Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Response to a reader on "Chemtrails"

To: J. DeMeo

>On Jeff Rense's site NOW ~
>"Hole In The Sky: Vivid Evidence Of Weather Control - Photos"
>Link: <http://www.rense.com/general75/eevi.htm>

Dear Anonymous:

Regarding the photos posted to the Rense website, there are many
other possibilities than "chemtrails".

Most likely, they were formed by a jet slowly passing through that
thin cloud layer at the same time it was gaining or losing altitude,
disrupting the cloud layer only where it passed through it, with an
outward propagation of the disruption to form the oval shape. The
long dark line in the other photo is a shadow on the cloud layer,
from a jet contrail which exists just above it. You can see the
upper jet contrail very faintly, mostly at the right-hand side of the
photo, I've seen this before and even in formation. Could be, the
same jet created both of the photographed phenomenon, but the person
who took the photos apparently did not look up at the time of their
formation, to see the process.

Now, it could be something related to a cloudbuster, or cloudseeding
experiments, but it is always best to consider the simplest
explanations first. And since there already is a jet contrail
present, this is suggestive.

I always advise people who have become "believers" in the chemtrail
theory to take out a subscription to "Weatherwise" magazine, which
carries photos of unusual meteorological phenomena in every issue.
Or go review their back issues in the library.

Of course, I've said more on the subject here, which I won't repeat:

James DeMeo

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