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Part III, Stunning new info against HIV Theory of AIDS

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 15:34:16 -0500
Subject: World News Part Three of Three
From: Alive & Well AIDS Alternatives<>

New Articles at Alive & Well Site

Several informative articles were recently posted to our web site
under Related Articles in the following sections:

T Cells and Viral Load:

Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasnt
(January 22, 2007 New York Times)
Nearly 1,000 health care workers at a New Hampshire hospital were
given a PCR test in response to a scare started by a coughing staff
member. The results: 142 people were told they appeared to have the
disease, thousands were given antibiotics and a vaccine, and hospital
beds were taken out of commission. Months later, hospital
administrators informed the staff the whole thing had been a false
alarm no one on staff had the disease. The conclusion: No single
test result is absolute and that is even more important with a test
result based on PCR.

AIDS Drugs Facts and Myths:

New AIDS Drug Study is Flawed and Biased:
No Proof Taking AIDS Drugs is Better Than Taking Nothing
Responding to a study on AIDS drugs published in the Nov. 30, 2006
issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), scientists from
the non-profit public interest group Rethinking AIDS state the
trial's conclusions are flawed and that the idea that AIDS drug
interruptions are dangerous is based on unproven assumptions.
According to Dr. Etienne de Harven, a pioneer in virology research
and electron microscopy and President of RA, The NEJM study does not
provide evidence that taking AIDS drugs is better than not taking

The Bigger Picture:

By Frank Furedi, Spiked Online
"The charge of denial has become a secular form of blasphemy ... The
heretic is condemned because he has dared to question an authority
that must never be questioned. Here, overwhelming evidence serves as
the equivalent of revealed religious truth, and those who question
'scientists of unquestioned reputation' that is, the new priestly
caste are guilty of blasphemy ... 'Denial' has become part of a
secular inquisition that stigmatizes free thinking."

Preaching the Climate Catechism
By Lorne Gunter, National Post
"Since 2003, the upper layer of the Atlantic has lost 25% of the
extra heat it had built up in the past three decades. The broad
consensus among solar scientists is that the Earth's warming is
almost entirely explicable by increased solar activity that began
about 100 years ago, and which will end around 2020. But these
inconvenient truths would be bad for the cause..."

US Government Pushes Tests with 84% False Positive Results
A new mental health surveillance test with close to 90% false
positive results is currently recommended for use among all American
children by the US government. Backed and promoted by pharmaceutical
companies and questioned by liberals and conservatives alike, the
tests come under fire in two articles from opposite ends of the
political spectrum that both reach the same conclusion: tests are a
drug industry dream come true and a public health nightmare.

Bill Gates: Philanthropist or Profiteering Polluter?
The LA Times reports on the contradictory activities of the Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation which has more than $60 billion at its
disposal, an amount higher than the gross domestic products of 70
percent of the world's nations. The Gates Foundation invests
millions of dollars in corporations, which pollute the same areas of
Africa that are targeted for vaccines and medicines made by companies
that Gates also funds.

The Secrets in Eli Lilly's Cabinet: The Dangers of Zyprexa
By Evelyn Pringle
To date, Lilly has agreed to pay about $1.2 billion to settle claims
with roughly 26,000 litigants who alleged among other things, that
Eli Lilly company promoted the sale of Zyprexa for off-label uses and
concealed the health risks associated with the drug. A lawsuit filed
on behalf of private health insurers accuses Lilly of violating
racketeering laws, in part, by bankrolling nonprofit groups to
promote Zyprexa for unapproved uses and to downplay the medicine's
side effects.


Celia Farber Cover Story of Canadian Magazine

Excerpted from Fast Forward Weekly; read the full story at

One of the most tragic stories of the AIDS crisis is the excoriation
of those journalists, researchers, patients whose voices are
silenced by a 20-year orthodoxy of media hype, drug money and
scientific stardom. Journalist Celia Farber, deemed controversial and
an HIV denialist by many, has spent two decades reporting the dark,
greedy history of AIDS, played out by drug companies, the government
and people on the street.

Her new book, Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS
(Melville House, 348 pp.), is a collection of her AIDS reportage,
many of the pieces updated or revised for the book. Uncensored is a
most appropriate word for this outsiders account of the shady world
of the AIDS industry in which, as Farber has learned, to even ask
questions that dont conform to orthodox views conjures hatred. These
include pieces on protease inhibitor drugs and their toxicity, AIDS
patients who test HIV-negative and, simply, whether HIV causes AIDS.

Recently, Farber published an article in Harpers Magazine ("Out of
Control," March 2006) detailing the twisted history of HIVNET, a
clinical trial for the drug nevirapine, which ended up an unmitigated
disaster of corrupt and inconclusive data (National Institute of
Health director of clinical research operations, Jonathan Fishbein,
exposed the story and was fired). The article is prefaced with the
tragic story of Joyce Ann Hafford, a pregnant woman who, at the time,
tested positive for HIV. She was part of a clinical trial involving
the same drug, to which she had a deadly reaction that ultimately
killed her.


From the Same Folks Who Claim You Cant Miss a Dose: Taking AIDS Drugs
Half the Time is Just Fine

Perfect Adherence to NNRTI Therapy Not Necessary for HIV Suppression
By Martha Kerr

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Oct 04 - Suppression of HIV levels can be
achieved with nonnucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI)
therapy adherence rates below 60%, according to a report in the
October 1st issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

The study's author, Dr. David R. Bangsberg at the University of
California at San Francisco, told Reuters Health that while perfect
adherence to NNRTI therapy is the ideal, it may not be completely

Earlier studies conducted in 2001 set a "threshold" of 95% adherence
to antiviral therapy in order to achieve adequate HIV suppression. At
that time, unboosted protease inhibitor-based regimens were the best
therapy available to suppress HIV replication. Since then, more
potent drugs have been developed, including NNRTI agents.

Dr. Bangsberg and colleagues identified 330 HIV-positive patients in
the Research on Access to Care in the Homeless (REACH) cohort. About
half were on protease inhibitor therapy and about half received NNRTI

The investigators used unannounced pill counts and electronic
medication monitoring to assess medication adherence.

Average adherence to antiviral therapy was 70%. For patients on NNRTI
therapy, viral loads were suppressed to less than 400 copies/mL with
adherence rates that ranged from 54% to 100%. In contrast, patients
on protease inhibitors required adherence rates between 95% and 100%
to achieve the same level of suppression.

"Treatment (of HIV infection) has changed since 2001 when the
adherence thresholds were set," Dr. Bangsberg told Reuters Health.
"These data show that more moderate levels of adherence can achieve
viral suppression."

Nonetheless, he added, "More is still better ... Perfect adherence is
best, but patients should be told to get as close as they can."

Also, he concluded, "An important message to physicians is that
patients with a high likelihood of non-adherence, such as those with
mental disorders or the homeless, may still do just fine." (Clin
Infect Dis 2006;43:939-941)


Vocal AIDS Activists Suddenly Silent: The Pathology Report No Ones
Talking About

Dr Nicholas Bennett, a resident in pediatrics at SUNY and
self-proclaimed expert on the tragic death of Eliza Jane Scovill, has
no comment on a new report in the case which for the first time
publishes photographs of lung tissue slides which Bennett and others
AIDS activists expected would support their belief in the LA County
Coroners decision that Christine Maggiores daughter died of pneumonia
in May of 2005.

Bennett and Dr David Gorsky, aka Orac, are among the once vociferous
critics of pathologist Dr Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati who concluded that
Eliza Jane died as a result of an allergic reaction to the antibiotic
amoxicillin, prescribed for an ear infection the day before the three
and a half year-old suddenly went into cardiac arrest at the family

A link to the new report by Al-Bayati is posted on the home page at
the web site. Also new at the site, witness
testimony requested by Los Angeles Police Department investigators as
part of the year long effort to charge Maggiore with negligent
homicide in her daughters death:

Bennett and Gorsky also went silent when given an opportunity to
engage in a public debate with Maggiore on the HIV hypothesis and
their charges that her daughter died as a result of AIDS denialism.
Their refusal to speak up is documented in an entertaining exchange
with agent provocateur Casey Cohen posted at the new Rethinking AIDS
web site at

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