Thursday, March 08, 2007

Additional Must-See Videos: Canadian Muslim Fanatic Take-Over

Additional Must-See Videos:

What the few authentic "moderate Muslims" and ex-Muslims (and all us
infidels) are up against.

Islamic Thugs Bully, Threaten to Murder Small Number of Moderates in
Take-Over of Canadian Mosques. This is why "Moderate Islam" never
gets a chance to develop anywhere. And it is all well-organized by
the mainstream Mullahs and Mosques. In 2 parts.

Watch it quick, as U-Tube has a habit to delete videos which make a
too-factual discussion of Islam. Religion of peace, and all of


And here's another to be aware of, soon to be available as a DVD:

Pierre Rehov: Suicide Killers

There's also a YouTube trailer on it:
Already "flagged" by the "YouTube Community" (of Islamo-friends)

Here's an interview on CNN with filmmaker Rehov
(not yet flagged)

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