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2nd Announcement: Guided Independent Study Program in General Orgonomy, Summer 2007

We still have several openings remaining for this course...


Guided Independent Study Program in General Orgonomy

Covering issues from Sex-Economy, Saharasia, Bions, Orgone Accumulator,
Atmospheric Orgone and Orgone Physics, with an emphasis
upon their relationship to modern science.
Instructor: James DeMeo, Ph.D.

Ashland, Oregon, USA
Meeting every day, 10 AM to 6 PM
from 7 - 11 July 2007 - Saturday through Thursday

Also, 6 July Friday Open House at the Greensprings Center (see Below)

Limited to 10 participants maximum. Make your reservations early.

Click here for more details:

A 5-day Guided Independent Study Program in General Orgonomy is being organized, meeting each day and led by James DeMeo, Ph.D., Director of OBRL. Lecture/discussions and demonstrations of apparatus will occur in the mornings, with independent student projects in the afternoons, using the facilities of the lab.
Topics to be covered will include (as humanly possible, to the extent that time allows):
* Reich's sex-economic findings and DeMeo's findings on Saharasia.
* Bioelectrical experiments and environmental bio-fields.
* Microscopical investigations of bions and bion preparations.
* Orgone accumulator construction principles.
* Orgone accumulator seed-sprouting experiments.
* Orgone accumulator physical measurements and demonstrations: To-T, Electroscopical phenomena, water evaporation and surface tension.
* Observations in the Orgone Energy Accumulator Darkroom (room-sized accumulator) and of atmospheric orgone energy phenomena.
* Oranur physics and chemistry: Direct work with a cloud-chamber, studying background and low-level radioactive minerals.
* Orgone-charged vacuum tubes (VACOR) and orgone energy lumination.
* The Orgone Energy Field Meter, and similar devices.
* The Orgone Energy Motor: What is known, and unknown.
* Astronomical and orgone-energy observations in the OBRL Greensprings Observatory, with 16" Meade Richey-Cretein telescope, 3" aperture "battleship binoculars", and Solarscope.
* Field Trip on July 12th to Crater Lake National Park (weather permitting).

* First Days: Introduction to the Greensprings Center and OBRL facilities. Discussion of Reich's sex-economic principles, and DeMeo's findings on Saharasia as the logical outcome of applying sex-economic principles to existing anthropological cross-cultural data. Discussion of Reich's findings on emotions and bioelectricity, with demonstrations of apparatus for measurment of skin potentials, and also tree and atmospheric potentials following the methods of Harold S. Burr. Start of 1st series of orgone accumulator experiments, to demonstrate growth enhancement from seed-charging and other physical parameters.
* Middle Days: Principles of bionous disintegration, biological/atmospheric orgone energy, and the orgone energy accumulator. Discussions and demonstrations of Reich's findings on bions (orgone energy vesicles) and biogenesis with study at the microscope of radiating bions from sands. Use of natural sunlight in the microscope, Ott's discoveries on light frequency. Discussion and demonstrations of Reich's findings on orgone energy accumulators and orgone physics, the orgone energy field meter. Observations in Orgone Energy Darkroom (a room-sized accumulator).
* Last Days: Discussion and demonstrations of Reich's findings on oranur physics and chemistry, and principles of atmospheric-energetic functioning. Observations of radiation-tracks with a cloud-chamber. Start of 3rd series of orgone accumulator experiments; continuation of student projects. Open discussion periods, wrap up and analysis of results from orgone accumulator experiments, and student projects. Depending upon the weather, 12 July will be devoted to a field trip for observation of orgone energy phenomenon in nature, to nearby Crater Lake Park, one of the most beautiful and alive places in North America.
Enrollment is limited to 10 students maximum, at a cost of $600 for the full 5-day series. Students may elect to attend only a part of the Independent Study Program at a cost of $150 per day. It is recommended that students be familiar with Wilhelm Reich's original writings, and the writings of James DeMeo, to give a better foundation.
Dates: 7-11 July, Summer 2006

Times: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day.

Where: At the O.B.R.L. Greensprings Center, 20 miles east of Ashland, Oregon in the forests of the Siskiyou Mountains. A map will be sent to registered seminar participants.

Registration Fee:
See the event website for details, on-line registration, or printable registration form.


There are local restaurants, but they are slow-service and unable to accommodate our seminar guests -- for that reason, and due to time constraints, we strongly recommend to bring your own lunch - sandwiches, fruits, or whatever you like. Tables and chairs are available for outdoor eating and a coffee/tea service will be provided. However, you will be responsible for your own lunch.

Other Activities
For those persons who arrive early, there will be a Friday afternnon Open House and Social Gathering, from 5-7 PM (July 6th) plus an evening lecture/discussion (7-9 PM) on a topic to be announced.  Weather Permitting, the OBRL Orgone Energy Accumulator Darkroom will be open for viewing to seminar participants, during off-times. Likewise, the Greensprings Astronomical Observatory may be opened for evening celestial events. The region surrounding the OBRL Greensprings Center is also excellent for outdoor picnics and hiking, with Crater Lake National Park only 3-hrs drive to the north, with the bluest water in the world, and a favorite visiting place for our seminar guests.

For more information, click here.

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