Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Behead Those Who Insult Global Warming!

Heads must roll.



Here's a video download of the interesting Program from the UK's
Channel 4 on "Global Warming", which stimulated the threats:


And meanwhile, this scientist who was interviewed for Channel 4,
wishing to keep his head on his shoulders, has recanted: "I really
didn't mean all those bad things I said against Global Warming...
please, please forgive me!!"


Well, Gawd, we could have predicted such PC nonsense would take over.
The universities and medical colleges have been purged of professors
who dissented from certain orthodox ideas for decades, and so long as
only a few were being thrown on the fires, and only their books being
burned, nobody raised a fuss about it. If you questioned orthodox
cancer treatments, or the HIV theory of AIDS, or if you advocated
pre-Columbian contact theory, or the non-biogenic origins of
petroleum, or advocated biological transmutations, or
solar-terrestrial effects upon life and weather, or questioned the
Einstein theory of relativity, or the Big-Bang Creationism, or
DNA-Creationism, or suggested life could arise from non-living matter
under the right conditions, even today, or that maybe the universe
does have some kind of "organizing principle" at work. Or heavens
forbid, if you dared openly mention the name "Wilhelm Reich" in
favorable terms, or the dirty word: "Orgone"... Speak about any of
that, over the last 50 years, and you could predict to be attacked on
the pages of "Skeptical Inquirer" with the most vicious character
assassination and distortions, and shortly afterward be dusting off
your resume for a new job, pronto! From personal experience, I know.
One expects political hacks to engage in cloak-and-dagger
"dirty-tricks" and smears, to "get" their opponents, but we don't
anticipate university professors to act this way. Surprise! This is
also typical of university professors and the medical establishment.
They often act quite miserably, and with enthusiasm to "get" their
opponents fired and censored, but being smarter than the average
politician, are much better at covering it up, putting it all under a
nice glossy facade.

In my time as a university student, it was liberal academics who were
under attack more generally by the conservatives, who wanted to toss
out the Libs. By the time I made it to professor, the tide had
turned. Today, the Libs have taken over, and it is the conservatives
who are often banished and forbidden to speak. The more things
change, the more they remain the same. Human character has not been
altered one little bit. Only the favored targets of abuse, and the
favored platforms from which the abuse is hurled, have changed. The
common functioning principle is, that people have lots of anger in
the guts, and lots of abuse to hurl, preferably at anyone who happens
to be a bit livelier and more intellectually honest than themselves.


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