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Part II, Stunning new info against HIV Theory of AIDS

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 15:34:16 -0500
Subject: World News Part Two of Three
From: Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives<>

Television Azteca Airs 3 Hour News Series on AIDS Controversy:

Historic Reporte 13 Broadcast Prompts National Debate in Mexico,
Inspires Uproar Throughout South America

A brief meeting at a Studio City hotel late last year with veteran
journalist Ricardo Rocha, host of Reporte 13, a popular news program
on Mexicos national network Television Azteca, turned into a three
part series on the AIDS controversy that has all of Latin America
talking. Each one-hour segment of the series features scientists,
medical doctors and HIV positives engaging in uncensored discussion
of information and experiences that bring all aspects of orthodox
AIDS views into question.

Beginning with part one, All The Truth About AIDS, scientists from
the US and Mexico share little known facts about the inability of HIV
tests to detect the actual virus or accurately identify the infected
through antibody response; healthy HIV positives speak openly about
never taking AIDS drug treatments or stopping them due to ill
effects; and medical doctors reveal they are healing and preventing
AIDS diseases without resorting to the use of harmful chemicals.

Part two explores a vital question never before raised by mainstream
media, Has Anyone Seen HIV? and part three goes further into
unexplored media territory with 60 minutes of evidence for the bold
statement, AIDS is Curable.

Despite angry accusations from AIDS industry spokespersons and calls
by AIDS activists for Television Azteca to halt further broadcast,
the series aired three times in the past several weeks to increasing
numbers of viewers.

In response to charges of murder and misinformation, Television
Azteca invited critics of the program to engage in a televised debate
with featured speakers from the Reporte 13 series. After agreeing to
meet face to face to discuss the facts for a fourth segment called
The AIDS Debate, the once vocal representatives of the AIDS orthodoxy
retreated from the opportunity for a direct confrontation, apparently
preferring to launch verbal attacks from the internet or the
editorial pages of newspapers.

Now it seems the challengers will not only boycott the debate but try
to stop the show from taping. Here's the inside story on the
controversy surrounding The AIDS Debate which will be broadcast in
two parts on Television Azteca starting the week of February 19:

On the morning of Friday February 9th, the head of media services for
the Ministry of Health, Mr. Jorge Herrera, informed Reporte 13 that
physicians and researchers from the ministry will not be
participating in the debate, in spite of the fact that they had
confirmed the names of Dr. Juan Josi Calva, head of Censida, and Dr.
Carlos Federico Arias, head of the Institute of Biotechnology at
UNAM, and after stating that they would give us the names of two
other experts to participate in the debate with them.

Everything seems to indicate that AIDS orthodox activists are keeping
their position of boycotting the debate, so much so that they have
threatened to organize a demonstration to prevent access to the
facilities of TV Azteca on the day we have arranged to hold the

After consulting with heads of the network, our position is very
clear and uncompromising: TV Azteca and Reporte 13 will not be
intimidated by this group. The debate will take place with our
guests: Christine Maggiore and Drs Roberto Giraldo, Charles Geshekter
and Roberto Stock, in front of four empty chairs bearing the names of
those who had accepted to participate and now refuse to come without
rational explanation.

The program will begin with a statement about the controversy caused
by the first programs and we will show the press articles in which
AIDS activists have called us criminals who practice journalism
without investigating. After this, we will present our guests with
the most fierce questions that derived from such articles, as well as
with the good faith concerns expressed by the public during these


AIDS Activists Tell BBC to Dump AIDS Documentary:
Group Demands Apology, Calls Film A Lie

Guinea Pig Kids, a two year-old documentary about AIDS drug
experiments conducted on infants and children at a foster home in New
York City became a hot new issue when angry AIDS activists led by
researcher Dr Mark Wainberg suddenly demanded that the British
Broadcast Corporation remove all reference to the film from its web
site and post an apology from producers.

Based on the chilling details of an article by independent journalist
Liam Scheff, the BBC film reveals how the Incarnation Childrens
Center (ICC), a home for kids who had lost or been forcibly separated
from their parents, enrolled its residents into experimental drug
trials. As the film shows, infants, children and teenagers -- some of
whom had never tested HIV positive, and all with no voice of their
own or advocates to speak on their behalf -- were used as guinea pigs
in a variety of studies ranging from toxicity tolerance tests to
experimental vaccines.

Thanks to the BBC expose, the disturbing practices at the ICC came to
the attention of human rights organizations and local government
agencies, prompting hearings, investigations and media coverage that
continue to this day. The February 2007 issue of Essence magazine
contains a special report inspired by the BBC film, The New York City
AIDS Experiment.

Interestingly, Wainberg and others in the group calling for
censorship of Guinea Pig Kids, receive funding from manufacturers of
some of the very drugs used in the ICC experiments.

In response to the AIDS activists demand that the film disappear, a
new web site has appeared where visitors can watch Guinea Pig Kids,
read comments from producers, hear director Jamie Doran interviewed
on National Public Radio, read original reports by journalists Liam
Scheff and Celia Farber, and listen to unedited audio files of ICC
personnel who speak unflinchingly about how they used surgically
implanted feeding tubes to deliver drugs directly into the stomachs
of children who had problems with compliance or adherence.

One visit to and youll see why AIDS
activists want this information to go away.

Another source for uncensored news on the ICC story:


New 5-Minute Film on HIV Test Flaws and Fallacies:
Share the Link, Increase the Views

Stephen Davis, the busiest man in AIDS reappraisal, has another new
website thats creating quite a stir:

where you can watch or download a brief but powerful video starring
two-time Olympic gold medal winner Lee Evans who outlines the many
problems with so-called HIV tests.

The video was viewed over 6,000 times in its first two weeks online
and is now at YouTube, Google, and the very popular web site of
holistic medical doctor Joseph Mercoal (


AIDS Insider Outs Activists and Experts with Ties to Big Pharma

Another new web site worth visiting is

apparently created by a disgruntled orthodox activist who reports
that its no accident that upwards of 95% of current drug development
efforts and other clinical research for HIV/AIDS focus exclusively on
bringing to market the same type of therapies over and over again.
For the most part, development of these antiviral medicines involves
small research costs and yields huge profit margins.


More New Video and Audio Online at

The Big Question, a one-hour South African TV program featuring
American AIDS skeptic and former pharmaceutical researcher, Dr David
Rasnick and Professor Sam Mhlongo, MD, head of the department of
family medicine at South Africas largest teaching hospital in a
heated debate with two representatives of orthodox AIDS views on
anti-retroviral drugs.

Todo La Verdad del SIDA, the first of three hour-long news segments
on the AIDS controversy that aired on national television in Mexico.
The other two segments from Reporte 13 will be up soon at the site,
and versions with English voice over translation should be posted
sometime in the coming weeks.

New interviews with Stephen Davis and Christine Maggiore are also
available as podcasts from APART through the APART link at

Also, more real life stories from healthy HIV positives that have
quit or never taken AIDS drugs available as podcasts through the HIV
Drugs link at


More New Audio: TurnSpeak Radio Interviews Professor Peter Duesberg
and Christine Maggiore

Jesse Waugh of TurnSpeak Radio invites you to listen to a new
interview on the HIV controversy with UC Berkeley microbiologist Dr
Peter Duesberg and a really good conversation with Christine Maggiore
on HIV tests, the pharmaceutical industry, the difference between
conspiracies and business as usual, and the latest on legal
happenings related to the death of Maggiores daughter Eliza Jane


New Article on Proposal for Mandatory AIDS Med Compliance

The importance of asking critical questions about HIV and AIDS is
introduced to 50,000 chiropractors world wide by Dr. Heide
HartmannTaylor who takes a deeper look at the implications of a New
York Times article that proposes a disturbing way to make sure HIV
positives take their medication.

From the January 2007 edition of the Chiropractic Journal (a
publication of the World Chiropractic Alliance):

An HIV Jail in America?
By Dr. Heide HartmannTaylor

According to the June 27, 2006 issue of The New York Times, the New
York City health department is proposing to track HIV "in a manner
similar to tuberculosis, monitoring patients and trying to ensure
that they take their medications properly."

No one seems to have paid much any attention to this announcement;
apparently very few remember exactly how they "tracked" tuberculosis,
even though it was not that long ago.

The Times explained: "Thanks to a major infusion of federal
financing, New York health officials took an active approach, getting
as many patients as possible on directly observed therapy, known as
DOT in which outreach workers administered tuberculosis medications
in clinics, patients' homes and on the street. For patients who
'failed' DOT, the health department employed forcible detention,
either at Bellevue Hospital or at Goldwater Hospital. More than 250
patients were detained between 1993 and 1998, some for as long as two

"Failing DOT" means not taking or refusing to take their tuberculosis
medications, for any reason. In other words, you don't want to take
the drugs we think you should, we'll lock you up against your will
for two years and make you!

The ward in Bellevue is called the "TB Jail," and it's still active
and receiving patients. It's such a good idea, apparently, that New
York wants to use the same model for HIV. In other words, they want
to create an "HIV Jail" where anyone who fails or refuses to take
their HIV medications can be locked up and force fed their drugs.

Who is supposed to take HIV medications and will end up in the HIV
Jail if they don't? Anyone the medical establishment deems to be
HIVPositive and at risk for AIDS. After all, it's for their own good,
despite the fact that a new study published in the August 2006 issue
of The Lancet concluded that the newest Highly Active AntiRetroviral
Therapy (HAART) was no more effective in decreasing mortality than it
was ten years ago.

How accurate are the HIV blood tests that determine who is
HIVPositive? I posed that question to Stephen Davis, former Arizona
state senator, Physician's Assistant, Director of Development at
Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, and now the author of
"Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial," who has spent the last ten years
researching AIDS and HIV.

His statements are shocking but important for all health care
professionals to read:


Important New Paper on HIV, AIDS and Breastfeeding

The international research organization, Another Look at HIV and
Breastfeeding, headed by La Leche League, International founder
Marian Tompson, posted a new document at its web site which refutes
claims that breastfeeding increases the risk of HIV transmission. The
idea that the vital health benefits of breastfeeding are outweighed
by the risks of HIV transmission gained popularity following a
meta-analysis that appeared in the medical journal Lancet in 1992.

The new document begins with an account of the authors two-year
struggle for publication in the Lancet, which ultimately ended in
rejection. After more unsuccessful attempts at publication in the
British Medical Journal and the Journal of Human Lactation, the
authors decided it was more important to get the information to the
public than to beg journals to publish controversial facts about
analysis flaws in mainstream research. Interestingly, two of the
articles authors, well know infant nutrition experts Ted Greiner and
Pamela Morrisson, hold very mainstream views on HIV on AIDS.


More news in Part Three coming soon

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