Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hitler Youth and Palestinian-Muslim Youth


A must-see graphic video comparison between the upbringing of
children in both of these death-cult societies, Hitler's Germany and
modern Muslim society, particularly in "Palestine". Japanese youth
were also raised similarly under Hirohito, and like the Hitler youth,
taught bayonet-practice as well as how to throw hand-grenades and
shoot automatic weapons. This is NOT your typical National Rifle
Association skills contests in shooting 22-caliber shells at paper
targets, or the Boy Scouts doing good deeds, earning merit badges and
learning forestry skills. The Hitler Youth and similar foul
institutions adopt all those rational functions, but then add to them
the horrors of militarism and racism, with the explicit goal of
turning out kids who are filled with hatred, and ready to kill the
hated "other", and sacrifice themselves for the Gods of War. While
Nazified Germany certainly had a much more regimented organization of
its youth, the Islamic Pali Death-Cult has indoctrinated its children
in ways Hitler never could, to willfully and happily become
suicide/homicide bombers. (Old Christian Europe never could out-do
the Muslims in the promise of 72 virgins in paradise.) In the case
of Muslim Youth, like Hitler Youth, the kids are also indoctrinated
with a false history of victim-hood and racial superiority, with
other cultures denigrated as sub-human filth, inferiors deserving
only of extermination or subordination to slave status. And as Reich
instructed us, sex-repression and extreme obedience training are a
central part of this indoctrination, along with sexual demonization
of the intended victims. So the Jews "drink the blood of Muslim
children", and are "sexual beasts", just as are the Americans.
Muslims, by contrast, are pure and clean, their blood unsoiled --
just as Germanic blood was "pure", or the "racial lines of the
Japanese remains unblemished" as per Shintoist fanaticism. Different
cultures, but the same mold is being used over and over again. Raise
youth on such ideas, and the social explosion will be inevitable.

Wake up and smell the smoke.


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