowth of my Saharasia research.

*  The On-Line Bibliography on Orgonomy (1920 to the present) posted to the OBRL website, available globally without charge.

*  Video/DVD Archives. An effort is now underway to preserve our considerable archives of videotaped lectures and documentation of field expeditions and laboratory work  onto digital DVD, for permanent archival and safekeeping.

*  Books and Publications, including our in-house journal Pulse of the Planet, continue to spread accurate and timely information supporting Reich's discoveries world-wide.  The second edition of Saharasia recently was completed and published, and we have organized to publish Roberto Maglione's Healing of Atmospheres, due out early in 2007.  My new book Greening Deserts continues organization towards publication, and plans are in the works for another issue of Pulse of the Planet, a reprinting of Jim Martin's important book Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War, as well as a new work on the question of the cosmological ether-drift, and its relation to orgone energy .

*  Greensprings Conference & Seminars. Held every summer at the OBRL Greensprings Center near Ashland, Oregon, since 1996.   In Summer 2005, we made a special new offering, of a Conference on New Research in Orgonomy, with an international list of presenters.  A similar New Research Conference will take place in 2007 as part of a larger event organized independently by Peter Jones in Manchester, UK.    OBRL will, in Summer 2007, host a Guided Independent Study Program in General Orgonomy.  I've also been invited to speak about my work, and Reich's work, at a number of international conferences for 2007.

OBRL-News and OBRL-Quarterly, our free on-line internet newsletters, continue to circulate our general announcements, as well as many rare and lesser-known items of public interest. To get "plugged in" to our announcements, please subscribe to OBRL-Quarterly using the links near the bottom of the OBRL homepage:

OBRL has benefited over the years from the generosity of our network of supporters.  We need to meet our financial goals for the next year, while planning ahead for the future. To continue with this important work, we need your support.

Please consider making a donation, by mail, check, or using your credit-card on-line. Donating on-line is a simple and secure method.  Or, consider to add OBRL to your will or trust.

To donate right now visit:

Donation checks can also be mailed to OBRL, to the letterhead address.  OBRL is a 501(c)3 status non-profit organization, and your donation is fully tax-deductible. To request more information, or to inquire about making a large gift or bequest, please call, e-mail, or write to us.

Thank you in advance for your support.


James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Special Notes: 

1. You can access this same fundraising letter with numerous photographs of the OBRL Center and topics of research, online at:


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only.

If you find this material of value, please donate to OBRL:
Or, purchase books on related subjects from our on-line bookstore:
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In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment for non-profit research and educational purposes only. [Ref.]

If you find this material of value, please donate to OBRL:

Or, purchase books on related subjects from our on-line bookstore:

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