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Quarterly Newsletter #14, February 2007

OBRL-News Version
OBRL Quarterly #14, February 2007

This is the infrequent, Quarterly version of the OBRL-News-Bulletin,
from the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) in Ashland, Oregon, USA.

Please responsibly re-post and distribute to other interested persons, groups and websites.
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Topical notices:

1. Summer Guided Independent Study Program on General Orgonomy
A 5-day Guided Independent Study Program in General Orgonomy is being organized, meeting each day and led by James DeMeo, Ph.D., Director of OBRL. Lecture/discussions and demonstrations of apparatus will occur in the mornings, with independent student projects in the afternoons, using the facilities of the lab.  Topics to be covered include issues from Sex-Economy, Saharasia, Bions, Orgone Accumulator, Atmospheric Orgone and Orgone Physics, with an emphasis upon their relationship to similar classical science concepts.
Ashland, Oregon, USA
Meeting every day, 10 AM to 6 PM
from 7 - 11 July 2007 - Saturday through Wednesday
Also, 6 July Friday Open House at the Greensprings Center, and 12 July Optional Field Trip to Crater Lake National Park.
Limited to 10 participants. Make your reservations early.
Click here for more details:

2. Other Notable Reich/Orgonomy Conferences in 2007:

* The Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley Maine will host a 4-day event from July 29 to August 1st,  on  WILHELM REICH IN THE 21st CENTURY:  2007 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ORGONOMY, with an excellent line-up of speakers and presentations.  For more information, see:

* The Newly-Registered non-profit institute CORE (Centre for Orgonomic Research & Education) in the UK will host a 7-day event in Lancashire, United Kingdom, from 13-19 August, also with an excellent line-up of speakers, presentations and demonstrations.
        The first 5 days of the event will cover "Orgonomy Today", with Talks and Demonstrations on the Science of the Life Energy, formal speaker's presentations, and an Exhibition of Equipment and Experiments. Monday to Friday, 13-17 August 2007 For more information, see here:
        The last 2 days of the event will cover "New Research in Orgonomy", being a weekend Research Seminar for practicing scientists interested in Reich's findings.
Saturday and Sunday, 18-19 August 2007
A "CALL FOR PAPERS" Notice also has been issued for this event, for professional scientists.  For more information, see here:

3. New Research Report from OBRL -- previously announced.
Contents of This Report includes:
The OBRL To-T Experiments: Thermal Anomaly in the Reich Orgone Accumulator
Anomalous Reactions of an Orgone-Charged Neutron Counter
Electroscopical Discharge Rate Variations
The Fitzroy Tube Effect
Investigations into the Ether-Drift Experiments
Greensprings Seminars and Orgonomy Conferences: 2007
Publications in Progress
Fund-Raising Appeal

4. Other Work In Progress At OBRL

* After a long delay to obtain the proper equipment, we are finally making transfers of our considerable archive of old VHS, U-Matic and Hi-8 videotapes onto digital DVDs, for long-term archive and storage.  The VHS collection is nearly finished, but much remains to be done.  A section of the laboratory building, in the attic section under the observatory, has been set aside for this purpose.

* Last Summer, the OBRL Observatory was upgraded.  The excellent Starfinder 16" Newtonian telescope which served us so well since 2003 was traded out for a Meade 16" Ritchey-Chretien telescope, with more accurate tracking and guidance mechanisms.  This will allow us to undertake astrophotography and other related work not previously possible.  Two immediate goals are to image deep-space regions for its "blueness", and secondly observations relevant to the larger question of ether-drift, which has been the subject of articles in the OBRL journal "Pulse of the Planet".  We also obtained special hydrogen-alpha filters which allow the real-time visual observation of solar flares -- these are most fascinating to observe, appearing more like bacterial flagella in slow-motion than anything from expected classical-science descriptions.  The observatory will be open to the Independent Study students this summer (see above, point #1).

5.  New Book Chapter on Saharasia, in the German-Language work:
 "Gesellschaft in Balance: Dokumentation des 1. Weltkongresses für Matriarchatsforschung 2003 in Luxemburg". Edited by Heide Göttner-Abendroth, 311.pp, Edition Hagia, Kohlhammer, 2006.  The work contains 25 articles by diverse scholars who presented papers at the First World Congress on Matriarchal Studies in Luxemburg.  One of the contributions in the book is a paper by James DeMeo, presented at the Congress and entitled "Saharasia: Die Ursprünge patriarchaler authoritärer Kultur in Verbindung mit prähistoricher Wüstenbildung".
Available from:
    International Academy HAGIA
    Weghof 2
    D-94577 Winzer / Germany
An English-language version of this new book is under preparation, for publication sometime in 2007.
Here is information on the original 2003 Congress:
While this new book is not yet listed on internet, here is a list of other books by, or edited by Dr. Göttner-Abendroth:
In German Language
In English Language

6. Saharasia discussion in Germany's KursKontakte magazine.
Scheduled for printing in the April issue, the on-line version (without maps) is posted here:

7.  2nd Edition of Saharasia -- If you did not get the word...
For English-Speakers, if you haven't yet got the 2nd Edition of Saharasia, with numerous additions to the already-excellent 1st Edition, it can be obtained via here:
This webpage also provides downloadable PDFs of the 2nd Edition "Preface" and "Update on Saharasia" Appendix article, so you don't have to re-purchase the full book unless you desire.  It also provides summary articles about the Saharasia discovery in English, Spanish, German, Turkish and Greek.  We also seek volunteers who could make French, Polish, Italian and Arabic translations of this same summary article, for internet-posting.

8. Growing "Orgone" Nonsense on Global Internet
Over the last decade there has been a slow and steady growth of misinformation and distortion about Wilhelm Reich's work, found in promotional materials for people selling products such as "chembusters", "holy hand grenades", "orgonite", "orgone generators", "orgone zappers", "orgonise Africa" and a host of similar things which claim (without evidence) great "advancements", "beyond Reich", and make a mockery of Reich's original solid and authentic natural-scientific findings. On their websites and e-groups one finds allusions to demons in other dimensions, to large government conspiracies such as "chemtrails", and from there to "shape-shifting reptilian space aliens" who have "substituted themselves into key government and UN positions", taking over the bodies of well-known politicians, with other references to "ascended masters" and such.  "Reich", "orgone", "DOR" and other such terms as used in authentic life-energetic research are included in their on-line discussions and products they sell, sometimes to "Obtain Money! Power! Sex! and Magik!" as if there were some direct and honest relationship to Reich, which there most certainly is not.  Some actually abuse his findings in ways which may have more direct and deadly consequences, as I've outlined here:  Taken together, these individuals drag Reich's good name and work down into the mud, and little recognizable remains of his authentic research findings.  For those struggling to get a clear picture of Reich's findings, these efforts have the result of dramatically muddying the waters.  It is a toss-up to know which is more damaging to Reich's name and work -- the outrageous falsifiers of the CSICOP "professional skeptic" variety, who engage in deliberate distortions as a means to ridicule the man and his work (see for example my article here:, or the "madhouse" internet distorters, whose slimy embrace of Reich provides an equally hideous misportrayal, and is akin to quicksand.  One wishes, they would simply go their own way, do their own "thing", but leave Reich's name and terms out of it completely.  At some point in the future, I may write up a more complete disclosure, providing names and websites of the worst offenders, but a simple internet search on the terms "Wilhelm Reich" or "orgone" will turn up quite a few of them, usually at the "top listings" and also on quite a few of the internet "adwords" advertisements hawking their stuff.  (A Google search of "orgone" turns up a half-million webpages!)  Ebay in particular is littered with products abusing the term "orgone", and which have no relationship whatsoever to Reich's discoveries. 

As an alternative, the OBRL website includes a "resource" guide which provides the names and weblinks of most authentic Reich/Orgonomy institutes and organizations, and the one or two manufacturers of orgone-related devices which are authentic. Certainly there are some others we have missed and are not included, but it is reasonably comprehensive and useful for the beginner to consult:

9.  Please review our on-line Fundraising Letter...
and respond with a donation if you are able.

10. Due to the high costs of printing and mailing...
email is today our primary notification method. 
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Thanks very much for your attention and support.

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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